Gangbang for Me, Cleanup for you

Cuckie you know that party I've been so excited about? It's actually an organized gangbang party at a swingers club and no you're not invited. Maybe next time. Enjoy your frustration in chastity. Look at my soon-to-be-fucked pussy and ass and clean my dirty sexy heels before I head out. If I'm not too sore from all those massive cocks I'll let you clean me when I get home. Continue serving me and you shall be rewarded.


We Don't Fuck Footboys

My friend Siren Thorn and I have spent the evening dancing in our pumps and brought you home with us to service our feet. Bitch boys like you get to clean the grime off our clubbing shoes, then lick the sweat off our sore feet. We lube up our feet for you and tease you with toe spreads, wrinkling our soles and rubbing our feet together. You get a cum countdown at the end. 


Foot Worship Challenge

Let's play a game.  I know your desire to be the best foot slave ever, but do you really have what it takes?  I slowly tease you with my Louboutin open toed heels. I take them off gradually dangling them with my toes. My beautiful dirty feet make you so weak and stupid and its so easy to take advance of you. I instruct you on how to stroke and how to cum with by using my feet since you're always doing it wrong.  Imagine my toes are your hands and stroke with the same rhythm.  When I cross my leg you stop.  Are you ready?


Trample Prison Box Torture

Mistress Kandy and I are wearing patent stiletto platforms and our little slave is locked in a wooden dance floor bondage box. This makes for a perfect setting for vicious CBT and trampling. Mistresses Kandy and I dig our platforms and heels into his cock and balls, often simultaneously. We twist and torture his balls until he is in agonizing pain, ignoring his cries and showing zero mercy.


Ruined by Shoes and Stockings

I made this POV clip for a slave with a huge shoe, foot & stocking fetish who purchased these dangerous high heels off my wishlist. You get a really good idea of what it feels like on your knees, under my heels and stockinged feet, teased and ruined. 


Office Dickhead Service

What does it take for this lowly slave to get hired?  To spend his day grovelling by my feet and to "prime" me for dates, at my command.  At least he will always be hard when he is on his knees wearing this latex face dildo.  When a real man comes over this pathetic loser will be left under the desk.  Lots of humiliating and teasing talk.  What else can slave do to impress me and prove his worth?  Servitude as a human toilet is a must at my office.


I'm back in my hotel room after a long party night.  My feet are sore and my sweaty pantyhose are trashed.  Bumping and grinding against hot well built men all night always causes pantyhose to run.  Even though I have gorgeous brand new hosiery I won't make you worship those. You only deserve whatever I give you.  I direct you to sniff my crotch, my legs and of course my perfect sweaty feet.  Teasing you with my pantyhose clad toes makes your little dick hard doesn't it?  


Leopard Latex Worship

In this sexy music video I'm strutting in my Miami hotel room wearing a short gold leopard latex dress, matching sky high bling pumps and my short blonde wig.  Follow my hands as I dance and shine my rubber and imagine you were the lucky one worshiping my perfectly lubed up body.


I know you get weak at the sight of my thigh high leather stiletto boots, so come closer, get down and worship them. In this hot POV video I instruct you to clean, smell and lick every part of my perfect military style boots. I fuck your mouth with my heels first one at time, then both. What are you waiting for bootslave? Get on your knees and begin working!


I'm fresh out of the office and now relaxing in my sexy designer pantyhose & heels. I know how weak you get when I tease you with my feet and legs through my gorgeous sheer hosiery. I know that deep down you are a little pantyhose bitch and invite you inside, removing my dress and ordering you on the ground. I give you a very up close and intimate look and just when you think I will let you cum I decide to release a huge stream of golden nectar all over your face through the crotch of my hose. Your only job now is to lick and suck my pantyhose dry.