The Double Whammy

TS Staci joins me on a completely unscripted ballbusting expedition: Our slave is wearing a leather mask and restrained through stirups to the medical cage. His cock is raging hard and the bondage prevents him from guarding from hard impact to his family jewels. Wearing high heels we take turns slapping, knees and kicking his pathetic cock and balls to the point he is shaking but has nowhere to go. We kick his cock until it is damaged and we need to take a frozen bags of peas to ice it, not because we care about his suffering but because we don't want a mess. Off come the heels and we go even harder, kicking his cock downwards so hard the underside slaps against his balls, and upward so hard the front of his cock hits his stomach until it is red. When this is done by two hot leggy mistresses we call it the Double Whammy.