Persuaded Bi Wedding Night - full version
This is the ultimate wedding night video: My new slave husband has been locked in chastity and saving it for me for a very long time. Tied to the bed and desperate for a release I inform him that he will finally get unlocked and get to cum and that I have a surprise: Another slave is led to bed collared and chained and will be performing the dirty deed. Slave is made to give a long mean blow job to my groom. Although my groom has never been with a man he is tied up and so desperate to cum and he gets an oozing hard on from the fluffing. I decide that since its our wedding night my husband will get sex after all, but only for a minute! I ride his big cock for a minute reverse cowgirl and a minute or so facing him. Then I hop off and stick his cock in my other slave's mouth Just as my husband can't hold back from my stroking him any more I let go of his cock and ruin his orgasm completely. Slave #2 is ordered to lick him clean, and husband goes back into long term chastity. This wonderful marriage is off to a very romantic start!!!