Ultimate Emasculation- Part 2

My asshole boss's degradation with Part 2... After taking many kicks, slaps, squeezes and knees to the balls, my boss is ordered to suck his first rock-hard cock. I make him get on his hands and knees while he sucks away, and I kick him hard in the balls from behind. I remind him that he is now my slave and that he will be doing all the cleaning & CUM cleaning. I tease him by lifting my lacy skirt up and sitting reverse cowgirl on my stud, letting his cock poke out between my legs. "Imagine this is my big swollen clit, as it's the closest you will ever get" I tell him, encouraging my slave/boss to use more enthusiasm than his own wife does in bed. Although my cocksucker has potential, he accidentally uses teeth more than once, so I get him on the ground, give him full kicks and stand directly on his useless balls. A most hardcore and entertaining clip!