My personal slave is getting the tease of a lifetime. He has been locked in chastity for days and not be allowed to cum. I have his arms and legs tied to a bed and strut over to him teasing him with my breasts, feet, pussy and ass. I sit on him sticking my toes in his mouth, ordering him to lick while I grab his caged and bulging cock, and eventually have him eat my pussy and ass to orgasm. I love keeping my slaves on edge and very desperate. Does he get to cum? probably not...



My office slave is collared and chained.  He has worked hard to serve me so I've given him a 15 cent an hour raise, and more work!  Now he must service other men of the office as well as the women.  We are all used to seeing him crawling around the office.  I attached the rest of his new uniform to his face: a dildo face dong that will prime my pussy for my hot date after work.  I explain in detail how I will be getting fucked while I put my bitch to good use!



What do I do with my lover when he is desperately horny? I lock his cock in a chastity cage, sit on his face and give him the never ending blowjob. Too bad he can only sort of feel me but not cum.  I could do this all day.



This small penis joker really wants to fuck me and had the nerve to apply as a film stunt cock. No problem I found a solution: With him tied in bed I strap a harness and a black dildo named "Big Bob" to him and tuck his own useless cock and balls underneath. I ride it facing him and reverse cowgirl while teasing and humiliating him. I make him give "Big Bob" a blowjob and ruin his orgasm TWICE in a row and feed his own mess to him using Big Bob. Wannabe stunt cock makes a pretty good method porn actor indeed ;-)



Dressed in a shiny French maid outfit I inform my boss that I'm no longer taking orders from him and he will be doing all the cleaning from now on... and starting with my ass. To taunt him I lock him in chastity tease his hard cock in the device with my feather duster while making him lick me clean in various positions around the kitchen. If he doesn't do a good job licking my pussy and ass and having his face sat on there will be no way out of the device. 



My slave has been locked in chastity for days and serves as my human. As much as he loves being teased and denied he is also extremely masochistic. His tiny penis doesn't even fill the cage when hes hard which makes it utterly useless. The only opportunity for him to ejacuulate, ruined or not, is through pain. Ts Mistress Rianna sits besides me and watches me unlock him. When slave is unlocked its torture time: I bring out a custom cut extremely sharp spiked steel cock ring with no hinges and fit it on him. Naturally he gets hard and his erection presses against the dangerous spikes. We decide to use our wartenburg wheels over his genitals and nipples and he starts making really annoying noises. I comment that he needs to be gagged with a sock. Our (male) videographer points the camera down and removes one and I use it. Its good to have help! Pindick slave goes from being overwhelmed to being desperate and hard again. We had a long day ahead and the best part of extreme edging is knowing that over time it will get harder and harder for him to cum...The struggle is real.



This is a real filmed session where my sub in chastity for the past 4 days gets tied to the bed,and teased mercilessly with a "dickhead" harness strapped to his head. I'm super horny but this little bitch has a small dick...oh well I already found a solution. I ride his face dick while playing with myself with a vibrator in different positions and eventually unlock him from his cage. Subbie has so many dirty thoughts that I happily destroy. I want to see what 5 days worth of being teased through strapon sex and sexting looks like: the first orgasm is completely messy and ruined but I don't just stop there...



Mistress Sydney and I know what a loser you are and that your cock serves you zero purpose except for your chronic masturbation needs. We decide to lock your cock up and pacify you through chastity training. We agree that one week is a good start but it will lead to longer. Your cock will look prettier in its cage and its bars for CBT. I want this to be a painful learning experience for you. Once you are locked you will start buying and watching lots of our videos and attempt to jerk off through the cage. Lock yourself up and send us the key.



In this slow & sensual POV you will feel as though I am right there teasing and edging your cock. Feel my spit land on your cock, my grip tighten and loosen and my lips and tongue all over you. Starting and stopping, faster then slower. An up close and personal encounter leading to my favourite ending: your ruined orgasm.



I'm your spoilt neighbor you've been lusting over forever and your name is Fatty Fuckface. You're the guy who can't get any attention from women to save your life so you love coming over to get teased and abused by me. I know seeing a girl like me in high high heels makes you hopelessly weak. Open that wallet and buy me what I ask for while you clean my dirty heels.  If you're lucky I'll keep toying with you.