Stocking Overload

You’re a hopeless stocking addict. You’d do anything to worship my fragrant hose. But can you handle two gorgeous women rubbing their worn stockings all over your face and cock- at the same time? Mistress Siren Thorn and I challenge you to make it to the end of this clip. There’s a countdown at the end, but we doubt you’ll make it that far! Lots of foot rubbing, sole wrinkling, toe wiggling and laughter at your expense. Be sure to check out more of stunning Mistress Siren Thorn at her website

Chastity Today Eunuch Tomorrow

Welcome to extreme office tease and denial.  Mistress XI and I decide that you have passed your probation.  You are now the employee bitch of the month.  You’re about to be placed into permanent chastity, as this is required of all employees who pass probation.  We place it on you and tease you with our bodies. In no time you will wish you had no dick at all, in fact, you might wish you were a eunuch once we are done.

Bring Me Your Sister

I made this depraved custom video for a particular sub I've been playing with for ages. I love teasing you (him) with panties, facesitting you and ruining your orgasms. I always knew you had a big secret and we finally got to the root of your desires during a recent session: You have a sexual relationship with your sister that you want to take further.I know you haven't fucked your wife despite the fact that she's found our emails. Your true desire is getting more than just the regular handjobs you get from your sister. During our last session we took some photos and texted them to your sister and now she wants to join us for the ultimate playdate. I give you instructions to prepare for our next meeting. Until then don't even think about masturbation... think about my pussy on your face and your sister's pussy on your cock. This clip is 100% based on real life. Don't try this at home:)

StrapOn Punishment

What happens after a hard ballbusting session? My slave gets tied to the bed and fucked with one of the large black dildos I've been beating him with. Strapon is a reward as well as a punishment. I can't tell whether his cock is rock hard from my stroking, post ballbusting swelling or from the massive cock. Lots of teasing and humiliating talk. Between slow sensual pegging and deep hard thrusts he receives the ultimate handjob Torment. This video was taken during a real unscripted session.


Bitch Boss Dick Face

My employee of the month has been wearing a dickface harness all day.  Chained to the desk with drool soaking his tie he is made to penetrate me with his face dildo as warm up before a real date.  I strip down to my open bra and panties and enjoy myself thoroughly.  I surprise him with my friend Mistress XI who has previously met dickface on Seeking Arrangement.  We humiliate him together and finally let him know that we have been filming the entire time.  Dickface will do everything I ask for or I'll send the video to his wife.


Fucking Machine Tease Torture part 2

Koi Erotica continues to get teased mercilessly with the fuckingmachine. I tell her in order for me to start it up again the camerman will get to have his way with her. She is so desperate to get continuously fucked by the machine she happily obliges...


Fucking Machine Tease Torture part 1

Koi Erotica is naked, bound, and excited for her very first fuckingmachine experience. I begin teasing her clit with the vibrator end of the machine and playing with her nipples. Next I turn on the thrust to "just the tip" Koi's moist pussy. Koi doesn't know that I plan to edge her for a very long time, occasionally turning up the speed and then stopping completely. This is when the moaning and begging fun starts! Koi's frustration gives me great pleasure especially when she agrees to let our videographer in on the fun...


Slutty Wife Happy Life

My hot girlfriend Samantha encourages me to tell you, my hubby, that I've been cheating on you for a long time...My friend knows everything about my slutty encounters and that I've been so much happier lately. Coming clean to you gives you two choices: You can start fucking me like a real man like you used to, or I can continue enjoying other younger hotter men. While I go into juicy detail about an encounter I see you getting hard. Lets see how much this really turns you on...


Ruined by Shoes and Stockings

I made this POV clip for a slave with a huge shoe, foot & stocking fetish who purchased these dangerous high heels off my wishlist. You get a really good idea of what it feels like on your knees, under my heels and stockinged feet, teased and ruined. 


Cardinal's Fucking Cumswap

The Cardinal has been caught masturbating and losing control over his sexual urges... I use his weakness to my advantage and keep him locked in chastity and only unlock him to tease him and use him as my sex slave. The Church controls him and I control him. Watch me strip out of my nun bait, tease him, ride his face, unlock his cock and fuck him long and hard until I snowball a huge load of cum in his mouth. Back to the confession booth now.