A Week of Chastity

Your cock is undisciplined just like the rest of you.  You are a disapointment,  but I can help you become a better man.  What you need is long term chastity.  A lifetime ultimately, but we will start with a week and go from them. Stop getting hard or this is going to hurt. If you get turned on in the middle of the night don't even think of texting me to release you.  If you annoy me I'll send you porn to create even more tension.  You know how much I love cbt and teasing... you will just have to power through the first week.

Almost The Real Thing

This is a custom clip for a panty fetishist who has been addicted to the smell and taste of my pussy and ass for years. Teasing you in my lace and satin panties while watching you in desperation is just a start. I'm going to give you an even closer look by strapping a dildo to your face and directing you to fuck me every position I want. As my panty slave and sex slave you serve to please me and to buy my well worn cum stained panties.


I have had a super long day of kinky sessions with various subs and I'm exhausted. Between strapon trampling scissoring foot jobs & ballbusting others I havent had the energy to shower my sweaty body. This nasty slave has one job: to clean all the sweat and flavours off my body. By collar and leash I order him to lick all the dna and precum off my body. I know deep down he has a cuckolding fetish: I slap his jewels while he cleans all the cock and ball sweat off my body, preparing me for my lover who is visiting later.

TS Tub Tease

TS Staci and I are lounging in the hot tub talking about you, my useless husband and servant in training.  We humiliate you verbally and tease you while youre getting your little dicklet hard and serving us drinks.  We fondle each other's breasts and I stroke Staci's cock underwater commenting on how big it is compared to yours.  Shall we push you in the water and make you suck it? We can even use you as a human filter for the tub.  Or a tub side porta potty for that matter.  Shall we give you swimming lessons?  How long can you hold it for?  As long as it takes Stacie to cum.  


My bondage slave has been working for me all afternoon: My pits and ass are sweaty so its time for him to continue his cleaning duties. I aggressively sit on the slave's face with my ass and pits. He struggles while I slap his cock and balls, knowing full well that only my boyfriend will get my pussy. I love seeing him suffer! Maybe I'll use this bitch as a toilet first thing in the morning after I've been out all night..if he's lucky he'll get remnants of cum. Either way it doesn't end with facesitting until he's completely done...


In a few weeks I will be meeting with you. This custom clip is a preview of the session. You will be locked in chastity, made to worship my armpits and of course my dirty panties. I take my boots off and make you worship my sweaty feet. I empty my bladder through my thong and mail them to you to hold you over. This is just the start...


I brought my fucking machine as a prop to a recent lingerie photoshoot. After posing with it for a series of shots I told my photographer I wanted to test it out so he turned on video.  Here is a little taste of what happens... lots of deep thrusts in my pussy and a couple of mishaps when the cock falls off.  Enjoy my enjoyment of this fabulous machine :-)



This unscripted and intense tease and denial clip is filmed by the lovely Lady Bellatrix who talks to me and about the slave while I have my way with him. Slave is tied up, blindfolded, tightly locked in chastity and ass fucked with my strapon. I want to make absolutely sure that he gets teased to complete frustration so I fuck his cock with a sound, then put a condom on his cage and proceed to ride his caged numb cock. His cock is hard as steel but he obviously can't feel a thing! I lift off his cock and make him eat my pussy until I'm satisfied, then leave him frustrated and wanting more...


I'm working on a photography project and my model didn't show up today. Thankfully my sexy & super busty girlfriend Amy Anderssen is over and agrees to take her place and I tell her its a rope bondage shoot. I help her undress and tie her thighs to her ankles to her wrists and photograph her from a few angles. Then the fun begins... I pull out a powerful vibrator and start using it on her pussy, teasing a bit at first. I continue using it directly on her clit until she cums but pull away only for a bit and press it back on her pussy driving her crazy. Amy doesn't stop moaning and squirming with overstimulation. This amuses me so much I decide to bind her legs together with the powerful vibrator back on her juicy clit. Time for me to do some shopping and poor Amy has no choice but to keeping cumming for me!


This clip is made for my EBanned panty auction and the lucky high bidder wins this well soaked pair.  All I'm wearing is my tiny yellow thong.  My pussy lips are so swollen they bulge out from the lacing in front.  When I get this wet and you get this desperate I know I want to get stuffed... and I stuff myself with this thong making it extra creamy.  A hungry horndog like yourself can only imagine licking my pussy and ass, so bid high and hope to savour a sampling of my juices while I swallow this thong.  For more info visit: www.eurasianpersuasion.com/panties.html