Cuckie's Maid Café ~ Full Version

I know all about your cardboard box of secrets and credit card statements of shame. Your job and marriage are on the line and you need a confidante to help you through this double life. I can't possibly do this job forever; what l need is another raise and a new credit card to support my crypto and real estate investing. Do we have an understanding? Great. Another thing... I'm taking your wife on a date along with my lover. I've been fucking him and adding his sperm to your coffee.  

I was trying to help you with your testosterone problem but that obviously isn't working.  What will help is ME making your wife happy ... Using my Mistress cock and my lover's cock at the same time.  I'm your blessing in disguise, and you're my bitch.  Now put this cage on and drink up.  Aren't you glad you hired me?