Duo Ballbusting Extreme

Mistress Ruby joins me in an extreme, emasculating, and brutal ballbusting duo! No warming up, we go straight to the knees, slaps, kicks and punches. The lucky slave even gets to worship my pantyhose feet on his hands and knees while Mistress Ruby kicks him from behind. For extra cruelty and entertainment value, I grab Shane Diesel's heavy replica dildo off the wall and beat his useless cock and balls with it. I sit slave on the throne for jokes and trample his family jewels. On to the floor for more ball trampling, facesitting and even butt drops on his cock. Mistress Ruby and I deliver hard, merciless blows simultaneously from front and back, and we also take turns holding his arms back while the other Domme busts his balls. This action-packed video was too much fun to make. Yes we are the dream team:)