Urethral Exam

My patient needs a thorough examination due to his signs of sexual disfunction, and I want to make him better. Dressed in my evil latex nurse uniform, I explain to the camera that extensive probing and testing is required. The patient is cuffed to the examination table, in a latex hood, inescapable mitts, cock ring and vibrating ass plug. I squat over him and tease him with my pussy and ass and notice his cock is rock hard. I believe that he is actually quite functional but I need to do some further research. I open my set of urethral dilators and begin to probe his cock hole while stroking him. I need him to come back for further testing, but if he can cum with my sound in him, then he will pass this first exam. Knowing that he has never suffered this way or had his cock fucked makes me tease him even more. I encourage him to shoot the sound out with his load and he does a fantastic job. Be ready for the next appointment :-)