Edging a Useless Dick

My slave has been locked in chastity for days. As much as he loves being teased and denied, he is also extremely masochistic. His tiny penis doesn't even fill the cage when he's hard which makes it utterly useless. The only opportunity for him to ejaculate, ruined or not, is through pain. Ts Mistress Rianna sits besides me and watches me unlock him. When slave is unlocked it's torture time: I bring out a custom-cut, extremely sharp, spiked steel cock ring with no hinges and fit it on him. Naturally, he gets hard and his erection presses against the dangerous spikes. We decide to use our wartenburg wheels over his genitals and nipples and he starts making really annoying noises. I comment that he needs to be gagged with a sock. Our (male) videographer points the camera down and removes one and I use it. It's good to have help! Pindick slave goes from being overwhelmed to being desperate and hard again. We have a long day ahead and the best part of extreme edging is knowing that over time it will get harder and harder for him to cum...The struggle is real.