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Cuckie's Maid Café ~ full version

I know all about your cardboard box of secrets and credit card statements of shame. Your job and marriage are on the line and you need a confidant to help you through this double life. I can't possibly do this job forever; what l need is another raise and new credit card to support my crypto and real estate investing. Do we have an understanding? Great. Another thing... I'm taking your wife on a date along with my lover. I've been fucking him and adding his sperm to your coffee.  

I was trying to help you with your testosterone problem but that obviously isn't working.  What will help is ME making your wife happy ... using my Mistress cock and my lover's cock at the same time.  I'm your blessing in disguise, and you're my bitch.  Now put this cage on and drink up.  Aren't you glad you hired me?

Length 0:30:19
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The Burglary

Guess what happens when I come home from the gym to find a burglar MaxEllis22 sniffing my panties?  Naturally I scream and then I gasp when I see his rock hard cock.  After throwing a few punches and kicks I get him on the ground and introduce him to my scissorholds.  As I get behind him and begin to slowly choke him he begs me to stop.  I tell him that the only way out of this is to succumb to my sexual could he not oblige? Watch me salivate over his 10" cock and ride him aggressively.  Turns out this is the break in I have been waiting for: getting used for my pleasure is better than getting arrested.  The clip ends with an earth shattering simultaneous orgasm; using my special wand while he explodes all over my chest.  

Length 0:23:55
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Goddess Quadruple Knockout

My domestic slave is worshipping my feet while I lounge in bed. He has done such a good job that I give him a huge tight cuddle using my thighs. I scissor him hard in every heavenly position and ass smother him in between knockouts. Watch him convulse while he dreams about me.

Length 0:06:12
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Romantic Garden Fountain

Welcome to my secret garden.  I've been holding my fountain for Slave Johnny Banana.  He is on his knees with a trusty rubber urinal strapped to his mouth.  I made this video for all his future girlfriends.  My toilet gets all my delicious nectar, muti vitamins and pretty soon my cum too.

Length 0:05:58
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Cuckie's Double Shot

In "Cuckie's Double Shot", a 25 minute hardcore cuckolding scene I use one of my earliest cuckolds "Forest Gimp" as my mattress while my lover fucks me in a swanky hotel room. I love giving a long wet blowjob while dripping spit in cuckie's mouth. The gimp gets 2 loads of cum in the end: one snowballed by yours truly and another one because I'm feeling extra generous.

Length 0:24:41
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Addictive Edging

Today we will use your greatest talent; stroking and edging yourself. The rules are very simple: follow my directions and touch yourself as directed. I'll even do it with you. Feast your eyes on my barely there lingerie. If you cum, eat it up. Ready? Let's see how long you can last...

Length 0:12:07
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Trained by a Cuck Queen

You have finally began to embrace the life of cuckoldry. But how far will this go? When trained by an experienced and insatiable cuck queen you will find tha there are few limits to your know who you are wink wink This is the sexcapade you funded but could never get from me. Lots of hard fucking, blowjob, masturbation, anal, persuaded bi and a filthy degrading voiceover to remind you of what I think of you. 

Length 0:19:31
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Good Taste in Men

This is slave Johnny Banana's first cuckold experience ever: he is naked and ignored in a human cage on wheels while I devour my lover in my sexy new lingerie.  Watch through the plexiglass while I get pounded hard.  The scene ends with a long delicious POV blowjob and a face and mouthful of cum.  Since sharing is caring...

Length 0:19:34
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Playing with Aivi

I met Wetcake for the first time last week and was instantly smitten by this beauty. I walk in on her using her vibrator, attached her leash, and took over with the toy. She came so hard within 5 minutes!

Length 0:04:24
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Hotel Triple Knockout

I'm displeased with my hotel. Instead of the historic luxurious room I was expecting, I got a modern room with cheap furniture. At least I have human furniture bound to my bed is capable of taking extreme smothering and multiple scissorholds to the point of passing out. Can he stand the test of time and become a classic or will he end up in the recycling bin?

Length 0:05:38
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