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Cardinal's Fucking Cumswap

The Cardinal has been caught masturbating and losing control over his sexual urges... I use his weakness to my advantage and keep him locked in chastity and only unlock him to tease him and use him as my sex slave. The Church controls him and I control him. Watch me strip out of my nun bait, tease him, ride his face, unlock his cock and fuck him long and hard until I snowball a huge load of cum in his mouth. Back to the confession booth now.

Can You Be the Nastiest of Them All ?

I read a lot of disgusting emails from guys like yourself. Stroking your cock and typing at the same time. In my presence though there is no escape. Start by sniffing my worship my mesmerizing ass. It doesn't end here. I will make you my golden and brown shower slave and teach you to consume all. Everyday. My tampons, armpit hair, toe jam, and even cum from her lovers are all for you. Now are you just talk or are you ready to surrender? You didn’t want a safe word, and it's a bit late to change your mind...


Trained Fuck Toy

My slutty sissy is dolled up in a pvc dress and bound for our entertainment. Mistress Kandy and I notice sissy's soaked panties and unshaved crotch. We humiliate her not cleaning up and having self control like a real lady would. We decide to plug her dripping pee hole with urethral sounds. We start with a smaller one and then a bigger one. Next step: plugging her pussy and mouth with our cocks: all her holes will eventually be stretched out.


All You Get is Foot Gunk

TS Staci and I direct you, my lowly cuckold husband, to our feet and heels. Our heels are really old and well worn. Mine are soaked in P from earlier today. We know you want to lick them clean which you do. Off come the sexy heels and we order you to polish our toes and soles with your tongue & massage our feet until you get tired. We want you to be tired & drained from your foot slave training since youre not good for much else.

A Day in the Sand and On Your Face

I'm on a beautiful beach with my domestic slave serving as my seat cushion.  There are tourists walking past and the tide is moving up fast.  I've been training my sub at home in the tub so he is performing his facesitting duties well.  The tide is very close and moving into us in not time. Not only will he be covered with my ass he will also be submerged in water.  I lie back on him feeling his chastity cage.  If he survives this challenge I will order a smaller device for him.  Good slaves can handle a real challenge...can you?

Post Orgasm Blowjob Torture

My gimp patient is wearing my dildo harness and bound to the medical cage. Although heavily pacified his cock starts coming to life while I ride his face. I love using my patients as sex toys, and this one hasn't cum in over 2 weeks. I decide to grant him a blowjob...but not from me. I summon another patient and order him to blow my gimp and eat his cum...but the fun doesn't stop there. I want the blowjob to continue. Keep sucking harder even after you've swallowed it all!

Wrapped Punished & Ruined

My helpless client is mummified in plastic wrap from head to toe and I facesit him throughout this video. His cock is tortured with a combination of abrasive twine, sharp objects, clover clamps and uretheral sounds. What happens when I stop to give him a long sensual handjob? Not an orgasm, that's for sure! This clip was shot during a real professional Domme session and was completely unscripted.


He Just Loves Being Abused

Mistress Kandy and I fondle each other with slave boy underneath our sharp heels. He is clearly in pain from all the high heel scratches. We are getting ready for a fetish party, and decide to relieve him of Torment by having him worship our feet. Kandy lets out a juicy fart while she rams her stiletto into the slave’s thigh, We alternate from sensual foot worship to duo foot gagging to hard nipple Torment and mean CBT with our sharp heels. When the slave moans too much he gets facesat. We decide to scratch our initial into the slave's torso just for fun. Lots of brutal foot and shoe domination


Gender Plastic

Bijou Steal had previousy edited a few of my mask fetish videos and found my transformation from Jasmine to Subrina to be fascinating. We talk about the allure of hiding our own emotions and expressing ourselves freely in other ways while masked.  I help Bijou put on her own mask for the first time and she becomes "Adrianna". In this erotic, candid and funny video we describe in slightly muffled voices how we feel in our new fake selves while exploring each others new facial feature.  Do our sexual preferences change? I know Bijou is not into women, but as Adrianna she agrees to kiss me. We discuss the fake vs realness of our rubber faces and our rubber cocks.  We decide to switch masks and see what happens.  Shall we go out with our enhanced faces and personalities?  In the dark no one will be able to see the real us, but we will recognize everyone including that hot neighbour...



Office Dickhead Service

What does it take for this lowly slave to get hired?  To spend his day grovelling by my feet and to "prime" me for dates, at my command.  At least he will always be hard when he is on his knees wearing this latex face dildo.  When a real man comes over this pathetic loser will be left under the desk.  Lots of humiliating and teasing talk.  What else can slave do to impress me and prove his worth?  Servitude as a human toilet is a must at my office.