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Trample Prison Box Torture

Mistress Kandy and I are wearing patent stiletto platforms and our little slave is locked in a wooden dance floor bondage box. This makes for a perfect setting for vicious CBT and trampling. Mistresses Kandy and I dig our platforms and heels into his cock and balls, often simultaneously. We twist and torture his balls until he is in agonizing pain, ignoring his cries and showing zero mercy.


Chastity Challenge

After months of phone calls and distance assignments we finally meet in person for the first time.  We enjoy a great dinner and now I'm modelling the sexy lingerie you bought me.  I know you've never been locked in chastity before and I also know that you're a chronic masturbator. so you need this more than anything.  It may hurt if you think about sex so try not to ok? As soon as I lock your cock up my tone changes and I tell you that I'm keeping you overnight....24 hr minimum as discussed.  Likely longer depending on how hard to try to please me.  Are you changing your mind after all those phone calls? Watch me drop the key into my cleavage and down against my pussy lips...Too late to turn back as that cock belongs to ME.

He Just Loves Being Abused

Mistress Kandy and I fondle each other with slave boy underneath our sharp heels. He is clearly in pain from all the high heel scratches. We are getting ready for a fetish party, and decide to relieve him of Torment by having him worship our feet. Kandy lets out a juicy fart while she rams her stiletto into the slave’s thigh, We alternate from sensual foot worship to duo foot gagging to hard nipple Torment and mean CBT with our sharp heels. When the slave moans too much he gets facesat. We decide to scratch our initial into the slave's torso just for fun. Lots of brutal foot and shoe domination

Silicone Cum Slut

My slave and I are in the hot tub together. I have him in my blonde rubber face mask as sometimes I like to pretend he's an attractive woman. I tell slave that he doesn't deserve to see my beautiful face and I slip another rubber mask on myself. I talk about the facet that I feel more attractive to him now. I may even have sex with him if he were all covered in rubber and silicone. I tell him about fake being better than real and that he has no idea how I feel or what my expression is while I fondle him. I notice how hard his cock has become and decide to him a long, hard handjob.

Facesit and Squeeze

Mistress Mutiny and I love challenging our slaves. While siting on the throne she squeezes with her powerful legs while I sit on his face. I grind and bounce on his nose while she scissors and enjoys the view. Slave is stuck and doesn't get a view, nor does he deserve one. I turn around and together we create the perfect seal. Mistress Mutiny and I decide to switch places. Between the pressure of my strong sinewy legs and Mutiny's plump juicy ass there is not much breathing happening. While I turn around and scissor the slave in reverse Mutiny facesits him front and back. Slave struggles for his life and Mistresses enjoy ourselves. This is the way it should be.

Ballbusting Fitness Test

I'm ready for a different kind of work out. Wearing sexy boots and lingerie slave is in bondage and excercise bands are attached to his dick. I generally hate using bands but this is an exception. He is ordered to stay still while I work my upper body stretching his useless cock and balls while he grunts in pain. My leg workout involves kicking and kneeing him where it counts, and in the end I decide to beat him hard with a real large dildo. I cant tell whether he is swollen from excited or injury. Oh well...


StrapOn Punishment

What happens after a hard ballbusting session? My slave gets tied to the bed and fucked with one of the large black dildos I've been beating him with. Strapon is a reward as well as a punishment. I can't tell whether his cock is rock hard from my stroking, post ballbusting swelling or from the massive cock. Lots of teasing and humiliating talk. Between slow sensual pegging and deep hard thrusts he receives the ultimate handjob Torment. This video was taken during a real unscripted session.


Bitch Boss Dick Face

My employee of the month has been wearing a dickface harness all day.  Chained to the desk with drool soaking his tie he is made to penetrate me with his face dildo as warm up before a real date.  I strip down to my open bra and panties and enjoy myself thoroughly.  I surprise him with my friend Mistress XI who has previously met dickface on Seeking Arrangement.  We humiliate him together and finally let him know that we have been filming the entire time.  Dickface will do everything I ask for or I'll send the video to his wife.


Bitch Boss Stocking Worship

My most obedient and subservient sub has won the Employee of the Month award. His hard work has paid off and I reward him while he is chained to my chain.  My rewards are his.  My pleasure is his.  After work everyday he stays and worships me.  All my employees including one is chastity.  I order him to take my heels off and worship my gorgeous sheer stockings, starting from my toes up to my thighs. Lots of toe wiggling and spreading and showing off my pretty pedicure through my stockings. I uncross my legs giving him a glimpse of what he'll never have through my crotchless panties.  Don't you wish you were him?

Ballbusted by Her Gigantic cock

My masochist slave is restrained by leather straightjacket sleeves. The last time I busted him he couldn't take much so today I lured him with the promise of cock. I'm wearing a massive strap on and have two other larger dildos on hard. Between hard kicks punches and knees to his cock and balls I also beat him hard with my other dildos and make him suck the gigantic dick that is attached to me. What will break first my cock or his?