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I've Told You I've Been Too Nice To You

I'm excited to introduce Mistress Kandy to my hardcore masochist toy. Slave is chained to stocks from the ceiling and we push him to his limits ... with both of us simultaneously caning his cock we decide we won't stop until he gets hard this way. Mistress Kandy notices that his balls aren't shaved and decides to pull him hard by his public hair until he screams. We order him to spread his legs and move onto hard merciless ballbusting. Don't you wish you could take it like this guy? We move onto punching, flogging, sticking our heels into his genitals and twisting his swollen parts. We laugh at his agony and continue with ball busting, kicking, and more brutal caning. What a wonderful day at the office!


Burnt and Fumigated

Mistress TS Staci and I enjoy burning your tongue with our cigarettes. You had the nerve to not shave your balls so we decide to simultaneously burn the hairs off your balls and the middle of your tongue. Open up bitch there is no escape from these red hot cherries and dirty ashes. I'll burn your tongue and Staci will still her dick in your mouth. Suffer for us bitch and swallow the butt. Tonight we are taking you out to serve as our public human ashtray.

Destroying Spiderman

Spiderman might be tough but he is no match against my powerful legs thighs and ass. Wearing thigh high boots and the open cup bra and tiny thong that "Spiderman" bought me in real life I leave this bitch breathless with scissorholds on and off the couch with various holds and aggressive face sitting.


I've Lined Up 20 Guys Hubby

I've learnt over the years that men can be quite flakey when meeting over the internet. This is why I try to over invite. This time I've lined up 20 guys to come over and fuck me. They may or may not all show up, but either way you have much work to do. You will handle the bedding, music, flowers, and so on, but most importantly you will be doing a lot of fluffing. I go into extremely nasty detail about how the night will unfold and you notice that I'm not wearing any panties. “You are going to be here a long time, but you want to work hard for your wife’s pleasure don’t you?” The sheets will be soaked with cum, just like my pussy. If you do well you might get to clean me afterwards. Are you ready?


Fucking Machine Tease Torture part 2

Koi Erotica continues to get teased mercilessly with the fuckingmachine. I tell her in order for me to start it up again the camerman will get to have his way with her. She is so desperate to get continuously fucked by the machine she happily obliges...


Fucking Machine Tease Torture part 1

Koi Erotica is naked, bound, and excited for her very first fuckingmachine experience. I begin teasing her clit with the vibrator end of the machine and playing with her nipples. Next I turn on the thrust to "just the tip" Koi's moist pussy. Koi doesn't know that I plan to edge her for a very long time, occasionally turning up the speed and then stopping completely. This is when the moaning and begging fun starts! Koi's frustration gives me great pleasure especially when she agrees to let our videographer in on the fun...


Evil Leather Gloves

In this sensual evil POV I restrain you with leather cuffs and tie your cock and balls up with rope and tease you with your ultimate weakness: beautiful lambskin leather gloves and leather boots.  I stroke your helpless cock starting and stopping and making you sniff my leather palms.  With one hand on your cock and one over your mouth just when you think you are about to cum I will pull that rope so tightly that you can't.  All subs need discipline with their unruly cocks. I slowly strip down and finish you off with the ultimate countdown.


Hubby Helps Me Relax

My hubby always prepares a nice hot bath for me before my boyfriend arrives. He also prepared bedsheets, wine, appetizers and whatever else I might need for a steamy night of sex.  While he kneels by the tub I instruct him to massage my feet.  He will be locked in the attic organizing storage boxes while I moan from all that passionate thrusting. We haven't had sex since our marriage and I've been cuckolding him ever since. Don't you wish you could be in his place?

Slutty Wife Happy Life

My hot girlfriend Samantha encourages me to tell you, my hubby, that I've been cheating on you for a long time...My friend knows everything about my slutty encounters and that I've been so much happier lately. Coming clean to you gives you two choices: You can start fucking me like a real man like you used to, or I can continue enjoying other younger hotter men. While I go into juicy detail about an encounter I see you getting hard. Lets see how much this really turns you on...


persuaded Bi Sword Fight

In this rare and unscripted video Koi Erotica and I warm up 3 subs to a special evening of kinky festivities.  We quickly get these subs' mouths and cocks acquainted with very aggressive bisexual action. Between sucking cock through a latex husky mask and from between my thighs, taking two cocks at a time, 69, foot worship etc. we make these subs entertain us with non stop humiliating activity! Wouldn't you love to join us?  We are hosting an event on 4/20: