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Tornado Todd Naps

Siren Thorn and I beat on her disrespectful loser of a husband, using him as a speed bag, human carpet, and I even knock him out in a scissor hold. As he is waking up from the grips of my thighs, Ms. Thorn uses him as a punching bag. We show no pity for his weak ass body in this high-energy video. He always wanted a threesome, next time he best be careful what he wishes for!

Length 0:05:50
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Unicorn Tinkle Sprinkles

Welcome to a magical wonderland where 2 sexy, lesbian unicorns dance, prance, smell flowers, take off each other's panties and spank each other. Kandy Kink and I deliver abundant golden showers of love and sprinkles for you to feast on in the end. A must-watch for all unicorn lovers!

Length 0:06:23
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Sharp and Shiny

Thanks for buying these spectacular stilettos for me. I know it's hard for you to speak right now, as shiny things make you dumb. These gorgeous butterfly heels are so reflective you can see your stupid face in the platform. They are also dangerous, high and sharp. This is your kryptonite. If you are just going to sit there with your tongue hanging out, you might as well polish them thoroughly. I love how weak you instantly get...

Length 0:05:28
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Princess Jasmine BTS

This video combines behind-the-scenes footage and glamour still images. In this BTS music video, Princess Jasmine gets intimate with her lamp and shows you a side to herself that you won't find on Disney.

Length 0:04:23
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The Chaise Test

Human chaise is wearing a latex hood and I'm wearing latex bra and panties which is a dangerous combination for air lock. I am testing out this new piece of furniture to see if it is worthy of my collection. I sit on his face in every position, until his pupils are dilated and he panics for air. I love the way he feels against my wet pussy and ass and how his panic vibrates into me. I tell him while laughing that the next test will involve a bathtub and my scissors around his neck. Wouldn't you love to be in his place?

Length 0:06:58
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Paint These Soles

In this sensual POV video, your hard cock proves to be no match against my feet and hands. I turn around and hurt your balls while showing off my ass. Watch me slide my perfect arches up and down your shaft and squeeze your head with the grip of my toes.... I tease and taunt you until I order you to paint my perfect wrinkled soles. This was shot during a real session in Toronto with Foot Guy James.

Length 0:12:39
BTC special $ 10.00

Tiny Locked Cocksucker

You are my tiny locked cocksucker. That thingy barely fills up the tiny chastity device protecting you from pleasuring yourself. Stare at me, and ache for me, as I tease you with my body. Is your desperate dicklette dripping with desire? Good. I'll invite a real man over and train you to be the best little cocksucker that ever was.

Length 0:10:23
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Naked Newbie Locked and Squeezed

A little nude scissoring never hurt anyone... What happens when a kinky friend is curious about filming? I lock him up in a chastity cage, zip a latex hood on him and put his face, head and neck to the test! This was filmed on the fly while he helped me move some furniture and it was his very first time getting squeezed.

Length 0:08:01
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Cum Cleaning Foot Cuck

I just got fucked by a Big Black Cock. You don't deserve access to my pussy but you can watch me squirt all this leftover jizz out on the sheets and lick cum off my feet. My toes and soles are always delicious, but especially with a side of cream. Tell me: Does it taste like your own cum?

Length 0:08:47
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Eat Your Cum off My Feet

In this custom video, I am wearing sexy latex and my sky-high Versace heels. I know you are in love with my dirty yet divine feet and that you will do anything to please me. I tease you with my heels then more with my bare feet, instructing you on how to worship and savour my wrinkled soles, sweaty arches and toes. You are so desperate for a footjob and you get one...Along with jerk-off and cum-eating instructions.

Length 0:13:06
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