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Slap Spit and Pits

Are you a faceslapping fan?  You will love this video.  My armpits are disgusting but so is my slave.  Wearing my sexy latex dress I'm soaking in the tub with him and order him to lick my pits clean.  I smother him with my boobs, spit in his mouth over and over again and slap his face repeatedly as hard as I can.  Inflicting pain and pleasure simultaneously gets me off so I remove my dress, slap his face harder, chew on his nipples and bust his balls.  This is just foreplay.

He Hates Cocks and Feet

On 4/20 Mistress Kandy, Koi Erotica and TS Staci hosted a special event for our dirtiest slaves: Dommes Gone Wild. Slave1 is completely bound including his cock while Slave 2 is ordered to give a "just the tip" blowjob while Slave3 licks Kandy Kink's ass. TS Staci begins to teabag and gag Slave1 with her juicy cock. Since Slave1 hates cock and feet I decide to ruin his orgasm with a footjob. Will I ruin a second orgasm? Join us on the bed for the humiliating festivities...where slaves' mouthes are always full cock, ass, feet or cum. Party link

I have a 12 inches bend over

You know how you love seeing me get fucked by big juicy cocks?  well it's your turn today.  Check out my 12 inch strap on which you've have an obsession about.  Open your mouth.  Your first time won't be easy so get as much saliva on this as you can get.  Fucking you also makes my pussy wet. After I gag you with my Mistress cock time to spread your man pussy for me. I'll start slow but I know you will make me proud.   

Chastity Today Eunuch Tomorrow

Welcome to extreme office tease and denial.  Mistress XI and I decide that you have passed your probation.  You are now the employee bitch of the month.  You’re about to be placed into permanent chastity, as this is required of all employees who pass probation.  We place it on you and tease you with our bodies. In no time you will wish you had no dick at all, in fact, you might wish you were a eunuch once we are done.

Ruined Facesat Slave

My slave is ordered to worship my armpits while I tease his cock.  When he doesn't lick properly he is punished with very hard faceslapping.  I spit slowly into his mouth and slap him many times through this video.  I decide to facesit him to see how long he can last without oxygen.  I accidentally let out a big fart and make him swallow that too.  What better to way to reward this slave than to ruined his orgasm?

Trampling Fitness Test

The best way to work stabalizer muscles is with slave.  Bosu balls are boring and why soil a yoga mat when my slave cleans my beautiful sweaty feet during my workout?  I hope the slave tastes the footjob I gave someone else earlier today. Watch me brutally trample this slave.  I get a good stretch with one foot on his face and the other on his useless limp cock and balls.  This is better than step aerobics and even the slave gets a good workout. A few more weeks and we will see some results!

Foot Worship Challenge

Let's play a game.  I know your desire to be the best foot slave ever, but do you really have what it takes?  I slowly tease you with my Louboutin open toed heels. I take them off gradually dangling them with my toes. My beautiful dirty feet make you so weak and stupid and its so easy to take advance of you. I instruct you on how to stroke and how to cum with by using my feet since you're always doing it wrong.  Imagine my toes are your hands and stroke with the same rhythm.  When I cross my leg you stop.  Are you ready?


Bring Me Your Sister

I made this depraved custom video for a particular sub I've been playing with for ages. I love teasing you (him) with panties, facesitting you and ruining your orgasms. I always knew you had a big secret and we finally got to the root of your desires during a recent session: You have a sexual relationship with your sister that you want to take further.I know you haven't fucked your wife despite the fact that she's found our emails. Your true desire is getting more than just the regular handjobs you get from your sister. During our last session we took some photos and texted them to your sister and now she wants to join us for the ultimate playdate. I give you instructions to prepare for our next meeting. Until then don't even think about masturbation... think about my pussy on your face and your sister's pussy on your cock. This clip is 100% based on real life. Don't try this at home:)

Breathe If You Can

This unscripted video was taken with my phone and includes pieces of a recent session in a hotel room.  My subbie loves being physically dominated and I enjoy working out so it was a win win situation for us.  Lots of ass and breast domination, reverse scissoring, and a handjob reward.  Watch me facesit, squeeze and do pushups at the same time.  If you are a fan of hand over mouth you will love this.  Video has been dubbed with music for privacy.  Be my fly on the wall and wish you could take it this hard.

I Have Many Nasty Tasks

You have no idea how much you disgust me which is why you are wearing a gimp hood with only a mouth opening. The soles of my Louboutins are the cleanest surfaces you will be licking today. The edges of my toilet also need cleaning so get used to sticky residue. I know licking dirty shoe soles makes your dick hard, but I don't care.  It's actually easier to talk to you when you are wearing that mask. Anyone would feel the same since youre so ugly underneath. Suck the heels as if you were sucking cock...I have many tasks for you loser.