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Ruined by Shoes and Stockings

I made this POV clip for a slave with a huge shoe, foot & stocking fetish who purchased these dangerous high heels off my wishlist. You get a really good idea of what it feels like on your knees, under my heels and stockinged feet, teased and ruined. 


Double Pantyhose Facesitting

Which face is more comfortable? Which slave can take more? We are about to find out. With two slaves on the floor I test these seat cushions out. Wearing only bra and sheer pantyhose I take turns smothering them hard. I notice the difference in temperature between their faces and how hard they fight when their airways are sealed. The winner in this competition will get a blowjob. Not from me of course...from the less resilient seat cushion.

Bathtub Scissors Challenge

Only the luckiest and hardest working slaves are spoilt to the point of joining me in my bathtub.  I'm wearing a transparent latex suit and wrap my strong thighs around his head and neck to challenge him and improving his breath control. I like seeing how much it will take for slaves to tap with my scissors. Who needs a gym when you a slave to squeeze? I hold him in various positions, facesitting and scissoring until he turns red.  Everytime slave taps I submerge him. Between keeping him at the edge and pushing him to the point of getting dunked I'm getting a nice leg workout.


My Stinky Flats

I'm dressed in lingerie and a pair of very smelling ballet flats. I slowly take them off to tease you with my pretty bare feet (mainly soles) and instruct you to worship my sweaty soles toes and shoes. Imagine I've giving you a foot job: jerk off to me but follow the same slow rhythm as my feet. Stop and go as I instruct. I finish with a cum countdown, telling you to take big sniffs of my smelly feet as you cum. This is a custom video and a name is used few times throughout.

Goddess Party Persuaded Bi Fuckfest

Samantha Mack, Skylar Hart, Koi Erotica, Evilyn 13 & Mistress join in on a special celebration of bisexual persuasion. This longer discounted video gives you a special behind the scenes look at our latest GoddessParty. For other scenes not included in this video visit: Join us for real cock sucking, dildo sucking, strap-on fucking, cum eating, orgasm ruining, spit swallowing fun! You must see to believe what can happen when a group of dominant women use multiple slaves for our entertainment :-)


Why are you such a drooling helpless loser? Mistress Xi, TS Stacy and I think you are just a freak. The three of us humiliate you non stop and use your filthy tongue to its fullest potential: to clean our sexy footwear. Lick our disgusting soles until they are sparkling new and we will throw our heels in your pathetic face.

My Shrunken Date

You are a returning sub client desperate to worship me and I decide to shrink you down to 1 inch and tell you how we will be spending the evening together. I'm heading out dancing with my girlfriends and you will be my mini man date. You will spend time between my armpits down to my toes eating my toe jam. I even stuff your little self in my ass under my pantyhose where you will be spending plenty of time cleaning me. I slip you in my pantyhose again and make you toss and turn all the way down to the soles of my feet. I show you my beautiful well worn Louboutin heels Ill be wearing and slip them on. Trapped between the beautiful arches of my feet, the aroma of pantyhose and delicious leather you will never want to leave. I might even keep you longer...



Mistress Kandy and I decided to skip the gym and practice some mixed martial art techniques on our gimp in bondage.  Wearing our leather boxing gloves we dish out the ultimate torture: non-stop kicking and punching, mainly to their victims balls, and overall mental and physical destruction of the slave who has no choice at all but to take it all!  It doesnt matter whether he whimpers or screams we both have a blast laughing and demolishing this poor shaking masochist.  This is our favourite way to burn calories:)

Cuckie's Persuaded Bi Fuckfest

This completely unscripted clip was was filmed by my sexy girlfriend during a real session: My submissive cuckold is forced to worship my well hung lover's feet, cock, and my ass before I get fucked hardMy lovely blonde girlfriend watches and giggles and even joins in a little duo ballbusting of the sub. The lucky cucky gets loads of spit and a huge load of my lover's cum in his mouth to finish. Perfectly humiliating and degrading video:)

Comfortable To Sit On and Cleans Boots Too

The Femdom world is both exciting and natural. In this completely unscripted clip Mistress Skylar introduces me to her girlfriend and novice Domme Tawny. We are sitting on a comfortableand practical human couch openly discussing the many pros and cons of slaves. The best furniture is versatile enough to keep our asses warm and also cleans shoes. Training low IQ slaves can be a lot of work but entertaining as well. Every slave has specific talents like taking beatings, cleaning cum, serving as domestic maids. Human toilet is probably the most natural...