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Sissy Gets Fucked

Mistress Kandy Kink and I have been abusing Sissy Doll all day, and decide it's time to stretch her out with our Mistress cocks. It's only her first day of filming and although she is shy to speak, she is also very eager to please as our sex servant. Mistress Kandy and I discuss her training and how she will earn money by taking dicks all day for our spa dates and outings with our studs. Sissy Doll even gets her mouth stretched by both our cocks at the same time... It's time for her to experience a real cock ... See "Fat Load in Dolly Mouth".


Length 0:10:39
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Hot Latex Shower

This extremely erotic music video was shot using behind-the-scenes video footage with a regular camera & a waterproof  Go-Pro. I was shooting latex lingerie fashion pics in Miami, teasing the camera and ripping my stockings, when I had the urge to drag my photographer through my hotel suite into the light-up shower... One of my favourite shower videos ever:-)


Length 0:03:26
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Porn Addict Ballbusted

I know that slave has been masturbating up a storm lately, and his cock and balls are desensitized from watching porn for hours. I decide to do him a favor and beat them back into shape so he can feel again. He has a bungee cord tied to his cock and balls and I start by leashing him around, pulling on them and even using the cord as a workout cable. I start by ball slapping, squeezing, kicking, & kneeing him in heels, then switch to harder kicks barefoot because I really want to hear and feel the impact against my feet. I make slave worship my feet and then decide to turn it up a notch and kick, knee and squeez him even harder. His wailing turns me on and I feel little pity. After all, his cock belongs to me and it amuses me to see it get hard during all this abuse. When he drops to the ground, I continue to kick him. I even trample him barefoot on the balls, putting my entire body weight where it hurts the most. I end by dropping him (again) to the ground with a solid kick and inform him that the bungee cord is going back on. I think he's finally got his feeling back...


Length 0:11:40
BTC special $ 9.99

Pathetic Patient Used

My pathetic patient is locked in chastity. His cock is pierced with rings and his ass is dilated with a huge metal device. I climb onto his face and ride the huge dildo on his face.  At least, he is good for something. I molded a huge black cock from another patient who was under during surgery. While I grind on the face dildo, I grab my wartenburg wheel and run it up and down loser's useless cock. Too bad he can't see me, but maybe he can smell me. The dildo face harness feels amazing in me and I ride him facing him. Next, it's time to penetrate the patient using my strap-on and urethral sound... Simultaneously. A medical professional like myself takes pride in extra thorough examinations.


Length 0:11:09
BTC special $ 9.99

Nude Pantyhose Footjob

In this clip, I tease you with my nude, sheer pantyhose with black Cuban heel and back seam. I tease you with the sound of my silky thighs rubbing together, and show off my red toenails and soles through my hose, then begin jerking your cock with my feet, using saliva and lube. Eventually, when I feel you have been edging for long enough, I strip out of my pantyhose and make you cum all over my perfectly pedicured feet. This clip is a foot and pantyhose lover's dream.


Length 0:13:25
BTC special $ 10.99

Never-Washed Gym Socks

I notice you checking my sneakers and socks out at the gym and invite you back to my room where I reveal that my socks haven't been washed in months and that you will become my sock slave. I humiliate you by making you sniff and worship them and serve as a footstool. I tease you by rubbing my cotton ankle socks together and remind you that your sole purpose is being used as a sock sucker. A must for sock lovers... The socks were auctioned off on Ebanned.


Length 0:03:42
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Ass Worship in Chastity

Dressed in a shiny French maid outfit I inform my boss that I'm no longer taking orders from him and he will be doing all the cleaning from now on.....starting with my ass. To taunt him I lock him in chastity, tease his hard cock in the device with my feather duster while making him lick me clean in various positions around the kitchen. If he doesn't do a good job licking my pussy and ass and having his face sat on, there will be no way out of the device. 


Length 0:09:38
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Lucky Piece of Meat Part 4

I like to save the best part for last: Hardcore caning! I start with a stiff black cane. Then a thin bamboo one. I start to break the skin with this one. I hit soft sometimes, but mostly really, really hard, sometimes isolating one cheek. Slave is in lots of pain by the end of the bamboo cane. Next, I use a stiff, thick black stick and go super hard. He's in agony. I even hit his ball sack a few times. Then I inform him that I'll put alcohol on his wounds!


Length 0:10:27
BTC special $ 8.99

Lucky Piece of Meat Part 3

Bondage slave meets my cold, intense and sadistic side. I begin with softer flogging and build up to very hard strikes, beginning with his back and upper shoulders. Then I pick up a special flogger with beads and knots on the tips and beat him hard with it. "Are you starting to feel me yet?"  "Are you warmed up?",  I ask, while testing out more implements on my red canvas. Slave is in huge pain but he bears with it for me. Watch me use the signal whip and cane with him screaming. I know how much you, the viewer, enjoys living vicariously through this piece of meat as much as I love abusing him:)


Length 0:13:01
BTC special $ 7.99

Lucky Piece of Meat Part 2

I begin with a hairbrush. My goal is to make symmetrical marks, so one cheek isn't redder than the other. I use both sides of the brush, sometimes gently, sometimes not, making his skin warmer & redder. I pick a black paddle and go harder and the slave seems to love it.. He's turned on as if he's at a spa or something. Next up is my furry glove, while I caress his butt. Then back to the black paddle, super hard now. Now, the slave is less comfortable. Then the wooden racket. Now, slave is shaking, He's suffering for real now, which is turning me on. Finally, with the plexiglass paddle, I break the skin. My new goal is for slave to be an artist; to paint the paddle red! Hearing him scream is like foreplay to me. He screams; I laugh. He paints it red;-)


Length 0:13:57
BTC special $ 8.99