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Amy's Bound to Orgasm

I'm working on a photography project and my model didn't show up today. Thankfully my sexy & super busty girlfriend Amy Anderssen is over and agrees to take her place and I tell her it's a rope bondage shoot. I help her undress and tie her thighs to her ankles to her wrists and photograph her from a few angles. Then the fun begins..... I pull out a powerful vibrator and start using it on her pussy, teasing a bit at first. I continue using it directly on her clit until she cums, but pull away only for a bit and press it back on her pussy driving her crazy. Amy doesn't stop moaning and squirming with overstimulation. This amuses me so much I decide to bind her legs together with the powerful vibrator back on her juicy clit. Time for me to do some shopping and poor Amy has no choice but to keep cumming for me!

Length 0:12:23
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Ultimate Panty Stuffing

This clip was made for my EBanned panty auction and the lucky high bidder won this well-soaked pair.  All I'm wearing is my tiny yellow thong.  My pussy lips are so swollen, they bulge out from the lacing in front.  When I get this wet and you get this desperate, I know I want to get stuffed... And I stuff myself with this thong, making it extra creamy.  A hungry horndog like yourself can only imagine licking my pussy and ass, so bid high and hope to savor a sampling of my juices while I swallow this thong.  

Length 0:07:32
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Teacher, Schoolgirl & Dunce- Part 2

My slutty schoolgirl has done a great job at warming up my pussy, with the dunce cuckold watching in the corner. I make her warm up teacher's Mistress cock to prepare her little wet pussy. All this eagerness proves she's not so innocent. I fuck her in various positions on my desk and unstick the tape covering dunce's mouth to make him eat her pussy juices off my huge strap-on. I continuing to fuck her faster and harder against her own desk doggy style, before sharing her cum with both of my students. A very hot teacher scene with lots of close-ups and great angles!

Length 0:08:04
BTC special $ 6.99

Teacher, Schoolgirl & Dunce- Part 1

A dunce is made to sit in the corner of the classroom and watch me punish my slutty schoolgirl for her tardiness and revealing outfit. I make her lean over my desk, exposing her assets and spank her until she moans in pleasure. I lay her on the desk, cuffing her arms and legs and spit on her perfect little pussy. Her cute face and pussy licking skills are put to the test, and we all know she will be staying after class for a long time.

Length 0:08:59
BTC special $ 8.99

Oral Worship in Chastity

My personal slave is getting the tease of a lifetime. He has been locked in chastity for days and not been allowed to cum. I have his arms and legs tied to a bed and strut over to him, teasing him with my breasts, feet, pussy and ass. I sit on him, sticking my toes in his mouth, ordering him to lick while I grab his caged and bulging cock, and eventually, I have him eat my pussy and ass to orgasm. I love keeping my slaves on edge and very desperate. Does he get to cum? Probably not...


Length 0:10:02
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Lesbian Sex Slave Skylar

I met this young, slutty sub on my last visit to Toronto. Skylar loves it rough and I warm her up using my collar and leash and spank her juicy ass against the bondage cross. I strap a dildo harness on her mouth and ride it until I'm satisfied. Watch me pound her hungry pussy and ass with my big Mistress cock in every position possible. In the end, she is rewarded with the use of a Hitachi wand and cums with my cock in her ass. A must-have for lovers of lesbian domination and strap-on sex! 


Length 0:16:01
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Cuckie Meet Pool Boy Part 3

My new hot black stud fucks me hard, on and against the pool table while my leashed husband in chastity watches us.  Cuckie is ordered to lie face-up under my dripping wet pussy while our new pool boy pounds me from behind.  While I make out with my hot new lover, my husband gets to demonstrate his deep throating skills and taste my juices off a real man's cock. This high intensity romp ends with cuckie cleaning up a nice juicy load of protein off my stud's cock.  Yummy!


Length 0:14:14
BTC special $ 10.99

Cuckie Meet Pool Boy Part 2

My leashed cuckold husband in chastity is given the ultimate treat: To kneel by our pool table, clean my shoes and stockings and fluff my sexy black pool boy stud while we 69 each other.  I make out with my new lover and ride his BBC until I scream in orgasm.  My husband is ordered to clean my cum off my stud and gag hard on his cock.  I instruct him to worship my lover's toes while we I continue to bounce hard on him. Lot of super sensual high energy in this hardcore scene!


Length 0:14:38
BTC special $ 10.99

Cuckie Meet Pool Boy Part 1

 I'm lounging by the pool and can't help but notice that our new pool boy is a hot, built black stud and invite him in the house. My pathetic cuckold husband is playing pool and I collar and leash and him.  I instruct cuckie to get naked, make our new pool boy a drink and clean the pool wearing just his chastity cage.  Cuckie never gets to fuck me but once in a while I give him the pleasure of watching me get pleasured and in this case I even get him to fluff the stud.  This delicious stud devours my pussy while my sexually inept loser husband cleans my heels.


Length 0:10:31
BTC special $ 8.99

High Standard for Bitch Balls

I have heard that this ballbusting slave can take quite the beating, but I want to be sure its not just a rumour. I have no time for lousy, weak slaves. I test him out, starting with hard kicks from behind, on all fours, then from standing. I also take the the time to step on his balls in my sexy platform thigh-high boots. I beat the slave's balls with hard knees and feet while explaining what I really want in a ballbusting slave: Sweat and tears! The harder the slave gets kicked, the more he moans, and the bigger his dick gets. This is exciting to me so I don't stop until he collapses against the floor. Then I make him lick my boots clean.


Length 0:05:35
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