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Worst Resume Ever

Office life can be really boring, generally.  My office bitch entertains me, though. He originally applied to work for me with a crappy resume, so I keep him naked underneath my desk all day when I'm not torturing him.  He at least keeps my heels polished and sweaty stockings clean.  I need to look perfect for every single meeting and a little stress relief on my feet works wonders.  If he doesn't work, I trample him.  When I'm bored of him, I pass him onto the other women in the office.


Length 0:07:17
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Designated Butt Sniffer

My designated butt sniffer slave is being promoted to acting as my human bidet and toilet. Who needs toilet paper when I have one of these losers? I haven't showered and am super gassy from Mexican food. I aggressively rub his face on my pussy and ass.  This loser is so addicted to my scent that he cannot help but comply when I tell him to open wide and inhale all my juices, smells and wastes. I know this one will make me proud.


Length 0:04:29
BTC special $ 3.99

Condom Cumdumpster Cuck

In this hot POV clip I thank you, my cuckold, for buying me the sexy bra, thong, seamed stockings, and heels for my date with a Black Stallion bull. I keep you around for financial reasons and the housework you do. I invite you close to my freshly fucked pussy to reveal a cum-filled condom I saved especially for you as a thank-you gift. I will never let your tiny penis inside me, and I will train you as my cumdumpster by making you eat the hot, salty jizz off my tits and stockinged feet like a good cum slut. Do a good job and next time I might let you fluff!


Length 0:07:55
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Ultimate Emasculation- Part 2

My asshole boss's degradation with Part 2... After taking many kicks, slaps, squeezes and knees to the balls, my boss is ordered to suck his first rock-hard cock. I make him get on his hands and knees while he sucks away, and I kick him hard in the balls from behind. I remind him that he is now my slave and that he will be doing all the cleaning & CUM cleaning. I tease him by lifting my lacy skirt up and sitting reverse cowgirl on my stud, letting his cock poke out between my legs. "Imagine this is my big swollen clit, as it's the closest you will ever get" I tell him, encouraging my slave/boss to use more enthusiasm than his own wife does in bed. Although my cocksucker has potential, he accidentally uses teeth more than once, so I get him on the ground, give him full kicks and stand directly on his useless balls. A most hardcore and entertaining clip!


Length 0:09:46
BTC special $ 8.99

Ultimate Emasculation- Part 1

Upon discovering my boss's secret ballbusting porn collection, I decide to gimp him up and give him the abuse of a lifetime using my shoes, feet and knees to his groin. I've never liked him, but I do enjoy humiliating him and threatening to tell his wife about his filthy fantasies, should he complain. I squeeze and slap his hard cock and balls while ignoring his wailing and inform him that the most emasculating abuse is yet to come...


Length 0:07:01
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Which Pair Will I Destroy You With?

I open a box of leather gloves. As my slave, I order you to pick out which pair I will destroy you with. This is a serious fashion show! I model different gloves, some short, some studded, some longer. All leather. I describe smell, texture, and make you smell them too. Finally I put on my lambskin, opera-length gloves and massage your face with them. Hand-over-mouth with opera gloves, and voila, you are finished.


Length 0:07:59
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Ass POV on Vegas Balcony

I'm wearing a fishnet dress and relaxing on my balcony in Las Vegas. I order YOU to crawl up and worship me with your tongue. Starting at my feet, working my way up to my inner thighs, pussy lips and ass. I'm heading out for a hot date and want to be fresh and clean, so do your job and you will be rewarded with more licking later... a hot POV with lots of closeups!


Length 0:04:24
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All-Purpose Carpet

What an honor to be a carpet for one of my Femdom parties, but with that honor comes great responsibilities.  That means that even though he's been trampled and worn out over the years, his brutal training continues.  Trampling in stilettos and with fishnet stockinged feet, I bind the slave's arms behind his back to avoid him wanting to shift my feet to a more comfortable area.  He is there to suffer for me for a long while!


Length 0:07:27
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Asian Cocksucker

Mistress Kandy and I are at a party with several slaves including our adoring Asian cocksucker who gets humiliated and directed by us to suck, lick and worship 2 slave cocks at the same time. We discover during his cocksucking trial and error that he is very jealous of Asian women who pursue White men. We can see that he is deeply obsessed with White cock and wants to outdo any females in his work. We joke about impregnating his mouth and physically make him suck continuously. Mistress Kandy and I love verbally humiliating him, ridiculing his technique and making sure he gets his fill!


Length 0:09:08
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Balcony Ballbusted Carpet

My beautiful friend Mistress T joins me on the balcony for an impromptu duo torture scene. On this beautiful summer day my slave is lying out on the concrete. We decide to destroy his face, body, cock and balls simply because he's there and so are we. Our perfect pointed toes dig deep into him while we take turns kicking, trampling and stomping his family jewels. We pass the camera back and forth and there is nothing scripted or edited. We give no attention to the carpet's suffering and make him tap out.


Length 0:06:58
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