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Message To Cuckie Part 2

I made this video to make you, my sexually inept husband, jealous and to make you see your hard-earned dollars at work: Inviting my hot, well-hung lover to a luxurious hotel room you paid for. I love how he tastes just as much as he loves licking my pussy and preparing me for his fat cock. Watch me scream while I give him what I would never give you... This clip includes a voiceover (in addition to original sound) to my cuckie of what you can't do, and what you must do in order for me to keep you around.


Length 0:06:50
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Message to Cuckie Part 1

Hop in and watch me take a sexy shower in preparation for a sizzling sex session with one of my many lovers. Watch me give a long blowjob while I explain how you will eventually become my fluffer. Swallowing delicious cum from my bull might just increase your testosterone levels. This clip includes a voiceover (in addition to original sound) to my cuckie of what you can't do, and what you must do in order for me to keep you around.


Length 0:05:07
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Ballbusting With Metal Tongs

My domestic slave has displeased me once again so I get him naked and begin his discipline. I grab, squeeze, slap, knee and knee him in the balls while verbally humiliating and taunting him. Then I grab a pair of sharp metal tongs from a drawer and pull his cock and balls with them, making him stand on his tippy toes and forcing him in circles around me. The tongs come in handy to lift his cock upwards while I bust his balls. Finally I get him on the ground and kick him hard from behind until he cries. Maybe he will learn......But probably not.


Length 0:08:47
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Passion for Feet

My perverted slave is naked, on his hands and knees, collared and leashed to my beautiful feet. My heels are tall and clear and my toes freshly painted purple. I tell slave that I know all about his deep-rooted foot fetish and train him in foot worship. First, he must start with my heels still on, then I order him to take my heels off to pleasure my soles. I use him as a foot-cleaning carpet and he gives my feet a proper tongue bath. I gag him with my feet to give him a taste of what's yet to come: If he does a good job, I might even introduce my girlfriends.


Length 0:11:13
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Crybaby with a Hard Cock

My new scissor slave claims he can take a lot of pressure on his face and neck, so I start facesitting then scissor him topless and in my sexy designer pantyhose. The victim taps alot but has a massive hard on fighting for his breath. Between stroking his cock and squeezing his head and neck, I explain why I enjoy scissoring guys like him. I love feeling the pain of their regret and their deflated egos. The poor guy cries in the end.


Length 0:07:42
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Bimbo Fucked Like a Porn Star Part 2

My bimbo slut has finally "opened up" her legs and pussy hole to me and on camera. Her clit is locked in chastity and she is desperate to cum. Silly bitch has the nerve to ask me to cuddle while I'm plundering away with my strap-on. I tell her that maybe if she's lucky the men who pay me to fuck her will cuddle her. If not at least they will gag her with their cocks and shut her mouth with cum. She continues to whimper while I thrust my big cock in her. I decide to unlock her chastity device and tease her, spitting on her sissy clit and stroking her... Until I happily ruin her orgasm. Back into the cage she goes!


Length 0:08:47
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Bimbo Fucked Like a Porn Star Part 1

This was an excerpt from a real live session and nothing is scripted. I'm training my sissy slut to love cock. The first time we met she was a bit shy but now that the camera is on she is ordered to please and perform. Tanya's clit is locked in a chasity cage and she won't be getting the key back. I decide to test out how flexible her legs are, how far they will go in the air and how stretchable her hungry pussy is. She takes my big strap-on with lots of moaning and I'm impressed given her lack of experience. Eventually her sexual enthusiasm will lead to her taking real cocks and bringing me additional income.


Length 0:07:12
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Painful Monthly Load

Mistress Kandy and I occasionally let our slaves out of confinement for good behavior. About once a month, and only if the little bitch does everything right. Even the rewards are humiliating, though: Slave has been ballbusted very hard and I know an orgasm will be very difficult and painful. We decide he must release a painful load while suffering under my ass during our countdown and eat his own cum. If he fails to cum, he will wait another month before being allowed to try again...


Length 0:06:49
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Brutal Boot Trample

My naked human carpet is lying on the high-rise balcony. I'm wearing my rubber soled, leather boots and start with regular trampling all over his body, groin and face. I sit down briefly and make him lick them then stand back on him full weight. I love the way my boots grip on his body and I bounce and jump repeatedly on him. I jump on him, off him and use him as a human trampoline, making marks all over him. He suffers greatly but I don't say a word to him, After all, he's just a used old rug.


Length 0:06:30
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Latex Cuckold Humiliation Part 2

I love making videos for you with other well-hung studs while I'm out of town. The fact that you are all alone and locked up in chastity is all the more fun for me. Watch me suck, fuck and moan in every position, wearing sexy latex lingerie while I humiliate you and remind you why I will never have sex with you again. My bull of the night fills me so hard and deep before cumming all over my ass. Next time, you will be licking that up in person, my cuckold loser.


Length 0:07:14
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