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Ballbusting Our Bitch

The legendary Mistress T and I team up to abuse a bound pathetic bitch. After getting fucked, she facesits him while directing him to eat her cream pie. I make fun of his cock and balls and slap him progressively harder and harder until he gets fully erect. Lots of brutal slaps and kicks. Goodbye balls!


Length 0:08:21
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Fatty's Fat Wallet

I'm your spoilt neighbor that you've been lusting over forever and your name is Fatty Fuckface. You're the guy who can't get any attention from women to save your life so you love coming over to get teased and abused by me. I know seeing a girl like me in high high heels makes you hopelessly weak. Open that wallet and buy me what I ask while you clean my dirty heels.  If you're lucky, I'll keep toying with you.


Length 0:05:19
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Desperate and Depraved

This clip was filmed on the fly. My oversexed toilet sub arrived 15 minutes late for the session because he was so horny he caused a collision on his way over. After showering him with the champagne he brought, slave is tied down, facesat with my pussy and ass and made to cum like crazy.


Length 0:04:47
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How Big is Father Joseph?- Part 2

Father Joseph's tiny dick serves no purpose except for the ultimate humiliation. My TS Sister Stacie and I make him give her a fluffing blowjob while I fuck him with my strap-on, then she fucks me hard from behind. Father Joseph is persuaded to swallow her cum from a condom covered in my juices; the only way to be absolved of all his nasty sins.


Length 0:13:26
BTC special $ 7.99

How Big is Father Joseph?- Part 1

Sister TS Staci and I gossip about the nasty priests. She says he tried to fuck her from behind, but his dick was too small. We call him in to our nunnery, knowing we can fuck with him. We put on our horns and TS Staci pumps her secret cock, while I strap my massive dildo on. We force him to suck us both off and the only thing that can save him from his sins is his ability to suck cock! Time for spit roast!


Length 0:12:26
BTC special $ 7.99

Lucky Stuffed Meat

Despite my role as a Pro Domme, I really enjoy homemaking and cooking. Whether I'm marinating steak or roasting a pig, there's something gratifying about taking a huge chunk of meat and stuffing it...With my rubber cock. In this entertaining and humiliating clip, my meaty slave gets "prepared" on the kitchen island. His ass gets completely tenderized in different positions with my strap-on and his cock teased and denied... After all, he's just a piece of meat.


Length 0:08:58
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Addictive Panty Stuffing

I know you secretly have a fetish for tiny, well worn panties. I've owned these bejeweled thongs for a long time and I'm about to play a disappearing trick with them. Watch me strip them off and stuff them in my juicy pussy and pulll them out… Tnowice. Want to lick these delicious panties clean? Bid on my panties on


Length 0:04:50
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Worst Resume Ever

Office life can be really boring, generally.  My office bitch entertains me, though. He originally applied to work for me with a crappy resume, so I keep him naked underneath my desk all day when I'm not torturing him.  He at least keeps my heels polished and sweaty stockings clean.  I need to look perfect for every single meeting and a little stress relief on my feet works wonders.  If he doesn't work, I trample him.  When I'm bored of him, I pass him onto the other women in the office.


Length 0:07:17
BTC special $ 5.99

Designated Butt Sniffer

My designated butt sniffer slave is being promoted to acting as my human bidet and toilet. Who needs toilet paper when I have one of these losers? I haven't showered and am super gassy from Mexican food. I aggressively rub his face on my pussy and ass.  This loser is so addicted to my scent that he cannot help but comply when I tell him to open wide and inhale all my juices, smells and wastes. I know this one will make me proud.


Length 0:04:29
BTC special $ 3.99

Condom Cumdumpster Cuck

In this hot POV clip I thank you, my cuckold, for buying me the sexy bra, thong, seamed stockings, and heels for my date with a Black Stallion bull. I keep you around for financial reasons and the housework you do. I invite you close to my freshly fucked pussy to reveal a cum-filled condom I saved especially for you as a thank-you gift. I will never let your tiny penis inside me, and I will train you as my cumdumpster by making you eat the hot, salty jizz off my tits and stockinged feet like a good cum slut. Do a good job and next time I might let you fluff!


Length 0:07:55
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