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Facesitting with Mistress XI

Mistress XI joins me to put our human furniture to the test.  Wearing sexy lingerie with our slave on the floor, we take turns teasing his tiny cock with our heels and stockings while making fun of his shortcomings.  Mistress XI and I heavily facesit him and even smother him with the pillow his head was resting on to increase his difficulties and our entertainment.  Human furniture is meant to be strong and sturdy and if it doesn't meet our expectations, we enjoy slowly destroying it.

Length 0:08:36
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Cuckie's Handjob

My cuck has been left tied up all night in chastity while I have been out partying and fucking other men...I return from my debaucherous evening still sweaty from dancing and sex and make him lick my sore feet and cum-filled pussy and ass. I tease him about his chastity cage and promise him that I'll let him cum if he does a good job cleaning my freshly fucked body...And he must work very, very hard to earn it! Eventually, I decide that he should be rewarded, and unlock him, but keep him tied up and gently stroke his cock until he gets to the edge a couple of times, threatening to lock him back or ruin his orgasm. The clip ends with one of the messiest, epic cumshots I've ever seen. Time to lock him back up! 

Length 0:09:04
BTC special $ 8.99

Teased by Cock and Pussy

Mistress TS Staci joins me in this humiliating POV: We have stolen your ID, burned your clothes, and placed a heavy metal collar and chain on you.  Every time you touch your collar or yourself, you will be punished and you have no escape.   Between discussing the painful implements we will use, we also tease you with our bodies, making you bulge in your chastity.  I instruct you to open your mouth and worship our pantyhose-clad asses. We talk about the nasty sissy we saw at the store today and how we want to invite him over to face-fuck you. We will only unlock you from chastity to torture you and ruin your orgasm.  This is your ultimate fantasy and nightmare at the same time.


Length 0:08:02
BTC special $ 7.99

Leather Boot Worship POV

I know you get weak at the sight of my thigh-high leather stiletto boots, so come closer, get down and worship them. In this hot POV video, I instruct you to clean, smell and lick every part of my perfect military-style boots. I fuck your mouth with my heels first, one at a time, then both. What are you waiting for, boot slave? Get on your knees and begin working!

Length 0:07:23
BTC special $ 3.99

Protein for Cuckie Part 2

I cannot get enough deep pounding by my well-endowed lover while lying on top of little cuckie. I make him lick my ass while I get fucked hard in my pussy. My lover takes me harder than ever from behind and cums all over my ass cheeks, asshole and cuckie's face. Cuckie proves his worth by licking every last drop off me.

Length 0:08:49
BTC special $ 8.99

Protein for Cuckie Part 1

I love feeling his fat cock stretch my pussy. After all, I could never get fucked like this at home by my cuckold hubby. I clap my hands and order cuckie to crawl on the ground towards me, and to lick my ass while I continue fucking my stud. My useless cuckold has a tiny penis and I prove it by comparing both cocks in my hand. With cuckie underneath me, he gets a close-up sticky view of what he will never enjoy.

Length 0:08:23
BTC special $ 7.99

Foot Fantasy Overload

Mistress XI, TS Staci & I have very different sized feet and contrasting nail polish. A very lucky foot slave in training runs a bath for us, followed by giving us a long foot massage. Watch us tease the slave (you) by wiggling our toes, pointing our feet at the camera and flexing our arches and soles. A must-watch for dedicated foot lovers:-)


Length 0:09:33
BTC special $ 7.99

Can You Cum Through the Pain?

My slave is always getting himself into trouble.  He is naked, hooded and bound to my bondage chaise. I plop my ass hard on his face and begin stroking his hard cock. Orgasms are a rare privilege but he will earn one this time. Between heavy facesitting and hard spanking and paddling of his inner thighs and ass, I remind him that he will have to cum, but only through pain and at my command.  I straddle his face front and back- hard.  While jerking him off really hard, I tell him he has 30 seconds to cum and if he doesn't, I'm bringing out my single tail. I make him cum all over the paddle and have him lick it off.  Now the beating will begin :-)

Length 0:08:54
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TS Rianna James Strap-On

Today, TS Rianna James brings over her camera to show you, her pathetic online fan, how I, your wife and cuckoldress, like to play.  Since you can't please in bed and won't get to fuck either of us, just sit there and dream while jerking off.  Watch us make out passionately and taste each others' breasts... Watch Rianna give me the type of blowjob you wish you were getting.  Rianna takes my massive strap-on like a champ and then gets on top to ride me.  She cums loudly and squirts prostate fluid all over my stomach.  Time to clean it up, hubby. I'm slowly training you to be a better cuckold.


Length 0:13:25
BTC special $ 10.99

Almost the Real Thing

This is a custom clip for a panty fetishist who has been addicted to the smell and taste of my pussy and ass for years. Teasing you in my lace and satin panties while watching you in desperation is just a start. I'm going to give you an even closer look by strapping a dildo to your face and directing you to fuck me in every position I want. As my panty slave and sex slave you serve to please me and to buy my well worn cum stained panties.

Length 0:12:50
BTC special $ 10.99