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Best Cuckold Training

Sometimes while dominating my slaves I get super horny. Unfortunately, they have little to offer me. Since I'm a problem solver, I've strapped a nice big strapon onto my chasitty slave so I can close my eyes and imagine I'm with a real man while riding his pretend cock. I peel my panties off, stick them in his mouth and cover his face with a pillow. I ride this slave-in-training and explain to him that he will be serving as cuckold to my big black boyfriends. Not surprisingly, his caged cock is bursting at the seams while I slap his balls during my ride. My TS girlfriend comes over to slap and crop him while we make fun of him. With every blow to his nuts, he jumps, thrusting the strap-on harder and deeper in my pussy until I cum. This is the best cuckold training and it's a good life. Dream on, loser...


Length 0:08:41
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Balls and Nipples Destroyed

This is a brutal, unscripted, 2 part video. In part 1, my ballbusting sub is first chained to my suspension bar while I stretch, punch and kick his already damaged balls and talk about abusing them until they are symmetrical. In part 2, my girlfriend Mistress Bijou Steal is filming us and I decide to strap his hands behind his back and chain his nipples by the piercings to the overhead suspension chair so he has no way of moving or guarding. I deliver constant hard kicks, knees, punches and twists to his cock and balls occasionally teasing him with my ass. I decide to make this even more difficult by increasing the tension on his nipple ring bondage so that they are being pulled against the ceiling. Stay still or they will rip off! His cock gets harder as the beating increases so I'm doing him a favour by keeping up the swelling.


Length 0:11:08
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Sock and Sneaker Worship

I notice you perving on me while strolling on the beach. I'm wearing my favourite tight leggings, bright socks and dirty sneakers and step in wet sand. Motioning you to follow me into a private resort, you helplessly do and find out that soon you will serve me as a human doormat. The only thing you are good for is shoe cleaning, sock sniffing and abuse. You are instructed to clean every inch of my perfect shoes and socks until I am satisfied. Lots of teasing, humiliation and great scenery!


Length 0:10:32
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Stroke, Suck and Ruin

In this slow & sensual POV, you will feel as though I am right there teasing and edging your cock. Feel my spit land on your cock, my grip tighten and loosen and my lips and tongue all over you. Starting and stopping, faster then slower. An up-close and personal encounter leading to my favourite ending: Your ruined orgasm.


Length 0:19:00
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Young, Dumb and Full of Cum

These horny bitches on Craigslist are always embarrassed about their fetish. We found a special team : Daddy is with Kandy, and Sonny is with me.  Son has already served as a toilet, seat cushion, and done foot worship. I decide to reward him with a handjob, but he squirts early. Ruined orgasm! Who will launder the sheets? The guy is still hard. How many of you viewers are watching this clip cuz you're hungry for cock? I let him jerk himself off, but he can't cum so I bring Kandy to bring Daddy over. We shove his face in Son's cum and push his head down on Son's cock to lick it clean.


Length 0:06:40
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Ballbusted to Sleep

Wearing my killer leather thigh high boots, I viciously kick, slap, punch and even knee my loser slave in the cock and balls. I love kicking hard hard from underneath and making his cock slap hard against his stomach. The perfect double whammy! I make him get on his hands and knees and kick his family jewels hard from behind. It appears that the harder I kick his cock and balls, the harder they get. I stop to tease him and spit on his cock but only for a few seconds before delivering extremely hard kicks and slaps. I won't stop until I put him to bed.


Length 0:09:28
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Suck My T-Girlfriend's Cock

My sexually inadequate husband is being trained to suck cock. This time, his duty is fluffing my Shemale girlfriend. Stacie and I discuss the secrets to training boys to serve us and how small men become cuckolds. We mock my husband for not being able to go all the way down and suggest that there is a correlation between throat size and cock size. Although cuckie still has a ways to go in pleasing orally, he always keeps trying until I'm ready to ride Stacie's hard cock...


Length 0:10:00
BTC special $ 8.99

Exposed to Your Wife

I am your wife's sexy best friend and I've discovered your dirty, kinky secrets. Tonight, I will be taking her out for a wild night on the town and I will tell her ALL about the Femdom and cuckolding porn sites you visit. Your wife and I have a very special, intimate connection and starting today we will make you OUR cuckold slave while you suffer in chastity and become sexually obsolete.


Length 0:06:17
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Prison Nurse Cuckold Part 2

My female slave is imprisoned in a bondage cage and made to watch my male slave get cuckolded from underneath me in a very unusual jail cell. My guard and lover continues to fuck me hard with his huge cock in various positions, making me squirm and scream. I take a break on slave's face, making him lick my juicy pussy before continuing getting pounded over his chained body and face. While giving my lover a blowjob, I pry open my cuckold's mouth and make him taste my lover's pre-cum from the source. The scene ends with an explosion of jizz all over cuckie's face, hair and mouth. What a lucky slave!


Length 0:07:56
BTC special $ 6.99

Prison Nurse Cuckold Part 1

I am a twisted prison Psych Nurse dressed in tight latex with a huge appetite for torture and sex. My female prisoner gets locked in a bondage cage and made to watch through the bars. My chained male slave is made to wear painful hand traps which screw into his fingers as he is a chronic masturbator. I make him lie face-up on a stool by the cage, lift my dress up and force him to lick my ass while facesitting him. Once I'm properly warmed up, a well-endowed guard enters my pussy doggy style over the slave's face and starts to pound me hard and long. Between switching positions, I finger myself and feed my juices to my sexually frustrated male slave, giving him a taste of what he can never have, and all in view of my female prisoner. My stud continues to fuck me hard on top of the cage, making me scream and moan, and he even steps on the male inmate. What ever Nurse Jasmine wants, she gets...


Length 0:09:04
BTC special $ 6.99