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Footjob Reward

At the end of a long tease and denial session, I grant my sub the permission to cum, but on the condition that he must hold the camera steady for this footjob and if his hands are shaky, his orgasm will be ruined.  This very messy clip was filmed on the fly during a session in my Seattle hotel room.

Length 0:04:55
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Closet Slave for Cock

My Tgirlfriend Staci and I are enjoying post-sex cuddles and you come crawling towards the bed. We had told you to stay in the closet, but since you just can't stay away from us you may as well clean up all the sweat we produced during our fun. Just like a pet in training, you are directed to lap up our sex juices, our damp armpits, our feet, and even our panties. We notice you are particularly focused on Staci's cock and decide to train you further... Our sex party is just getting started and this is an intermission. When our list of studs arrive, you will be ordered to fluff every single one of them:-)

Length 0:06:01
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Leopard Latex Worship

In this sexy music video, I'm strutting in my Miami hotel room, wearing a short, gold leopard latex dress, matching sky-high, bling pumps and my short blonde wig.  Follow my hands as I dance and shine my rubber and imagine you were the lucky one worshiping my perfectly lubed-up body.

Length 0:05:03
BTC special $ 4.99

Lily's First Outing

This completely unscripted clip begins with me interviewing a sissy slut during a BDSM session.  This was filmed right after I transformed her and took her out in public for the first time.  We talked about enjoying sushi dinner together while she was wearing a chastity device, while I zapped her via remote control in public. I also took some photos of her and posted a Backpage ad in the transsexual section so she could make some money for me. I make her get on all fours and display her wares, ending with a selfie video of her taking my Mistress cock in bondage.  

Length 0:06:13
BTC special $ 5.99

Cuckie Meet Black Stallion

My limpdick, sexually useless cuckold remains in long term chastity with a leash attached to his cock cage. His main purpose is to serve as a place to hang my lingerie and my lover's underwear. Cuckie watches my hot black stallion and I make out and taste each other's juices. I spit in my husband's mouth to insure he tastes the precum of a REAL man. I show cuckie what it looks like to have my pussy stretched by a thick black cock. After getting fucked hard I give a mean blowjob with a nasty huge cumswap in the end. Gooble it up, cuckie! It's the closest you will ever get to fucking me!


Length 0:21:25
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A Foot Lover is Born Every Day

Subbie has already cum for my feet today, but he will do it again. He is always begging to be trampled and to massage my perfect feet.  The only time he is permitted to cum is through my feet.  I'm going drain him of his manhood every day, one bit at a time.  He's going to cum so many times he will dread the thought of it.  Scene ends with a big creamy mess!

Length 0:07:39
BTC special $ 6.99

Eat Your Dick off the Bottom of My Shoe

So you wanna be a carpet?  Carpets can only function as beautiful decor objects, which you are not, and we aren't going to trample you sensually either.

How servile are you?  Mistress Bijou and I don't care about your dick.  We will trample you beyond turning you on, and the fact that you have an erection thinking about it makes you an even bigger pervert.  We are going to squash your dick flat against our soles, and feed it to you.  Taste all the other dicks we have trampled.  Your dick is nothing but roadkill to us.

Length 0:06:44
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Forest Gimp Gets Forest Bi

Mistress Kandy and I take our hooded and blindfolded gimp slut in the woods to abuse him.  We go for a short hike, ordering him to walk forward even though he can't see.  Occasionally, I pull him by the hand to move faster up the hill and kick him in the ass.  Kandy and I make him get on his knees to suck the strap-on cocks under our workout leggings.  We bend him over a log to spit roast him while verbally humiliating his tiny cock, which isn't much bigger than my big toe. I beat him with a fern and stick it in his ass while we switch holes...Gimp can't see a thing and to end our tag-team, we surprise Forest Gimp with our stud's cock in his mouth.  We order slave to lick his cock and balls until he gets a mouthful of cum.  So much cum that it dribbles out of his mouth to fertilize the greenery.

Length 0:14:18
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Chun Li Demands Worship

I've been punching, kicking, elbowing and kneeing loser guys all day. As my personal slave, you now have to worship my dirty white boots. I take off my boots and make you worship my delicious pantyhose, sweaty muscular legs and feet. Once I feel you have done an adequate job, I strip to just pantyhose and smother you with my pussy.


Length 0:07:34
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Trample My Newbie

My newbie, masochistic slave is getting put to the test with his first time trampling.  In this candid video, I step on him wearing my thigh-high leather boots and tiny fishnet dress.  My heels are very sharp and I love hearing this little bitch scream in pain while I put my entire body weight on him.  I even give him a few hard kicks to the balls.  When I feel like he's had it with the sharp heels, I take my boots off and introduce him to full weight barefoot trampling, jumping and cock crushing. Newbie's agony gives me a bounce in my step. A win-win situation.

Length 0:10:47
BTC special $ 9.99