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Almost the Real Thing

This is a custom clip for a panty fetishist who has been addicted to the smell and taste of my pussy and ass for years. Teasing you in my lace and satin panties while watching you in desperation is just a start. I'm going to give you an even closer look by strapping a dildo to your face and directing you to fuck me in every position I want. As my panty slave and sex slave you serve to please me and to buy my well worn cum stained panties.

Length 0:12:50
BTC special $ 10.99

Biology Lesson

You are almost at the top of my class thanks to staying after school on so many afternoons.  You are addicted to me, your hot seductive teacher.  There is one new form of worship you need to learn though, in order to show your devotion which comes down to simply consuming my biological waste.  Watch me shoot a massive stream through my panties and clean my ass.  Open your mouth wide and clean it all up including the puddle on the ground. Suck my panties until they are completely dry.  We will keep meeting after class like this to keep up your grades. 

Length 0:05:59
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Domestic Cuckold Cleaner

I have had a super long day of kinky sessions with various subs and I'm exhausted. Between strap-on, trampling, scissoring, foot jobs & ballbusting others, I haven't had the energy to shower my sweaty body. This nasty slave has one job: To clean all the sweat and flavors off my body. By collar and leash, I order him to lick all the DNA and pre-cum off my body. I know that deep down, he has a cuckolding fetish: I slap his jewels while he cleans all the cock and ball sweat off my body, preparing me for my lover who is visiting later.

Length 0:05:17
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TS Tub Tease

TS Staci and I are lounging in the hot tub, talking about you, my useless husband and servant-in-training.  We humiliate you verbally and tease you while you're getting your little dicklet hard and serving us drinks.  We fondle each other's breasts and I stroke Staci's cock underwater, commenting on how big it is compared to yours.  Shall we push you in the water and make you suck it? We can even use you as a human filter for the tub.  Or a tub-side porta potty, for that matter.  Shall we give you swimming lessons?  How long can you hold it for?  As long as it takes Stacie to cum.  

Length 0:05:42
BTC special $ 4.99

Our Boot-Cleaning Whore

Mistress TS Rianna James and I both love wearing leather boots and abusing filthy, disgusting subs with our soles.  In this humiliating instructional video, we make fun of you and put you in your place.  We know how weak you become when sniffing, licking and removing filth from our boots.  While sensually teasing you in different positions, we also describe in detail the bodily fluids our boots have come in contact with.  Not that anything is too gross for you.

Length 0:06:23
BTC special $ 5.99

Torture Games

During this sensual but cruel session, my slave endures a variety of painful teasing torture for my pleasure. Wearing a latex dress, I chain him to a pole, bite his nipples, slap his face and spit on his cock. I enjoying frustrating him between stripping down to my bra and panties, then teasing and torturing his cock. I give him hard slaps, kicks, and punches to the family jewels then more face slapping and spitting. Slave gets rewarded with a long handjob and juicy ruined orgasm in the end.


Length 0:29:01
BTC special $ 7.99

Pits and Ass Servitude

My bondage slave has been working for me all afternoon: My pits and ass are sweaty, so it's time for him to continue his cleaning duties. I aggressively sit on the slave's face with my ass and pits. He struggles while I slap his cock and balls, knowing full well that only my boyfriend will get my pussy. I love seeing him suffer! Maybe I'll use this bitch as a toilet first thing in the morning, after I've been out all night.. If he's lucky, he'll get remnants of cum. Either way, it doesn't end with facesitting until he's completely done...

Length 0:06:08
BTC special $ 5.99

Pantyhose Showers

I'm fresh out of the office and relaxing in my sexy designer pantyhose & heels. I know how weak you get when I tease you with my feet and legs through my gorgeous sheer hosiery. I know that deep down, you are a little pantyhose bitch and invite you inside, removing my dress and ordering you on the ground. I give you a very up-close and intimate look and just when you think I will let you cum, I decide to release a huge stream of golden nectar all over your face through the crotch of my hose. Your only job now is to lick and suck my pantyhose dry.

Length 0:08:57
BTC special $ 7.99

Barefoot Torture and Humiliation

Ready for some kinky family fun? Old slave is on the floor, ready to receive a sensual double trample from Mistress Kandy and I. Sonny has to remove our boots and worship our feet. He gets into trouble for taking too long. The whole family is stupid and soon we'll trample them all. Mistress Kandy dismisses son, and joins me on the old man. We jump on him and trample him hard. The old man's cock gets hard from all the pain and action. I stand on his face and Kandy squeezes precum out of his pathetic cock and we feed him.


Length 0:07:18
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Teacher's Cuckold- Part 2

What is better than being teacher's pet? Being my classroom cuckold, obviously. My pathetic dunce spends his days fantasizing about me but he will never be able to please a real woman. In Cuckolding 101, he gets the ultimate view, looking up at me while my lover/fellow pounds me to ecstasy. I ignore him for the most part, but make him lick my pussy and suck my lover's balls. I even make cuckie give my bull a blowjob between switching positions on the desk. Great angles and super HD close-ups of me having wonderful time!

Length 0:06:56
BTC special $ 6.99