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White Boys Don't Have Black Dick

Mistress Bijou Steal and I are your Mum's hot friends and we like teasing you, but unfortunately, you're not hung like a Black man.  We had actually discussed fucking you, since you're kinda cute, but changed our minds when we saw your mediocre penis. We are extremely horny but won't settle for less than the best and resort to humiliating you. Show us your dick and let's see if it grows while we fuck your white sissy mouth with a realistic black cock.  We will soon introduce you to real black cock... This video is hilarious, unscripted and highly inappropriate.

Length 0:06:56
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Precision Ball Busting

What's better than having a masochistic ballbusting slave chained to the ceiling? Having a hot girlfriend like Mistress Kandy join me in the festivities! With slave bound to a spreader bar and us ladies in sexy leggings, we take turns viciously kicking, kneeing, punching and twisting him in the balls, sometimes simultaneously. Even though slave needs a break, we keep going. Kandy Kink and I always know how to throw a good party :)

Length 0:06:27
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Destroying Forest Gimp - The Prequel

Before he was known as Forest Gimp, my little bro was Backwoods Gump.  He was always such a freak, going into the forest and jerking off against the trees.  I've always enjoyed humiliating and beating him.  Some things don't change even when you're all grown up. With my bro naked against a tree, I make him hump and pull his ass hairs until he screams.  I start with spanking him very hard and then move on to hardcore caning with a stick I found on the ground.  I threaten to call the entire fam if he complains or moves.  I don't care that he is wailing and that the mosquitoes are biting him. I beat his ass until it is completely raw and broken, then make him lie on the ground so I can stomp on his cock and balls.  I know he knows I do this out of love.


Length 0:06:03
BTC special $ 5.99

Catwoman Milks in Latex

In this dangerously sexy film noir, I'm dressed in a latex bodysuit, rubber stockings and Catwoman mask.  My lucky slave is wearing only a gas mask and I shine my body all over his hard cock.  Watch me tease and taunt him using my spit, hands, feet and slippery ass.  I make him worship my stockings and reward him with a sexy foot job and hand job which ends in an explosive mess.  Filmed in color and black and white and a lot of lube :-)

Length 0:07:15
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Sponsor Your Wife's Orgasm

Your wife really deserves a girls' night out with Mistress Bijou and I.  Especially after years of being married to a sexually useless guy like you.  Just imagine a hot stud giving her all the dick she desires.  All you need to do is pay for our night:: Dinner, drinks, party favors, lingerie, Viagra and numbing agents for her jaw! We will train your wife to be the sluttiest cuckoldress and this will be a regular event.  Don't wait up for us and don't worry, we will take pics for you to enjoy.  We know this makes your dicklet hard.  Wanna jerk off and show us what a natural-born cuckold you are?

Length 0:07:55
BTC special $ 7.99

Number 2 Toilet Slave

TS Stacie and I take turns showering in your toilet mouth. Because you are lousy and missed many drops of our delicious nectar and didn't swallow it all, you have demoted to only being used as a Number 2 toilet guy.

Length 0:05:02
BTC special $ 4.99

Worship Us, Not the Damn Stockings

What kind of loser jerks off to stinky, sweaty hosiery when you could be worshipping two real live Dommes? Mistress Bijou Steal and I really don't care about the silly fetish that controls you on a day-to-day basis, but we do enjoy humiliating you for your weakness.  In this unscripted video, we show you what you cannot have and remind you that your fetish is indeed pathetic. 

Length 0:06:06
BTC special $ 5.99

Cock Comparison with Kandy Kink

Whoever told you that "size doesn't matter" lied and is afraid of hurting your feelings. Mistress Kandy Kink and I don't have that issue. We have 2 sluts, one on either side of us, of very different sizes. Little does our tiny dicklet know that as the biggest loser, he will have to suck the larger cock. Unless you are super hung, please spare us and all other women and don't even try talking to us. Stick to buying SPH videos!


Length 0:11:56
BTC special $ 9.99

I Beat You for Your Own Good

I beat my husband for his own good, and he understands that. He can never quite satisfy me, though, and needs constant discipline.  I get him over my knees, showing that his ass has already been badly beaten.  The best slaves are the strong ones, and I tell him that I will crop him brutally, after which he must prepare a bubble bath with essential oils, bring champagne and rub my shoulders.  "Make me a rare steak, I like my meat , after all". I crop his ass, showing no mercy, and instruct him to prepare a bubble bath with essential oils and glass of champagne for myself, and a salt bath for his wounds  (in the other bathroom, of course).  I don't want him to join me in luxury, I just want to hear him wail.

Length 0:08:27
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Footjob Reward

At the end of a long tease and denial session, I grant my sub the permission to cum, but on the condition that he must hold the camera steady for this footjob and if his hands are shaky, his orgasm will be ruined.  This very messy clip was filmed on the fly during a session in my Seattle hotel room.

Length 0:04:55
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