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Edging a Useless Dick

My slave has been locked in chastity for days. As much as he loves being teased and denied, he is also extremely masochistic. His tiny penis doesn't even fill the cage when he's hard which makes it utterly useless. The only opportunity for him to ejaculate, ruined or not, is through pain. Ts Mistress Rianna sits besides me and watches me unlock him. When slave is unlocked it's torture time: I bring out a custom-cut, extremely sharp, spiked steel cock ring with no hinges and fit it on him. Naturally, he gets hard and his erection presses against the dangerous spikes. We decide to use our wartenburg wheels over his genitals and nipples and he starts making really annoying noises. I comment that he needs to be gagged with a sock. Our (male) videographer points the camera down and removes one and I use it. It's good to have help! Pindick slave goes from being overwhelmed to being desperate and hard again. We have a long day ahead and the best part of extreme edging is knowing that over time it will get harder and harder for him to cum...The struggle is real.


Length 0:12:51
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Duo Ballbusting Extreme

Mistress Ruby joins me in an extreme, emasculating, and brutal ballbusting duo! No warming up, we go straight to the knees, slaps, kicks and punches. The lucky slave even gets to worship my pantyhose feet on his hands and knees while Mistress Ruby kicks him from behind. For extra cruelty and entertainment value, I grab Shane Diesel's heavy replica dildo off the wall and beat his useless cock and balls with it. I sit slave on the throne for jokes and trample his family jewels. On to the floor for more ball trampling, facesitting and even butt drops on his cock. Mistress Ruby and I deliver hard, merciless blows simultaneously from front and back, and we also take turns holding his arms back while the other Domme busts his balls. This action-packed video was too much fun to make. Yes we are the dream team:) 


Length 0:13:26
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Domestic Stocking Slave

My domestic slave crawls in to worship my heels and stockings. I order him on his hands and kness with my crop on his back and ass. A slave belongs on the ground with his ultimate weakness in his face: My well-worn stockings. I crop and trample his cock and use his back as my human foot stool and make him take off my heels, clean them and worship my stockinged toes while cropping his hard cock and balls. This loser failed to fluff my bedding properly for my hot date and gets punished harshly before being sent back to prepare for the delicious cock I will devouring later while slave is caged...


Length 0:07:43
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Dickhead Gets Ruined

This is a real filmed session where my sub in chastity for the past 4 days gets tied to the bed,and teased mercilessly with a "dickhead" harness strapped to his head. I'm super horny but this little bitch has a small dick...Oh well, I already found a solution. I ride his face dick while playing with myself with a vibrator in different positions and eventually unlock him from his cage. Subbie has so many dirty thoughts that I happily destroy. I want to see what 5 days worth of being teased through strap-on sex and sexting looks like: The first orgasm is completely messy and ruined but I don't just stop there...


Length 0:13:50
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Cuckold Ballbusting with Mistress T

The lovely Mistress T joins me in a brutal double domination of my bound sub. She starts with full facesitting while describing the hot sex she had right before the shoot. I punch and slap the sub's balls while laughing at him then switch positions with Miss T. While I facesit him, Mistress T shows off her beautiful leather gloves and punches our victim. She then faces him and knees him hard with both legs. We simultaneously trample his family jewels, tying them up, mocking him and laughing at his helplessness. Lots of teasing to the camera as well. Wouldn't you love to be in his place?


Length 0:10:18
BTC special $ 9.99

Foot Fetish Fuckfest POV

I give my lucky lover (you) a handjob, while teasing you with my perfect feet, bringing them close to your face. A smooth, sexy blowjob and footjob gets you even harder before I begin riding you while showing off my perfect soles. You hold my feet up while fucking me on top and then doggy style, cumming all over my yummy soles. This clip was filmed on the fly in Vegas with my GoPro. There are a few verbals and great positions and angles. This video is a must for hardcore lovers of feet!


Length 0:15:19
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The Chastity Program

Mistress Sydney and I know what a loser you are and that your cock serves you zero purpose except for your chronic masturbation needs. We decide to lock your cock up and pacify you through chastity training. We agree that one week is a good start, but it will lead to longer. Your cock will look prettier in its cage and its bars for CBT. I want this to be a painful learning experience for you. Once you are locked, you will start buying and watching lots of our videos and attempt to jerk off through the cage. Lock yourself up and send us the key.


Length 0:07:42
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Catholic Cuckolding Part 2

This clip is better than the Original Sin: the Archbishop is fucking me, Sister Jasmine, hard and deeply while Father Joseph is ordered to lick my ass and whatever dribbles of spit and precum he is fortunate enough to get. At this time, the Devil ( Mistress Bijou ) and I verbally humiliate the Father while she sips her drink and fans herself and watches the show that she made me do, lol. I'm wearing a latex habit and after fucking In a few positions, I decide to feed the Archbishop's cum to Father Joseph and lock him in chastity for eternity! This serves as punishment for being a pervy masturbating machine. In this scene, the sex is sweaty and hot, the dialogue is hilarious and the final cumswap is abundant: A religious cuckold's dream cum true.


Length 0:07:52
BTC special $ 4.99

Catholic Cuckolding Part 1

Father Joseph's punishment continues with the Devil (Ms Bijou Steal) and Sister Jasmine (Myself). To entertain us, we force him into becoming the ultimate unholy cuckold slave. The Father gets a close-up view of a slurpy blowjob I'm giving to the Archbishop and every now and then, I spit saliva and precum into his mouth. I mount Father Joseph, facesitting him with my pussy while the Archbishop fucks me hard and deep from behind. All this time, the sexy Devil encourages us to make her proud and praises the show we are putting on. Father Joseph gets rewarded with licking my ass while the Archbishop fucks me in various positions. This is taking sinning to a whole other level! 


Length 0:08:10
BTC special $ 6.99

Best Cuckold Training

Sometimes while dominating my slaves I get super horny. Unfortunately, they have little to offer me. Since I'm a problem solver, I've strapped a nice big strapon onto my chasitty slave so I can close my eyes and imagine I'm with a real man while riding his pretend cock. I peel my panties off, stick them in his mouth and cover his face with a pillow. I ride this slave-in-training and explain to him that he will be serving as cuckold to my big black boyfriends. Not surprisingly, his caged cock is bursting at the seams while I slap his balls during my ride. My TS girlfriend comes over to slap and crop him while we make fun of him. With every blow to his nuts, he jumps, thrusting the strap-on harder and deeper in my pussy until I cum. This is the best cuckold training and it's a good life. Dream on, loser...


Length 0:08:41
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