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Cum while I Pound Your Ass

I've been fucking this piece of man meat for a while and can almost fit my hand in him. His balls are swollen from my previous beatings so I find other ways to abuse him. With my thick black cock, I pound him hard while edging his cock until he explodes all over himself. A good slut always eats his mess in the end.

Length 0:08:04
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Why Pervs Love Me

I brought my human lounger to the beach today, and while relaxing on it, I decided to flip through an old book called "Why Men Love Bitches". My slave loves being a multipurpose chair, footstoll and foot cleaner.  He knows this makes him useful to me.  Furniture must be beautiful and/or useful or it gets donated to charity.  Is he worthy? He's working towards worthiness by keeping his mouth wide open while I run my soles non-stop back and forth along his tongue.  I read funny passages from my book, some of which reinforce my current role, and some of which I disagree wtih, all the while enjoying the sun on my lounger. 


Length 0:06:30
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Suffer for the View

My facesitting slave gets the view you love.  He earns his place by suffering for me.  I get off on feeling him hold his breath without tapping, while trashing around in desperation.  Very few slaves impress me, but this one does.  At home, I make him do all the domestic chores, and afterwards he gets rewarded by having his nose crushed by my pussy and ass.  Wouldn't you love to be in his place?

Length 0:06:17
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Wish for a Foot and Dick Sandwich

Mistress Bijou and I are lounging on the couch in lingerie and chatting with our bare feet facing you. We talk about our soles getting more wear in the summer and show you how mineral oil does wonders for rejuvenating tired feet. As we pour the oil and rub each others' feet together, we talk about our pathetic foot slaves, how we feel about receiving massages, shoes, trampling and more. Lots of unscripted funny and humiliating girl talk.  Great close-ups of our pedicures and beautiful soles.  Just imagine your cock between our toes as we end with a slithery countdown...


Length 0:10:06
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Smokey, Creamy Blowjob

My lips are bright red and my mouth is warm. Watch me light up my cigarette and inhale, and take you in my mouth while I exhale. There is so much smoke tingling on your throbbing cock and coming out of my nose and mouth. There are very few words spoken, but lots of slurpy noises. You grow in my mouth, between gentle teasing and deep throating. Enjoy your messy, creamy happy ending.

Length 0:10:25
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Our Dicks Are Bigger than Yours

Mistress Bijou Steal and I LOVE taunting small cocked losers with our gigantic rubber cocks.  Although you may fantasize about fucking us, you know that will never happen.  In reality, you aren't even man enough to take our strap-on cocks. Beg us and humiliate yourself for us.


Length 0:11:58
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Toilet Mouth in Our Panties

Mistress Meana and I know that you are a human toilet with a panty fetish. We happen to have very full bladders and decide to go in our black, fullback panties then gag you with them afterwards. We strip off each other's panties, make you our toilet bitch and train you to lick us dry. Lots of great, sexy, wet angles and lots of streaming gold nectar. This video was made for our panty auction. 

Length 0:06:31
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Addicted Slave Ready for Full Treatment

Oxygen is a privilege that must be earned, and limiting your intake is one of my favourite ways to put a new slave to the test.  Are you a real strong man?  When I have the perfect team mate like Mistress Kandy nothing will come easily.  Today I'm feeling extra sadistic and want my slave to feel the weight of both of our yummy asses on his face simultaneously as we sit face to face.  We are dressed in sexy lingerie and Mistress Kandy strokes his dick wearing her leather gloves. We exchange places between heavy facesitting and stroking our victim, making fun of him when he kicks for air and his dick gets hard.  Surprise, surprise the more he fights the more excited he becomes. Between pinching his nose and mouth with leather gloves, squeezing him with our boobs and scissoring him all at the same time he really gets a workout.  Goodnight, slave.

Length 0:10:34
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My Hard-Working Toilet

I don’t have much to say to you slave, and I'm not interested in what you have to say back.  Your mouth is only good for one thing and we both know that.  Better than having no purpose at all.  Open, toilet, aren’t you grateful you have me?

Length 0:03:48
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My Foot Slave Date

I know you want to serve and pamper me.  After a long day of work, I don't want dinner or a date...All I need from you is a foot slave. Don’t act like you’re not a foot fetishist. Your comments and glances at my pretty shoes and toes haven’t gone unnoticed.  My feet are dirty, but I want you to lick and suck them clean.  I need a tongue pedicure and for you to serve as a footrest.  Prove to me that I can use you.  I have a feeling that if I rub your hard cock with my feet, you won’t last.  Wanna bet? Of course, you will only cum on my command.

Length 0:07:45
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