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Primed by Stupid Office Mutt

My office slave is collared and chained.  He has worked hard to serve me, so I've given him a 15 cent an hour raise, and more work!  Now, he must service other men at the office, as well as women.  We are all used to seeing him crawling around the office.  I attached the rest of his new uniform to his face: A dildo face dong that will prime my pussy for my hot date after work.  I explain in detail how I will be getting fucked while I put my bitch to good use!


Length 0:08:58
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Chastity Blowjob

What do I do with my lover when he is desperately horny? I lock his cock in a chastity cage, sit on his face and give him a never-ending blowjob. Too bad he can only sort of feel me but not cum.  I could do this all day.


Length 0:03:31
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Medical Ballbusting Cure

Nurse Bijou and I present to you the natural, surgery-free, homeopathic cure to erectile dysfunction. We specialize in treating men who who can't get it up but don't want to use Viagra. We kick our patient very, very hard, repeatedly, to prove that our therapy works. Do you have erectile dysfunction? Call 1-800-BALLBUST to get results now!  This is a new and HD version and a MUST-have for ballbusting enthusiasts.


Length 0:04:45
BTC special $ 3.99

Humiliated and Ruined

This small penis joker really wants to fuck me and had the nerve to apply as a film stunt cock. No problem, I found a solution: With him tied in bed, I strap a harness and a black dildo named "Big Bob" to him and tuck his own useless cock and balls underneath. I ride it facing him and reverse cowgirl while teasing and humiliating him. I make him give "Big Bob" a blowjob and ruin his orgasm TWICE in a row and feed his own mess to him using Big Bob. Wannabe stunt cock makes a pretty good method porn actor indeed ;-)


Length 0:07:30
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Lime Green Panties

I just worked out in this juicy lace and satin set and tease you silly with it. I tell you how I like to wear these panties and show you how I get them wet. Lots of close-ups and panty stuffing. How long do you think you can you last stroking for these? 


Length 0:06:12
BTC special $ 5.99

Feline Footjob

I'm showing off my tiger print, sheer, nude Wolford pantyhose and heels on the balcony. Time to give you a sexy, sensual footjob stopping only to taste you. I know you love the feel of my pantyhose and the sight of my silver toenails showing through. I make you cum hard, enough to make a huge mess and soak my pantyhose toes through. Amazing view all the way :-)


Length 0:08:30
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Beg for My Stockings

This video was made for my devout stocking slave who bids faithfully on my hosiery auctions on When you follow your nose, you always find your way between my stockings.  You can't get away from the intoxicating scent of my lace top stockings and I make you beg hard and worship harder.  Enjoy my sexy toe cleavage while I instruct you to smell and lick my soles and toes until they are wet making my hosiery even more transparent.  Lots of close ups of my feet and the sound of me rubbing my hosiery together. In the end, I peel them off and stick them in your hungry mouth for a job well done :-)


Length 0:06:55
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Sissy Gets Fucked

Mistress Kandy Kink and I have been abusing Sissy Doll all day, and decide it's time to stretch her out with our Mistress cocks. It's only her first day of filming and although she is shy to speak, she is also very eager to please as our sex servant. Mistress Kandy and I discuss her training and how she will earn money by taking dicks all day for our spa dates and outings with our studs. Sissy Doll even gets her mouth stretched by both our cocks at the same time... It's time for her to experience a real cock ... See "Fat Load in Dolly Mouth".


Length 0:10:39
BTC special $ 8.99

Hot Latex Shower

This extremely erotic music video was shot using behind-the-scenes video footage with a regular camera & a waterproof  Go-Pro. I was shooting latex lingerie fashion pics in Miami, teasing the camera and ripping my stockings, when I had the urge to drag my photographer through my hotel suite into the light-up shower... One of my favourite shower videos ever:-)


Length 0:03:26
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Porn Addict Ballbusted

I know that slave has been masturbating up a storm lately, and his cock and balls are desensitized from watching porn for hours. I decide to do him a favor and beat them back into shape so he can feel again. He has a bungee cord tied to his cock and balls and I start by leashing him around, pulling on them and even using the cord as a workout cable. I start by ball slapping, squeezing, kicking, & kneeing him in heels, then switch to harder kicks barefoot because I really want to hear and feel the impact against my feet. I make slave worship my feet and then decide to turn it up a notch and kick, knee and squeez him even harder. His wailing turns me on and I feel little pity. After all, his cock belongs to me and it amuses me to see it get hard during all this abuse. When he drops to the ground, I continue to kick him. I even trample him barefoot on the balls, putting my entire body weight where it hurts the most. I end by dropping him (again) to the ground with a solid kick and inform him that the bungee cord is going back on. I think he's finally got his feeling back...


Length 0:11:40
BTC special $ 9.99