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His Hungry Cock

Newbie wannabe slave comes to me hoping to impress me. He is hooded, bound to my bondage chair and his cock and balls get crushed by a humbler. I tease him with my latex clad body and introduce him to urethral sounds. Once his cock is open the possibilities are endless...


Stupid hungry sissy

TS Staci and I have been humiliating my sissy slave.  I'm filming this video and talking to Staci and humiliating the slave.  Sissy is made to wear a very stupid looking latex mask with big red lips which make it impossible to talk but easy to suck dick.  I've trained sissy to be a hungry cock whore and she works very hard deepthroating TS Staci's huge cock...sucking all the protein out of her.  Sissy is rewarded by licking Staci's ass and balls and being allowed to cum.   

Hardcore Cuckold part 2

The humiliation of my husband continues as I force him to watch me receive a real man's cock in various positions while we call him a limpdick, faggot and other names. I get fucked very hard and deep and only take breaks to torture my cuckie by sitting over his face to show him my swollen freshly fucked pussy lips. Collared and chained he gets to be up close, personal and tea bagged by my bull while he pounds me. I finish with giving my lover a blowjob and spitting his load into my husband's mouth for him to swallow. Marriage is a wonderful thing when it's done right:-)

Hardcore Cuckold part 1

My husband gets to watch me pleasure another well endowed bull and this time I humiliate him to the extreme. Cuckie is collared chained and forced to lick my shoes and stockings while wearing lacy panties. For the first part I ignore him while sucking and fucking my bull, but I also get huge pleasure by smacking my cuckold in the face, spitting my lover's precum in his mouth, calling him my faggot and comparing his tiny penis to my lover's huge dick. In this clip I get fucked harder than I ever have on film in various positions, and my bull also participate in the verbal degradation of the cuckold asking my husband to sniff his ass while watching his wife get fucked hard. I loved filming this and was highly entertained while editing afterwards. There is nothing easy about pleasing me ;-)

He needs more CBT

n this extremely vicious medical procedure my patient is "treated" by Myself and Mistress Kandy. Since his lobotomy he hasn't been able to get hard.  We decide that needling of the genitalia might help.  Wearing our sexy latex outfits I facesit him full weight while we torture him using clamps, a urethral sound and many needles. Kandy sticks a needle in between her teeth and makes multiple puntures. All in a day's hard work!

Mesmerized into sucking dick

You are a stressed out married man coming to us for help. Mistress TS Staci and I ease you to take deep breaths and get you into the most relaxed state. We know what you have been supressing and we seduce you into a deep trance with our sexy stares, soothing voices and the swinging of a shiny little pendulum. Before long, you are free of inhibitions and Staci shows you her big cock. Your mouth is relaxed and open and you find yourself unable to say no to our directions. Deep throating a transsexual's cock while under our spell is your path to peace, happiness and submission.

Gangbang for Me, Cleanup for you

Cuckie you know that party I've been so excited about? It's actually an organized gangbang party at a swingers club and no you're not invited. Maybe next time. Enjoy your frustration in chastity. Look at my soon-to-be-fucked pussy and ass and clean my dirty sexy heels before I head out. If I'm not too sore from all those massive cocks I'll let you clean me when I get home. Continue serving me and you shall be rewarded.


Drink My Coffee

I've been shooting fetish videos all day, drinking coffee and wearing a stiff corset which puts a ton of pressure on my bladder. I notice you watching, hungry with your mouth open. Get down, keep your mouth slave and take all my nectar. You will taste my double filtered coffee and it will give you energy. Afterwards you will have to clean the floor with your tongue until it is spotless.

Do you enjoy our bath time, hubby?

I love alternating between cruelty and kindness towards my cuckold husband, and make him suffer to the max for moments of intimacy and tenderness. While I make him massage me in the tub I smother him with my hands, breast and ass... While I cuddle him I quickly get him body scissors while covering his face with my hands. I tell him all about my hot sex dates with other men. Maybe he can't hear while he is submerged...

Feet Balls and Cum Loads

TS Staci, myself, Kandy Kink and Koi Erotica subject a lucky slave to having his dick sucked by another slave, while servicing our feet, another slave's, and another TS Domme's feet. (He can't tell the difference between men and women's feet under that hood of his!) The lucky slave also gets teabagged by both TS mistresses, and is rewarded with a juicy cum load from the redhead TS domme. Lots of hard dicks, pre-cum and humiliating activities for all slaves involved!