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The Final Squeeze

I know how desperate you are to have sex with me and feel my legs around you. How about I restrain you before I fuck you? Do you also like leather gloves? Good. This way I will leave no prints. Stick your head between my legs and ass cheeks. Enjoy this while you can as I decide whether to finish you off with an air or blood choke. I'm going to put you to rest over and over until you don't wake up. It is an honor to have sex with me, but you will be paying for it with your life.

Length 0:12:55
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Catholic Cuckolding ~ Full Version

This clip is better than the Original Sin: The Archbishop is fucking me, Step-Sister Jasmine, hard and deeply while Step-Father Joseph is made to lick my ass and whatever dribbles of spit and precum he is fortunate enough to get. The Devil ( Mistress Bijou Steal ) and I humiliate the Step-Father while she sips her drink and fans herself and watches the show. I feed the Archbishop's cum to Step-Father Joseph and lock him in chastity for an eternity! Serves him right for being a sinful masturbation machine.

Length 0:15:45
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Hot Tub Smother

What starts off as a relaxing massage in an outdoor tub quickly turns into hardcore breathplay when I wrap my legs around his neck and scissor him. Using his face as a cushion for my naked ass also works wonders. I just hope he can hold his breath for a long time...

Length 0:04:51
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Ballbusting Forest Gimp

My step-brother was instructed to clean the house before my girlfriend's visit but once again, he stayed up playing video games and forgot his duties. I take him out to the woods to remind him the importance of his obedience and give him the ultimate ballbusting punishment. I give him many vicious knees, kicks, and slaps to his useless cock. I even grab a stick to cane his useless family jewels. His cock gets trampled, kicked and trashed until he falls to his knees, dry heaving in agony but I'm still not impressed. No girl at his school will want to date this freak after watching this video and I will be showing it to all his friends and teachers to humiliate him. He will now do all the chores in front of my friends but only after we all ballbust him together. A must watch for lovers of extreme ballbusting!

Length 0:08:26
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Sunday Afternoon at the Resort

Sunday afternoon at the resort of Cap d'Agde: This is a nude village in the south of France, where I met this hot French girl. Our AirBnB came with a St. Andrew's cross and so I moved it out on the patio, got us dressed in latex leotards, and tied her to the cross... Full behind-the-scenes fun latex bondage shoot.

Length 0:08:47
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Medical Waste

You are desperate for money and see an ad online for paid medical experiments. You show up at a creepy location and I'm there to check you in. As you start having second thoughts, I put a cloth over your mouth and knock you out...You wake up in a cage and find out that I've genetically modified you so now the only nutrients you can accept are from my waste. If you try to eat regular food, you will throw it up. Of course, you will struggle, but soon you will be starving and begging to eat my waste.

Length 0:10:47
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Hope Your Cum is More Real than My Face

It's been a while since you've had an orgasm and the only stimulation you've had is your own hand. The last thing you would deserve is sex from a real woman. I order you on your knees. My subs don't get to cum on me, but tonight I want something specific ... I haven't received a facial in a while, and I want it on my special latex sex face, "Subrina". Of course, you will have to do all the work, and you only get to touch my rubber face. I strip down, put on my mask and tease your cock with my feet. I joke about getting fake rubber feet then order you to jerk off. Then I order you to stop and slap your cock hard. I remind you that you're not even man enough to receive a hand job from "Subrina". Now cum. Hope your cum is more real that my rubber face...

Length 0:08:10
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My Dirty Nylon Bitch

My beautiful nylon feet with dark toenails own you. In this humiliating POV, I make you my lowly foot bitch, fucking your mouth with my gorgeous feet, making you inhale the holy stink they produce. You are my property and you will take whatever I give you. You are welcome.

Length 0:10:13
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Beta Bitch Pay Pig

Thanks for the shopping spree today. I love it when you get a call from your credit card company asking to verify the charges, and obviously I deserve every cent you spend. So you still want to hang out? I dunno, I think all the stores are closed already.....Eww no, of course I wouldn't rest with a gross loser like you! I only use you as my beta bitch pay pig. If you have an issue with it I'm sure your wife would have an even bigger issue once I call her... So apologize for your stupid presumptions and call me an Uber. I got a dick date with a REAL man.

Length 0:06:11
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Open Up to Loving Cock

After examining your charts and reviewing our therapy sessions together, I have enlisted the help of a regression therapist, Ms Staci, to assist me in alleviating your anxiety. We start by relaxing your mind with mesmerizing techniques. Now that your breathing has slowed down, we will open your mind to your deepest desires. TS Staci uncrosses her legs and you can’t help notice her gorgeous cock. Yes, you respond to cock, don’t you? Not with aversion, but with lust. Allow this to happen. We will guide you through tasting your first cock. There is no need to panic, this is why you get a bulge at the gym. You are in tune with your true self- your cock-loving self. By the end of our sessions together, you will no longer get hard for a woman and you will dedicate yourself to honing your cock sucking skills. After several mesmerizing sessions, you have opened up to your love for cock and are leading a happier, healthier life. However, Staci and I are still going to push your boundaries! Today, you will learn to drink. We take turns urinating into a bowl, and your job is to consume the liquid. The liquid in the bowl, and the liquid on the floor! We have such copious amounts of golden nectar; Prepare to be thirsty!

Length 0:20:27
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