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Stockings for Foot Bitch

This is a custom Femdom video in which I make you my personal stocking worshiping bitch.  Smell my sweaty stinky nylon feet. I haven't ever washed these stockings and you can see just how dirty they are when I pick it off my skin.  Watch as I Stick your nose between my nylon toes taking big whiffs until you become addicted. If you don't do a good job you will have to endure some CBT... and I can be very cruel.

Length 0:13:40
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Friends With Benefits

I was so horny during my recent trip to Vancouver and texted my long time lover for a "friendly ride". I love how he tastes and how his curved cock fills me. Lots of juicy POV closeups of my very real late night hotel encounter.

Length 0:13:53
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Cocksucker Blackmailed

Mistress Alexis Kim and I are glad to have you back for another double Domme session.  We know it's hard to top our last encounter when you gobbled up cocks for us and got showered with cum. Who knew you were such a massive cock whore.  Guess what? Our hidden camera recorded everything in high def and I "accidentally" found your entire world on every social media platform. What would your wife think if she saw her closet husband swallow on camera? This is what we will do: Empty your bank accounts and we will make the video disappear.  We are going to Prague and you will be funding every expenses.  Goddesses like us will travel in style. In the meantime suck this giant dildo and open up that wallet.  Or else...

Length 0:08:05
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Addicted to My Legs

I recently shot with professional scissor victim King Mark. Watch how quickly I pacify him with my strong legs. A slow seduction leads to a tighter squeeze until he fades and comes back to life... only to be put down again. Poor guy can't help it as he's completely addicted to my legs.

Length 0:10:48
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Extreme Smother Sex

My new unscripted extreme smother sex video: This victim thought he was visiting me for a sensual smother scene. Once he is tied and blindfolded I wrap my hands around his neck and slip his huge cock inside me, hopping off occasionally to ass smother the daylights out of him. Making him fight for his life while using him for my pleasure makes me so wet. Between edging him with my hands, soles and pussy I take him to the extremes of breathplay pleasure and panic...

Length 0:11:21
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Beating Tornado Todd

Mistress Siren Thorn introduces me to her beta bitch husband, former boxer Tornado Todd.  I've heard all about his disrespect towards women and we decide to teach him a lesson and beat his ass together. Geared up in Muay Thai shorts gloves and shin pads we punch, kick elbow and knee him all over his filmsy body, laughing at him non stop. There is nothing like a double beatdown delivered by two hot Asian ladies who humiliate and dominate non- stop. I laughed so much during this scene and again while editing and reliving it!

Length 0:07:14
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Bathtime Breathplay

My beautiful friend Mistress Siren Thorn and I are enjoying a luxurious candlelit bath together.  We notice you gawking and salivating like a dummy and decide to further tease you with our divine bodies. How can you resist two nude dominatrices inviting you to bathe together?  Of course once you're you will be submerged, scissored, smothered and worse...

Length 0:07:07
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Oink for Oxygen

The office pig is on the floor licking my soles and sucking my heels.  I order him to oink for me and giggle when he does before sitting down and smothering this pig snout with my pussy and ass. When he start to kick for air I remind him that I will only left him breath before if he oinks and snorts.  After all he's pig and that's what they do!  He’s trying hard to be pig of the month and he wants his portrait in the hall like all the other pigs.  This employee is in chastity as well and his wife knows I'm holding the key while pushing his facesitting limits.   So she worked out a deal with his wife to hold the key.  Hopefully he will work harder as a result and maybe even bring home more money.   Don’t you wish you worked for me?

Length 0:06:15
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He Likes it When He Can't Breathe

After a brutal knockout in a scissor session, The Scorpion submits to some facesitting by me in my nude pantyhose. I also smother him with my boobs and tease his cock with my feet. All this oxygen deprivation is giving him a boner, so I scissor him in a reverse scissor hold while giving him a hand job. Big cum shot at the end. I enjoy subs with my body! 

Length 0:10:13
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Royal Double Knockout

My new masochist has gone through rigourous training including trampling & ball busting. His hands and legs are now bound and I start with hand over mouth wearing leather gloves and realize that since leather is porous he can still I pinch his nostrils and continue. Quickly I move to scissorholds with with my strong legs and I know he won't cheat this time. Nor could he ever talk back. I scissor him hard facing front and back and even simultanously with my gloved hands over his mouth. The good news is I don't knock him out right away and the bad news I keep him on the edge of passing out and make sure he struggles in the process...he ends up knocked out twice during scissoring in this video.. and getting facesat at well! This completely unscripted session includes some behind the scenes reality stuff I normally would cut out. Enjoy :-)

Length 0:09:15
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