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Sweet treat for house bitch

Lady Bellatrix is visiting me from London and I introduce her to you, my house bitch. Not only do you do all the domestic chores you also help me prepare for sessions and shoots. There is a bunch of cold watermelon on the counter top perfect for this hot Summer day. We chew it up, spit it out, and it feels so refreshing oozing between our toes. Its your turn to eat house bitch, and you will dine off the floor.

Post gangbang sloppy seconds

I come home in the morning after a long night of debauchery. You are locked in my trample floor with a waiting with a hardon thinking about all the cocks that were in me. I take my high heels off and make you worship my feet, heels armpits, and cum filled pussy while I tell you about my night. The neighbours must think you're a loser when your wife stumbles home every Sunday morning looking the way I do. Now hurry up and clean me properly before the next man comes to fuck me, cuckie.


My ass is your lullaby

This was a custom clip and the subject's name was used only once: Have you given any thought to what your final wish is? I think it will be to get knocked out by my powerful smother. The last thing you see will be my pussy and asson your face which is not a bad way to go. Practice burying your nose in my thong now. Hold your breath as long as you can and I'll take your breath away too. You must outlast all of your previous facesitting challenges and do better for me. Get ready for your nap... sweet dreams.

Bend over pip squeak

The new slave is on his way to getting castrated and currently in a very tight humbler.  I order him over my knee and being spanking him.  Of course the harder I beat his ass the better it is for him.  Gradually I work up the impact and switch to paddles... watching him kick thrash and scream amuses me greatly.  He nearly rolls off me but I get him to get back into position.  I switch the paddles from plastic to solid wooden.  The drama queen falls to the ground but gets no pity from me.  I continue with him on the floor.  Long story short I make him cry and have never heard from him since this shoot. Lots of giggles from me.

Penis Reduction Surgery

Penis reduction surgery is a rare procedure and it sure worked on this patient. A few final tests are necessary before he can be released. Raevyn Rose and I love torturing men when they are helpless and pacified. Using sounds, clamps, needles humbler and a cruel spike cock ring we don't hold back on this small dick man. Can he cum through all the pain with my stroking? If you are a fan of CBT you will love this video.


They're disgusting and dirty

I always have a blast when Lady Bellatrix comes to visit me from Europe. Today we are talking about the dirty and disgusting men who come our way. We are dolled up for a sex party and our slaves are confined to the dungeon. We watch them through our surveillance camera on our phones and zap Lady Bellatrix's slave with a remote controlled app. Most men are beta cuckolds who nevertheless can entertain us. Maybe you will be next!

Coffee and asparagus breakfast

TS Kira Kandella and I have full bladders- Coffee for her, water and asparagus omelette for me. Be our toilet as we expel our liquids. Salty and bitter- and lots of it! 


I think he likes it

My contractor kept complaining about the pain in his hands while laying my floor. I decide to help him forget about his delicate hands. With him restrained in stocks I cane, kick, punch and knee his balls. I notice him getting hard. Is it because he is swollen from me grabbing and twisting his balls like a pretzel or is it because he is aroused? Whats the difference anyways? I whack him really hard with a leather paddle and ask him whether he prefers the studded or smooth side. I tease him by giving him giving a hand massage and rubbing my ass against him. Next him he slacks on the job I'm using a hammer. When I finally make him say his safe word I unbind him and make him kneel on all fours and bust him hard from behind. I love the sound of balls slapping against my high heeled boots. This is one of my longest and most brutal ballbusting clips.


Beatings will continue

Miss Xi and think our employee is disgusting, and we have so much dirt on him. We know he is desperate to make ends meet and that his wife would divorce him if she knew about his online activities. We make him bend over the desk and we take turns caning and cropping his ass until he screams and cries while make us beat him even harder. This loser will work over time everyday this week. I order him to the ground where he is told to kiss our feet...this is going to be a long week.

Whispering Medic

I whisper slowly to pacify you as you are going into surgery. You are terrifled of pain but rest assured that I will take care of you and minimize any discomfort. I have reviewed your medical history and you are in the very best of hands. Just listen to my whisper and visit your happy place. I tease you with my body, occasionally snapping my latex dress and slowly opening a long biopsy needle...