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Shiny Breathplay

This is what I'm going to do to you... tie you up, make you worship me my shiny latex, and smother you in every possible way. There is absolutely no escaping my opera length gloved hands over your mouth, or around your neck. I will put you to sleep gradually and painfully and enjoy watching your squirm every second along the way.

Length 0:11:01
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Hypno Cuck

You notice that I'm much happier than ever before. I used to feel really down like I was missing out, but lately I started seeing a new man who has revived my libido. At first I felt guilty but then I discovered your porn collection and see that you also like big juicy cocks! Maybe that's why you're were always avoiding me and jerking to porn leaving me dissatisfied. Don't worry I won't break up with you. Just stare at my large golden tooth. Move your eyes from left to right. Take a few deep relaxing breaths. You will find peace in my seeking hotter men. You are a cuckold and you will suck cock for your girlfriend.

Length 0:10:38
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Hard Cocks Don't Lie

My slave is retrained to the cross and to take repeated, kicks, punches and knees to the groin. After a little interrogation slave reveals his age, 27, and that he has been jerking off to my porn for years. So I give him 27 hard kicks at the end for his age. Despite all his painful moans and groans I know he loves it. Hard cocks don't lie.

Length 0:08:50
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Sweat Heaven

This custom video is appropriately titled Sweat Heaven. Gorgeous Mistress Sadie joins me to humiliate you with our extremely pretty and sweaty feet. We talk about our previous adventures with you while comparing our feet and ordering you to worship us. Countdown to the finish line!

Length 0:07:14
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Good Taste in Men

This is slave Johnny Banana's first cuckold experience ever: He is naked and ignored in a human cage on wheels while I devour my lover in my sexy new lingerie.  Watch through the plexiglass while I get pounded hard.  The scene ends with a long delicious POV blowjob and a face and mouthful of cum.  Since sharing is caring...

Length 0:19:34
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Cuckie's Maid Café ~ Full Version

I know all about your cardboard box of secrets and credit card statements of shame. Your job and marriage are on the line and you need a confidante to help you through this double life. I can't possibly do this job forever; what l need is another raise and a new credit card to support my crypto and real estate investing. Do we have an understanding? Great. Another thing... I'm taking your wife on a date along with my lover. I've been fucking him and adding his sperm to your coffee.  

I was trying to help you with your testosterone problem but that obviously isn't working.  What will help is ME making your wife happy ... Using my Mistress cock and my lover's cock at the same time.  I'm your blessing in disguise, and you're my bitch.  Now put this cage on and drink up.  Aren't you glad you hired me?

Length 0:30:19
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Luxury Foot Pamper

My domestic servant has made me a perfumed bubble bath and added petals. He is always thinking of unselfish ways to please me and I reward him for it. I show off my long toes and perfect soles, wrinkling them to tease you. I instruct you on how to massage and worship my feet, and then halfway into it, I call in my slave to demonstrate how it's done. What a loyal little pet.

Length 0:10:58
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Garden Slave Test

In my sheer lingerie, lounging on my patio, overlooking a beautiful garden: Of course you want to be my personal servant, but what skills can you bring to the table? Are you a "dirty" slave? I am a high-maintenance Domme and your training will begin at the very bottom and maybe if you are really good, I'll reward you. But in the meantime, I'll humiliate you and work you like no other.

Length 0:06:27
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Sisters of Ass Destruction

You are a young Christian boy holding on desperately to your virginity. We know you are a conflicted horndog, though, also wanting to explore your twisted desires, and the Sisters of Ass Destruction are here to help you. We tease you with our array of cocks, which will stretch you out but also preserve your virginity (technically), and if you fuck yourself enough, you'll reach that orgasm button in your prostate...

Length 0:09:52
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Naked Nuru Time

After unlocking James from his chastity device, I got naked and poured nuru gel for a full-body sensual massage. This video is all about non-stop teasing with my wet slimy ass and tits between handjobs and footjobs. I eventually let him cum on my perfect wrinkled soles.

Length 0:18:55
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