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Forced Bi Wedding Night - Full Version

This is the ultimate wedding night video: My new slave husband has been locked in chastity and saving it for me for a very long time. Tied to the bed and desperate for a release, I inform him that he will finally get unlocked and get to cum and that I have a surprise: Another slave is led to the bed collared and chained and will be performing the dirty deed. Slave is made to give a long, mean blow job to my groom. Although my groom has never been with a man, he is tied up and so desperate to cum he gets an oozing hard-on from the fluffing. I decide that since it's our wedding night, my husband will get sex after all, but only for a minute! I ride his big cock for a minute reverse cowgirl and a minute or so facing him. Then I hop off and stick his cock in my other slave's mouth Just as my husband can't hold back from my stroking him anymore, I let go of his cock and ruin his orgasm completely. Slave #2 is ordered to lick him clean, and husband goes back into long-term chastity. This wonderful marriage is off to a very romantic start!!!
Length 0:15:48
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Croque Cock

I'm obviously not like the other maids. I don't clean but I do motivate you to be healthier so you have the energy to earn more and give me more. Unfortunately, lately you're getting fatter and sloppier by the day. Not eating my prescribed low calorie meals, and leaving a trail of crumbs. Your messy lifestyle is reflected in your physique, your internet searches and credit card statements. Good thing I'm more than solutions oriented...
Length 0:11:05
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Devirginized by My BBC

I love it when my subbie clients say they can take "anything" from me. This guy has submitted to me a handful of times but never taken a strap-on before. Today in my Toronto hotel, with my friend Siren Thorn filming us, I decide to officially deflower him with my BBC. It won't be easy, but he will be addicted to cock before he even knows it!
Length 0:08:56
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Best Carrot Cake

This was filmed on the fly during a DC visit. While I ass smother him nude, I also devour an amazing carrot cupcake. A few smacks to the balls and deep ass worshiping while that cake slowly works its way through me...dessert is served.
Length 0:06:11
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Greg the Cuckold

This unscripted POV clip was made for a slave of mine :-) My lover and I are in bed teasing you for being small and pathetic. I tell you to follow my lead and worship his cock, balls and ass and to say thank you to both of us. I make you worship my sweaty ass and pussy as well, since your job is to fluff us both. We begin to go at it while occasionally pulling out to make you kiss and lick our juices off. Your submissive face belongs underneath us. Clean his cum off my fingers and your job is done :)
Length 0:14:05
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Got Milk

Enjoy my one and only lactation themed video: My girlfriend Mutiny demonstrates some fantasy wrestling moves, starting with a surprise bear hug, but I quickly get on top of her and grab her big milk filled breast. Just imagine being sandwiched between us on the bed. Lots of breast grabbing, twisting and breast smothering. Mutiny surprises me with an abundant milk shower in the end... My first one :-)
Length 0:10:45
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Electro Sissy Puppet

The Ginger Idiot gets warmed up : Restrained by her puppet strings in subspace silliness, I zap her clit and pussy with remote controlled pulsating sensations. Little does she know what I'm making my electro sissy puppet do on livestream...
Length 0:12:08
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Double Domme with TS

This completely unscripted/unplanned clip was captured during a real life session. My sissy bitch's first ever experience with a Shemale. Wearing breast forms, slutty pink crotchless panties and a matching pink chastity device, sissy bitch gets pounded and spit-roasted by TS Nancy and my own Mistress cock. Sissy squeals and moans a bit much so I gag her with my perfectly pedicured toes. A ruined orgasm makes the perfect humiliating finish and sissy gets rewarded with a mouthful of her own jizz.
Length 0:09:42
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Wedding Stocking Worship

After a long day of wedding photos and dancing in uncomfortable satin heels, I cannot wait for you, my new husband, to pamper me.  You will show your devotion my way: By worshipping my lace top, white stockings and feet.  We have a long night ahead, and you will be pleasing me this way for years to come.  Go ahead; open your mouth...

Length 0:09:24
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Foot Bitch Tastes His Own Cum

My girlfriend Koi Erotica and I challenge our foot bitch to massage and lick our feet at the same time. What makes him harder: Sucking feet or sucking dick? We aren't sure: He gets a raging boner for both! I massage his cock with my feet, and give him a foot job. The more he licks Koi's feet, and the more I rub that cock, the closer he gets to orgasm. Finally, he cums on my feet while he's servicing Koi's feet. Good little multi-tasking foot bitch! Of course, he has to lick his jizz off my beautiful feet. 

Length 0:08:19
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