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Sheer Hose Footjob

After a day of abuse it turns me on to see that you can still get a hardon.  I love seeing your precum drip after youve been smothered, scissored and trampled. A real man will still have energy after taking all this pressure. Wearing only nude sheer pantihose I tell you I still have more challenges.  I may or may not let you cum but I will continue stroking your frustrated dick.  I lean back and stroke your hardon using my sexy nylon feet.  If you do cum you will eating it off my hose since I don't like messes.  Although you are new to all of this you can't resist the power of my feet.  Big juicy cumshot to finish.

Rigor Mortis

If you enjoyed my clip "Girlfriend Experience" you will love this video. My sex slave is tied to the bed with his head squeezed between Mistress Kandy and my ass cheeks.  She instructs him to worship my ass while I tug on his bound cock and balls.  He is already marked from our earlier ballbusting and cbt.  While facesitting him I decide to fuck him and fuck him up. I ride his cock hard while Mistress Kandy scissors the life out of him.  The only requirement for him is to stay hard while we put you to sleep.  Multiple knockouts through scissorholds and hand over mouth by both of us.  We decide to punish him for not staying hard while he falls asleep by punching him in the balls and while he wakes up from dreaming.  There is no escape for this sex slave.  Rigor Mortis is the only answer :-)

Public Beach Duty

I'm walking along a beautiful Vancouver beach with my slave close by kneeling in the sand.  I lie down on the beachblanket he has prepared for me and I order him to massage my feet. People are seen walking past us while I luxuriate and I know he loves showing his devotion to me to the world.  I love being in pretty surroundings having my perfect feet pampered and worshipped. Generally slaves don't get let out of the house but good house slaves get field trips like this one, and besides there stuff to carry.  Slave gets rewarded with sand between my toes.

Protein For Cuckie - Full version

I love getting my pussy stretching out by my lovers ...after all I could never get fucked like this at home by my cuckold hubby. I clap my hands and order cuckie to crawl across the hotel room floor, and to lick my ass while I continue fucking my stud. My useless cuckold has a tiny penis and I prove it by comparing both cocks in my hand. With cuckie underneath me he gets a close up sticky view of what he will never enjoy with me.  My lover takes me harder than ever from behind and cums all over my ass cheeks, asshole and cuckie's face. Cuckie proves his worth by licking every last drop off me. 

Prison Cuckold ~ full version + bloopers

This is a combination of Prison Nurse Cuckold parts 1 & 2 plus a funny behind the scenes extra at the end: I am a twisted prison Psych Nurse dressed in tight latex with a huge appetite for torture and sex. My female prisoner gets locked in a bondage cage and made to watch through the bars. My chained male slave is forced to wear painful hand traps which screw into his fingers as he is a chronic masturbator. I make him lie face up on a stool by the cage, lift my dress up and force him lick my ass while smothering him. Once I'm properly warmed up a well endowed guard enters my pussy in doggystyle over the slave's face and starts to pound me hard and long. Between switching positions I finger myself and feed my juices to my sexually frustrated male slave, giving him a taste of what he can never have, and all in view of my female prisoner. My stud continues to fuck me hard on top of the cage, making me scream and moan, and he even steps on the male inmate. I take a break on slave's face making him lick my juicy pussy before continuing getting pounded over his chained body and face. While giving my lover a blowjob I force my cuckold to open his mouth and taste my lover's precum from the source. The scene ends with a explosion of jizz all over cuckie's face hair and mouth. What a lucky slave! 

Pantyhose Toilet Bitch

You belong underneath underneath me as I know your weakness: Me wearing only sheer sandal foot pantyhose with a very full bladder. I tease you with my feet, legs and ass and order you to open your mouth wide and consume all of my warm delicious golden nectar. Your next task is to lick and suck my pantyhose clean. My toilet bitch will love the great closeups and angles to this video almost as good as the real thing.


My socks insoles and feet

After a long day of flights and airports a long sweaty gym session is what I need to feel alive.  So what makes you alive? Don't act like I don't know.You are imagining the heavenly smell of my feet.  To get to them you will have to work through my sneakers, insoles and well worn socks. Eventually you earn your way to cleaning my feet thoroughly 

Hungry hungry cocksucker

This crazy video is an excerpt from the latest Dommes Gone Wild Party. (For more on this party, go here: Dommes Gone Wild) TS Staci, Koi Erotica, Kandy Kink and myself have two slaves service each other. The first slave is held trapped between Kandy's thighs while Kimono slave sucks his dick. Kimono slave has never deep throated before and is forced to go the distance! Meanwhile, the slave getting his dick sucked is subjected to nipple torture, face sitting and some foot gagging. No rest for he who receives a blowjob! Finally, the lucky slave is made to suck Staci's dick and proves his worth by swallowing her load! What next for the slaves? Golden nectar time! 

His Hungry Cock

Newbie wannabe slave comes to me hoping to impress me. He is hooded, bound to my bondage chair and his cock and balls get crushed by a humbler. I tease him with my latex clad body and introduce him to urethral sounds. Once his cock is open the possibilities are endless...


Stupid hungry sissy

TS Staci and I have been humiliating my sissy slave.  I'm filming this video and talking to Staci and humiliating the slave.  Sissy is made to wear a very stupid looking latex mask with big red lips which make it impossible to talk but easy to suck dick.  I've trained sissy to be a hungry cock whore and she works very hard deepthroating TS Staci's huge cock...sucking all the protein out of her.  Sissy is rewarded by licking Staci's ass and balls and being allowed to cum.