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Devoted Shoe Whore

Thanks for buying me these gorgeous heels. I wore them out once on a date, and now you're going to return them to brand new condition! Use your tongue and whip out your dick. I'll help you along with a countdown. If you don't cum at the stroke of one, you'll have to buy me a new pair! 

Saving Trump: Part 3

The summit wraps up as Bishop Harddick and Trumpstrike a compromise. Trump shows off his cock sucking skills as the Bishop's dick gets uber hard. Still, the Bishop needs his own right hand to cum into Trump's mouth. Trump obliges, swallowing the entire deal. Finally Russia and Sister Koi Erotica finish Trump's humiliation by jerking him off and making him swallow his own load as well. His hair remains intact throughout. It is the only part of him that survives the embarrassment unscathed. Epic cum shots from both parties. 

Saving Trump: Part 2

The Summit continues as Trump's pussy is invaded by Bishop Harddick. Surprise, surprise, Trump is a tight ass, so the going is rough for both parties. Sister Koi Erotica and myself mediate the proceedings. Will they reach an agreement, or are we to expect more right wing blasphemy?

Saving Trump: Part 1

Politics and religion DO mix. This is a secret summit between Trump, Bishop Harddick, Sister Koi Erotica and myself, a Russian spy. Everyone knows that powerful men are very competitive. Trump and the Bishop both get hard as Trump sucks off the religious man. Compromises must be made to make America Strong Again. Russia is kept pacified and the Vatican is made happy by Trump's sucking skills. Russia makes a bold move and probes America's back door without Trump's permission. The summit goal is to get the Bishop's dick hard enough to loosen the Presidential pussy. Negotiations continue.  

Dirty Stocking Licking Whore

This loser doesn't deserve fresh stockings. Instead he gets to show the world what a dirty licking stocking whore he is by servicing my sweaty (and torn) hose. I've been giving foot jobs in this gunky pair, and this dirty stocking licking whore is gonna suck out all the pre cum. I wipe my soles on his face, stick my feet in his mouth and egg him on with verbal degradation. What's next? My friends are coming over, and the whore's face will serve as a mat they rub their stinky feet on. 

Peeping Tom Swallows P

You barge in on me while I'm about to take a leak. How predictable. You want me to get angry at you. Well, I have something better to do: Make you swallow my piss while you stare at my pussy. And you're going to jerk off while you're doing it! Hahaha.....It's the only way I could ever imagine watching whip out that little dicklet!  


Panty Thief Eats Shemale Cum

My litte bro gets caught stealing TS Staci's panties.  We have ballbusted, him and had him whipped by a male Dom and now we have him on his knees wearing the panties.  We instruct him to suck Staci's cock and to lick her balls.  Staci comments on how obedient he is and that he definetly sucked cock before this which doesn't surprise me. We threaten to ballbust him if there's teeth and slap his face with her cock.  We talk about taking pics and showing them to the rest of the family.  A humiliating facial cumshot with cum eating and panty gagging in the end.

Latex Bondage & Facesit

Hot video featuring me and my latex slave. He's bound and helpless while I tease and smother him in my transparent latex. Lots of of breast and ass smothering, and some electro-play. I finish him off with a hand job. Big cumshot at the end! 

Cuckie Bitch Boy Gets Turned On



My sexy girlfriend Siren Thorn and I discuss our sexual encounters with real men while her pathetic sub listens in. He's locked in chastity and told he will be fucked with Siren's strap-on. Or maybe he will fuck his Tera Patrick Fleshlight.......and lick his own cum out of it. Or maybe he gets to lick Siren's lovers cum out of her pussy. We taunt him with stories of ass fucking, going to swingers clubs, etc. Bitch boy gets so horny Siren unlocks him and orders him to stroke while sucking her strap-on. His little dicklet is at maximum size, which is still mini, and we give him a countdown from 10. Lots of humiliating and sexy verbals, and us laughing at bitch boy's pathetic cock. For more of Siren Thorn, go here:

Bound for Abuse

I subject my bound slave to all sorts of abuse: Face slapping, ball kicking, cock slapping, spitting in his mouth and making him lick my sweaty pits. Meanwhile, I discuss other possible uses for his mouth. This slave is an apt receptacle for bodily fluids......He is finally reduced to tears, which really makes me smile! By the end of the clip, his dick is so chaffed I offer him a piece of pineapple- then decide to rub it on his wounded cock! TLC for abuse well taken.