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I Own His Entire Liife

My new slave in training has endured a lot of corporal punishment and trampling from me today.  Now I will reward him with the most difficult challenge of them all: breath control with my ass. I scrape my nails over his cock and give him the ultimate taste of smothering between stroking his hard cock and nipples.  I own his breath, I own his cock, his body, his orgasms, his entire life and I could make it all end for him right there and now. I switch positions and grind his nose against my long and how hard will he suffer to be held down by my pussy and ass?  Can he cum without oxygen? 

Earn the Right to Suck Dick

Suck our heels first wow us with your deep throating skills before you get to work on Staci's cock! Our shoes are grimy and my feet- which you will sniff- have just performed a foot job. You want dick so bad you'll take all the humiliation we dish out. Maybe, just maybe, Staci will let you touch her dick. 

Pool Lessons with Bob

This is a funny behinds the scene outtake of my Cuckie Meets Pool Boy video.  After cuckie gets a load of cum from my ball I order him to remain on the table while my videographer Bob (of Bobs T Girls) gives me a mini poollesson.

HOM in Dentist Chair

My victim is restrained to a vintage dentist chair and ordered to inhale deeply into my leather gloves.  I walk around him caressing and teasing him and watching him become more and more passive.  I know that leather gloves are his ultimate weakness and between the strength of my hands and my leather turning him to putty he will soon be out.

Ballbusting the Bartender

What happens when my domestic servant messes up a simple cocktail order?  Extreme tongue lashing and severe ball busting to follow, of course.  I deliver hardcore twists, punches, knees and kicks to get my message across.  I start in my high sharp heels and continue barefoot.  I bust him from the front and back, pull his hair, trample his cock and balls, make him cry and remind him that no one will want to fuck him after all this abuse.  Afterwards I tell him to make me another drink.  This time I expect him to get it right.

Ruined Orgasm Ballbusting

My house slave keeps screwing up even with the simplest of tasks.  This time I've had enough and decide to teach him a lesson he won't soon forget.  I start by smacking his cock and balls with kitchen utensils, then kicking, kneeing and tramping them.  I tie them with rope and pull them up towards me so he's upside down.  I stop to stoke him a bit and threaten to bust his balls if he doesn't cum.  Sure enough he can't cum in such an uncomfortable position so I deliver harder blows as promised.  While I facesit him I ruin his orgasm, feed it to him then ballbust him afterwards when he's ultra sensitive. This shoot was non stop fun and includes behind the scenes footage of my videographer cracking up with me.

Getting Rid of It

Being married to you has been a waste of my time, now that I have maxed out your credit cards. All you have left is your little THING. At that little thing is of no use to me- I have my lovers to satisfy me. Your little thing is the reason you bore me. I hate boredom, so I have a solution: Cutting it off. I have just the instrument for this. Question is, how do I proceed? Do I cut off your balls first, then your dick? Right testicle first, or the left? For once, you present me with so many choices.....

Drool Over My Latex

Thanks for buying this hot latex dress. Watch me as I slowly lube it up. Think I'll cause accidents in this outfit? A must for latexlovers! 

Ultimate Sock Worship

Before I left for the gym I discovered your nasty porn stash no wonder my stinky gym socks have been disappearing. Im wearing my super gross socks. You may as well indulge in your fetish and worship my smelly socks properly. In this humiliating POV I tease and taunt you alternating between busting your balls and giving you a sensual foot job.  Become my sock pet.  You've only been waiting all your life.

Gym Perv Punishment

There's always the old perv at the gym checking out the hot women working out. I have singled out a particular perv to endure my ass, pit and foot sweat. When he isn't deprived of oxygen, he is gagged with musty rank old sweat. He is left with my sweaty runners tied to his face. I am doing him a favour. This is the only way he can access a hot woman's body.