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Ruined Footjob

This very juicy clip focuses almost entirely on my lubed up feet and *your* cock. Watch and feel my soles glide up and down your cock. Feel the grasp of my pedicured toes and my high strong arches. Just as you are about to cum though my foot slips and you end up making a huge mess anyways :)

Length 0:06:08
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SPH with Pink Doll

Pink Doll and I enjoy alpha men with big dicks- like the didlo we’re holding up here. As we taunt and humiliate you, teasing you in our skimpy outfits, we can’t help but notice your dicklet getting hard. This is the only attention you get from women- laughs. We describe the sexy night out we’re about to enjoy without you,, as we order you to jerk off. Clean up that droplet after, bitch.

Length 0:07:43
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Maid Controls Pervy Boss Full Version

I recently discovered the weird porn on my boss' laptop. He obviously has deep rooted perversions and a need to submit to a woman's discipline. Stuck on the spanking bench, cuffs and chains I begin with a bare hand spanking. I move onto paddling then my favourite: cropping. The boss is really suffering and welts start to appear when I switch to a solid wood paddle. His behind is turning from pink to red, and the fact that I just might tell his wife about his pervy ways motivates him to continue taking the abuse. Loser has cum dripping from his dick which he will be licking up after his beating. Despite his screams I switch to more and more vicious implements. I won't be doing the housework from this point on, but that's a given :-)

Length 0:05:19
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The Secret Interview

You are summoned into my office for a third interview. In this steamy POV, I strip out of my business suit, revealing a topless corset and panties. Your weakness is immediately apparent: My big tits, my luscious ass and my muscular legs. Which will take away your breath first? As I immobilize you to a chair, you are smothered by my hands and tits and squeezed by my legs. I order you to jerk off as I give you a countdown. Of course, you have to clean up your mess after!

Length 0:13:58
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Panty Worship Lesson

In my classroom the only thing that matters is pleasing me. Today's lesson is in pleasing me through my panties. I lift up my tight black skirt and direct you to sniff, lick and get smothered by my beautiful silver satin and lace panties. A must for panty fetishists! This video was made for my Ebanned auction where the actual panties will be sold. Enjoy:)

Length 0:06:37
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Strong Squeeze, Sweet Dreams

You are back in my Den of Persuasion after a long absence. As I seduce you in topless corset, I inform you that I will be using you to keep my muscular legs in shape. I demonstrate various positions in which I will squeeze the life force out of you. Just know that the pressure of my thighs on your face and neck makes my pussy tingle. You want to please me, don’t you, bitch? After you explode all over yourself from the pressure of my legs, I’m going to finish you off with my ass.

Length 0:10:09
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My Royal Toilet

Are you as thirsty as I am full? Look up at your Goddess and open wide. I'm going to feed you every last drop and use you as human toilet paper after I relieve myself. Filmed pov over a jacuzzi with mirrors and pillars you get a great view and a mouthful!

Length 0:03:22
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Latex Sub Training

I entice you with poppers and a skimpy latex outfit, and yes, my Mistress cock. Suck it bitch, lube it up because it’s going in your pussy next. Another whiff to get you high and helpless, then I lead you to my second cock. It’s mounted on the wall, ready for action. Ever take two cocks at the same time? You’re going to now!

Length 0:12:20
BTC special $ 10.00

My Personal Champagne

I've been waiting for you, my lover, to join me in my hotel room. I ordered a bottle of Champagne which I started drinking without you. I know you are desperately thirsty for a sip but instead of filling the empty glass with Champagne I give you the good stuff... double fermented personal Champagne in a glass. I'm so full from drinking that I decide to give you much more than the glass can fill...more than the bottle. All you need to do is open wide and take whatever I release from my bladder... gulp gulp gulp ;-)

Length 0:04:44
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Double Dick Dolly

Sadistic Mistress XI have always wanted to humiliated a bimbo doll together. We order her to curtsy and lipstick which is a miserable failure. What do you do with a pathetic sissy that's far from a real girl? We put a latex mask on it. Instant improvement and time for sissy bitch to practice sucking our Mistress cocks. There is plenty of work to do before we drop her off at the truck stop! Lots of non stop humiliation by two beautiful Eurasian Goddesses.

Length 0:08:30
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