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Don't be a P poser

Today you are given a rare opportunity to serve two gorgeous latex clad Asian Goddesses.  Siren Thorn and I  tease and humiliate you for your tiny throbbing cock, plug your ass, and make you clean our sexy heels and latex.  Show us what a desperate hungry bitch you are, and how you long to be filled up by our divine nectar. Before you even think about drinking from the source you must drink all our P from this doggie dish. We fill up the dish and even offer you a straw. Don't be a P poser; you're a puppy, not a chicken! 

I wanna fuck him with my heel

Being made to run up and down the stairs with a 10 pound weight to your balls and my myself and Mistress Damazonia teasing and cropping you along the way is the ultimate challenge. Now jump up and down. Subbie is a hardcore CBT slut who can take HUGE sounds larger than his finger. While he is underneath us in bed we decide to fuck his shaft with my high heel boot. Is he going to continue groaning or will him polish my heel with his urethra?

Fantasy Foreplay

I know you fantasize about my mouth and hands on your cock. I know how much you crave to taste my delicious pussy and ass... Wearing latex lingerie watch me kiss, lick, suck and 69 a stud with a huge hard cock. Clip contains no verbals so you can watch like a fly on the wall or imagine that you are with me. This clip is great for cuckolds in training:)

Fantasy Fornication

A continuation "Fantasy Foreplay"Watch me kiss, lick, ride and get pounded HARD by a well hung stud while I'm in latex & fishnets. Clip contains no verbals but lots of moaning so enjoy like a fly on the wall or imagine that you are with me. This clip is fantastic for cuckolds in training too:)

Domestic Foot Bitch

I pull my leashed my naked slave in my loft and up the stairs.  Parading him around like a little bitch amuses me. While lounging on couch I order him to suck my high heels and lick my soles.  I ignore him and explain to you in detail what I seek in a house bitch: versatility decidation selflessness.  Most wanna subs don't possess these qualities to me therefor will never be in his place. While I allow my extremely eager dirty doormat to remove my heels and worship my feet I tease him for having a hardon.  My girlfriend Siren Thorn is coming over soon so it's time to make us drinks...

Cucky Here's How You'll Suck My Boyfriend Off

Dear cucky: My studs are complaining about your lacklustre oral skills. Being included in my sex sessions is a privilege, and one you should not take for granted. If you continue to give mediocre blowjobs I'll simply leave you out which wouldn't be fun would it? I show you my big black dildo and give you detailed instructions and encouragement on how to improve your performance. Lets see some passion...

Remember What You Said

My slave is locked in the trample floor with his vulnerable parts exposed. I warm him up by sticking my sharp stiletto into his nipples, letting him kiss my shoes and pantyhose, and slapping his stupid face with my pantyhose clad feet. His balls are crushed by a metal humbler and I crop begin to crop them. "Remember what you said?" I remind him that in his email he asked for one thousand lashes from me and that I'm not in the mercy business...

Blackmailed into Fluffing

Did you actually think we picked your silly ass up to have a 3 some?! Newsflash: You're naked with your cock and balls tied up wearing lipstick and we've already taken pics of you. You were so easy to find on social media. We've got 2 hunky studs coming and you will fluff them for us before we fuck them, and yes we are filming. This may be your first taste of cock, but certainly not the last. Do a good job on those t juicy salty dicks and you may even get to taste our pussies off them. Say no and we are sharing your pics immediately. Eventually we may even feminize you and charge per head...

Priming Your Rubber Pussy

Today we will have lesbian sex for the first time: I love cuckolding with you with real men and feminizing you.  I was never sexually attracted to you until I started making you wear a prosthetic rubber pussy over your chastity device and underneath your slutty clothes. Today is your lucky since I have a strong appetite for pussy.  After our first lesbian experience I take sexy photos of you and post them online in search of a hot stud to join us both...

Chastity Training Torture

Mistress Raevyn Rose and I humiliate you for your tiny dick. Something like that needs to be castrated, or locked up forever. Too bad they don't make chastity devices in extra small. I tell Raevyn a real story while I show her my metal device and an extra sadistic cock ring with razor sharp spikes. Once it slides on and you get hard there is no way out. Wanna try these devices out? Of course you do. This is the only time you will ever have two hot women handle your cock. As you as you are locked up you find out we tell you about our intentions. It's too late to turn back now...