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Seeking Arrangement ~ part 1

Of all of my sugar daddies you are by far the lamest in bed. I'm so so bored and want to spice things up. Of course you will keep contributing to my expensive lifestyle because I already know all about you, and your wife too. You don't want me to spill the beans do you? You belong to me and will entertain me. Start by worshiping my panties as you grovel on the ground. Smell that? Yes that's the smell of a real man's cum. Going forward the closest you will get to my pussy is through my panties.


Two Sounds One Cock

This masochistic slave has endured a day of at the hands of myself and friends (see CBT Chronicles video) He loves having his hungry holes stretched on camera and so that is how now I'm allowing him cum: with 2 urethral sounds in his cock. I sit on his face in my latex bodysuit telling him what a filthy slut he is, spitting on his cock and finally he cums with the rods in him. Of course he has to lick them clean while I slap his balls hard. I forgot to warn him about the post orgasm ...

Length 0:06:55
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His Aching Balls

My latex gimp waits for me at the top of the stairs awaiting his punishment and my entertainment.  I'm in my latex bodysuit and shiny boots and his crotch is unzipped so I properly ballbust him.  I'm helping him improve as a domestic slave and kicking his balls seems to be working,  I ballbust him front and back and eventually trample his junk with my boots and pantyhose clad feet.  By the looks of his erection this isn't really punishment.

Length 0:06:48
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Ginger Idiot Zapped

My hotel room happens to have the perfect barn doors for bondage. In this unscripted video my sissy slut "the Ginger Idiot" is bound by an ass hook, locked in chastity and repeated electro zapped in the dick via wifi. I tease her by stripping out of my newly gifted lingerie and we discuss getting my credit card, cuckolding, and other real life stuff. I empty my bladder into a bottle and feed her.

Length 0:08:11
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Sissy Cuckie Creampie

This session was filmed by Mistress Ariel Black and during the clip her and I enjoy girl banter and laughs. My husband has been caught reading sissy magazines so I decided to cross dress him. I have no use for him as a man anyhow. I have him collared and leashed in the closet and I make him watch me give my new boy toy a blowjob, I make him lie under me so he can see me get fucked up close and personal. I know my sissy secretly wants to suck cock so I make him suck my lovers cock after its been in my wet pussy. My sissy is also made to suck my lover's balls, swallow his cum, and clean out my pussy afterwards. Every wife needs a sissy cuckie to cleanup the creampie

Length 0:14:12
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Defeat by Feet

You made the mistake of challenging me to a wrestling match and lost miserably. How does it feel to be beaten by a girl?  We made a bet and now have to worship my perfect wrinkled soles in front of everyone at the gym like the weak little bitch you are. Let's have a practice run while I humiliate you non stop... I wanna make sure you can worship smell savour kiss every little detail before I show the world what a huge loser your are. 

Length 0:10:32
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Goddess Worship - full version

I just woke up from napping and summon my slave. He has been locked in chastity for a long time and is chained at the neck to my bed by a huge locking steel collar. I instruct him to worship my legs thighs and pussy while I enjoy a new book on Goddess-inspired home decor… I always starve my slaves before making them service me orally as it ensures that they do a thorough job and remind him that he needs to keep proving his worth. While lying back having my pussy licked I read out loud from the book a few times enjoying myself and ignoring him. His cock is almost bursting out of the chastity device and I use my heel to poke at it before turning over to make him lick my ass.... I tease him with the key to his chastity cage and remind him that he must out perform all my other slaves to earn the privilege of having an orgasm. After I unlock him I torment him with a taste of my wartenburg wheel then proceed to give him a long anticlimactic ruined hand job. His weeks worth of semen spill all over his body and make sure he eats it all before I lock him back up again. This is the life of a chastity slave:) 

Length 0:21:47
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Plague Doctor's Potion

In this interactive meditative video your steampunk fantasy comes true: A busty big-beaked Plague Doctor visits you and begins to calm you with some deep breathing exercises.  I take a good look at you and quickly see what the problem is.  

The good news is that you don't have the Black Plague, the bad news is that there may not be a permanent cure for your particular "abnormality".  What I do have is a beak full of magical herbs tinctures and aromas which will help rebalance the humours put you in a trance.  Now cover one nostril and take a deep inhale with me.  Stare at my rubber mask and perfect body. Become mesmerized as I guide you through your treatment one deep sniff at a time, again and again.

Length 0:12:27
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My Tinder Victim

This date said he liked adventurous, strong women. He got what he asked for! I scissor him in various positions as I search for a better man on Tinder. He gets some face sitting action as well, as oxygen is not something he is entitled to! 

Length 0:06:26
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Animal Instincts

You may have been dominated by a woman before, but you have never been properly taken by a beast with raging hormones and a giant black cock. Not sure if this is your lucky or unlucky day, but you will be resting in my cage in between vigorous fucking and animale nectar feedings. Ive always wanted a prisoner bitch like you...

Length 0:13:01
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