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Masked Vax

You are a reporter and I have invited to THE Office for a private meeting. We have developed a brand new vaccine unlike any other which will revolutionize healthcare; one single dose will protect you against every disease for which a vaccine has ever been created. Of course you have volunteered to be the first recipient! As you are getting injected I mention the extremely rare risk of paranoid delusions and breathe through it. Does this turn into the ultimate seduction? Or does this turn into a Trumpian nightmare? This may go back to a certain golden shower incident...

Length 0:14:15
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Pumpkin Spice Pedicure

Following Canadian Thanksgiving I'm giving you this treat. Watch me dangle my super high heels, clean my feet and stuff your face with my gorgeous toes. I love a soft warm hole to gag my foot with. Eventually I will allow you to cum on my feet, but you'll be eating that cream off your decadent dessert.

Length 0:10:31
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Bound to Suffer

Clad in a hot latex dress, i subject my slave to corporal BDSM. He is restrained to a bench, ass ready to be destroyed. I use floggers, straps, paddles, and a cane until his behind is red and tenderized. He cries out but I show no mercy.

Length 0:27:11
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Masked Spectacles

I wear glasses often and have decided to show off my favourite pairs of for you. However, my kinky muse Subrina will be doing the modelling. Just because my real face is hidden doesn't mean I can't have fun with the new one! I slip on my moulded realistic face mask and try on my collection of designer eyeglasses while telling you why I like each pair and how they feel on my rubber face. Which pair do you think suits Subrina the most? In the end I remove the mask.

Length 0:07:48
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Nurse's Cure

Nurse Kandy and I have discovered a way to treat erectile dysfunction: by sucking an erection! That's right cock cures cock, and a little pain helps the patient too. We lock a slave's head into a prison box, whipping and digging high heels into his skin and show no mercy. Cock cures cock and we have proof!

Length 0:10:38
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Patriotic Trample

This highly entertaining clip was filmed during a real live barefoot trampling session with an Italian tourist. I walk in and jump on the guy, bouncing and dancing. What's missing? A little music. I make him sing the Italian National Anthem, then he sings Englishman in New York. But he's an Italian in Vancouver admiring the sights, the best of which is on and before him right now!

Length 0:04:20
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Cuckolded by Our Juices Full Version

My cuckold slave is wearing bondage tape & high heel shoes and serves as a human sex mattress. He gets humiliated for his tiny penis while I give my well hung lover a blowjob. Cuckie will never ever get to fuck me, but he does get to watch me spread my pussy lips over his face. My lover deeply penetrates me while teabaging cuckie at the same him. I do allow slave the privilege of licking my juices off my stud's cock and even giving him a blow job. He cums all over my ass cheeks and cuckie gets to eat it all up. After all, he needs more testosterone in his diet! Bonus funny behind the scenes blooper included.

Length 0:15:38
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I Like Playing with Dolls

My rubber doll has a big clit. First I lightly her by passing a wartenburg wheel over it. Then I insert a sound to stretch it out. I like my dolls to accommodate toys- or tools, lol! The sound sinks into her clit, making it grow larger as I encourage her with a hand job. I want to stretch her even more, so I insert a thicker sound- this one disappears down her clit without any extra help! The question is, when she cums, can she push the rod back out?......Well, she has a big, juicy cum.....

Length 0:08:59
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The Double Whammy

TS Staci joins me on a completely unscripted ballbusting expedition: Our slave is wearing a leather mask and restrained through stirups to the medical cage. His cock is raging hard and the bondage prevents him from guarding from hard impact to his family jewels. Wearing high heels we take turns slapping, knees and kicking his pathetic cock and balls to the point he is shaking but has nowhere to go. We kick his cock until it is damaged and we need to take a frozen bags of peas to ice it, not because we care about his suffering but because we don't want a mess. Off come the heels and we go even harder, kicking his cock downwards so hard the underside slaps against his balls, and upward so hard the front of his cock hits his stomach until it is red. When this is done by two hot leggy mistresses we call it the Double Whammy.

Length 0:07:41
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Suffer For My Femininity

You are my cum-eating cuckold. In this steamy POV, I outline your financial duties as I seduce you in a barely-there outfit. However, this time, you will be permanently branded with my initials, besides fluffing my bull, and getting T-bagged, etc….Furthermore, I’ll be finishing you off with my strong thighs. When you revive, you will be fed my bull’s cum. A custom video for my VIP cuckold Grunky @grunky ... I look forward to doing all this with you in Montreal soon.

Length 0:08:13
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