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Boot Humiliation with Siren

Siren Thorn and I are wearing our hot leather boots, gifted to us by our boot benefactor. We describe how ww will abuse and degrade you in our footwear, and yes- this involves your dick, bitch! Remember- we want our soles clean. Whatever mess you make, you will have to consume- off our boots. 

Make him hard

Some bitches only get hard when beaten. I have such a bitch bound to a chair, and he is made to endure a blowjob by Bitch B in order to get his dick hardenough to deserve a second beating. My friends Goddess Koi and Mistress Staci assist me in this task. Bitch A gets kicked and punched in the balls to speed up his hard on, while he is also made to suck Mistress Staci’s cock. Bitch B sucks off Bitch A, then blows Staci. Neither of the cocksuckers gets the job done, so we decide to tie them up together with a cock gag. They have no choice but to get each other hard. 

Rude Sailor Socks

I've just come home from a costume party and finally get a chance to take my heels off and show you my extremely well worn socks.  Just like a rude sailor, my over knee anchor socks will wake you up.  Well what are you waiting for? Get to work and suck out all the grime to make my sexy socks look as fresh and clean as new.

Your Reward is My Ass

My new slave in training has endured a lot of corporal punishment and trampling from me today.  Now I will reward him with the most difficult challenge of them all: breath control with my ass. I scrape my nails over his cock and give him the ultimate taste of smothering between stroking his hard cock and nipples.  I own his breath, I own his cock, his body, his orgasms, his entire life and I could make it all end for him right there and now. I switch positions and grind his nose against my long and how hard will he suffer to be held down by my pussy and ass?  Can he cum without oxygen? 

Party On the Edge

I knew you were a closet kinkcter when we met on tinder recently.  Only 3 dates later I have you in chastity and we are getting ready in our hotel room for a sex positive party with my friends.  You have been fantasizing about a dominant woman your whole life and here I am.  I want to move forward with you tonight after we are done grinding on the steamy dance floor.  Your cock will be so heavy with metal and cum and you will experience the most erotic tease of your life.  That cock belongs to me.  We have a big bed and after the party you will suck your first cock.  The front desk guy (who knocks on the door and talks to me during the video) is pretty cute. You want to find your way to my pussy right?  I will unlock you only after your first blowjob. There is no reason to be in denial about your sexual orientation in an environment like this.  No one will judge you when you take that big juicy salty cock for me. I knew you were the one...

It Kind of Get Me Off

As close to my pussy and ass as he can get: Nothing but a thin nylon film! As I facesitting him hard, I inform him I will invite my friend Mistress Damazonia over to sit on my lap while I sit on his face. His dick gets hard from the lack of oxygen, then even harder from the ball busting and slapping I administer. Suffer, slave! It kind of gets me off!

Sock Sucker

Hello loser. I have just returned from sight seeing in Europe and realized I haven't washed my socks all week! They are nicely marinated- just for you! I make you sniff and inhale the dried sweat, then remove my socks. Which do you prefer? My stinky socks or the aroma of my fresh foot? I wonder- what would your girlfriend say if she found your secret sock collection? And what if I told her you only get hard for my dirty socks? 

Make Her Cum

You watch all my videos, but you're obsessed over the ones with Mistress Staci. All you can think about is dick....or her load on your face. Today is your lucky day. Staci is right here with me, and you get to watch as I stroke her dick, make out with her, and get her hot and ready. Your job is to make her cum. After that, you lick up the mess. That includes my . 

Ballbusting Foreplay

Goddess Koi and I have our slaves back to back, hands bound. We are priming them for abuse, and begin by slapping and kicking their balls. The bitches are suffering and we decide that once they hit the floor, their dicks will be flattened under our boots. Lucky slaves! TS Staci joins in the fun, and the slaves sink to the ground. We continue abusing them, removing our footwear to feel their family jewels flattening under our weight. Just when they can't take anymore, they find out this was just the foreplay! 

The CBT Chronicles part 2

The fun continues with penis pumps, wartenburg wheels, sounds and clothespins. Who knew a penis pump makes a great mouth gag? Sometimes hearing these bitches scream gets a little exhausting. Turns out the slaves suffer more when we remove the torture devices than when we put them on. So we have to keep putting them on. Wild and unscripted!