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We Don't Fuck Footboys

My friend Siren Thorn and I have spent the evening dancing in our pumps and brought you home with us to service our feet. Bitch boys like you get to clean the grime off our clubbing shoes, then lick the sweat off our sore feet. We lube up our feet for you and tease you with toe spreads, wrinkling our soles and rubbing our feet together. You get a cum countdown at the end. 


Extract Everything

I facesit my slave in pantyhose, depriving him of oxygen and giving him a boner in the process. Is he more desperate to cum or to breathe? Well, the answer remains a mystery. I give him a hand job, intending to ruin his orgasm, but only a few drops come out. His dick remains rock hard. Clearly, he hasn't been milked of every drop! I will continue to use him as human furniture and extract every bit of cum...


Youthful Rejuvenation Project

Mistress Kandy and I run a special clinic that rejuvenates men through laser and electric shock therapy. Our patient is bound to the operating table and we proceed to zap his dick and the insides of his thighs with electricity. He had confided to us that he couldn't cum, so we decide to punish his cock with hard slaps, punches and knees. To let him experience an erect dick, I drop a sound down his urethra. But ultimately, I know this patient is bluffing about his sexual orientation. His erectile difficulties don't stem from age, they stem from the fact that he fantasizes about dick. I call the doctor over, and he inserts his dick in the patient's mouth. The patient is forced to swallow the load. Cured! 


We'll Bust his Balls and Face

Miss Mutiny and I take turns sitting on our slave's face and kicking his balls while he is being smothered. I add a little bouncing to my facesitting to make it all the more torturous, then Miss Mutiny and I both sit on him simultaneously with our combined weight. Her big booty and my extra weight make the slave suffer even more! Miss Mutiny enjoys her seat so much, she decides to stay put and not get up for several hours. How long will it take for the slave to go to sleep? 

Riding the Thin Man

Mistress Kandy, Goddess Airen and I have one thing in common: We love making human ponies suffer regardless of their size. This poor thinpony gets broken down slowly. Kandy starts by riding him in circles, and after the poor horse collapses under her weight she punishes him by adding 2 more riders: Myself and Goddess Airen. Despite all his grunting and groaning, the feeble pony must move forward with all 3 of us!

Where are Those Two Losers

Mistress Blaze and I subject our shoe slaves to all sorts of disgusting scents and flavours.  They are, after all just slaves who crawl on the floor anyways.  After a day of getting beaten worshipping our dirty shoes isn't too bad.  We summon them in and spoil them with our sticky soles and later on our sweaty feet.  We swap our losers and compare their skills. Do you think you could do better?

Let's Take Him Out in Public

My friend Mutiny and I are chatting in our bra and panties with our feet up on a human stool. Imagine trading places with him: Licking, sucking kissing and massaging our feet all day for hours at a time. Your shoulders and chest serve to rest our legs on while you keep busy. Even though our feet may have stepped on some nasty stuff a slave doesn't complain...

Model My Dirty Stockings

What kind of stocking fetishist are you? Do you like the look, smell, feel.....all of the above? We're gonna take this a step further. You're gonna model a pair of my worn stockings and jerk off in them. Cuz you're the kind of freak that likes to wear them, aren't you? Includes a countdown at the end. Guess who is going to clean up the mess? You are! 

Full Oral Servitude

I've been filming porn and need a little bathroom break. Time for you to worship my sweaty ass and lick my freshly fucked pussy. Full oral servitude also means consuming waste from ass and pussy. I empty my bladder in the tub and force you to drink it, and direct you to lick my front back and thighs clean of droplets and spillage.

Slapped Kicked Ruined

Slave boy slim is bound to my bondage chair with legs spread open. In this brutal humiliating yet sensual video he gets slapped hard in the face, kicked in the balls, spat in the mouth and stoked in between.  Too bad he cant see that I'm bra and pantyless but I smother him with my sweaty boobs to let him know. I enjoy teasing him about the cocks he has sucked while stroking him. Occasionally  I make him smile for the camera.  I make him lick my boots between kicking and punching him in the balls until he cries. His torture ends with an orgasm, a ruined one obviously.