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Suffer for Our Leather Gloves

Mistress Meana Wolf and I are admiring each other's elegant leather gloves: hers are long opera style and mine are tight and short. Not only do they smell and feel delicious on they also serve a useful purpose: for smothering and choking our slaves. We know that you have a weakness for leather gloves and will be our next victim.

Length 0:07:53
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Steel Stiletto Trample

I love my trample workouts. I also love wearing shiny thigh high PVC boots with steel heels. The carpet slave has really pissed me off today so I walks all over its chest, groin and even face. The suffering is disregarded and I continue to it, admiring the deep marks my heels leave all over the human carpet.

Length 0:06:57
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Shower Time with Max Ellis

Watch me soap up my delicious naked body under colourful lights and relaxing shower. I know you wish you could join me in the shower but I know you also get hard imagining all the slippery stuff I'll get up to with a hot, dark and built stud like Max Ellis. My prelude to sex with a real man is the ultimate tease and denial for you.

Length 0:04:36
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Chastity Footjob Extreme

You come over thinking you are just going to receive a sensual footjob from me. When I find out that you have never been in chastity before my devious imagination starts going. This video begins with you locked up with my beautiful blue pedicured toes rubbing up and your tightly caged cock. Teasing you with my soles and ass. I even lick the cage but not you. Enjoy the most extreme footjob ever. Beg to be let out so you can cum all over my perfect feet.

Length 0:24:58
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This Bitch Can Take Big Cocks

TS Staci and I love tag teaming sluts. The slave who is sucking her cock is lacking in skills...maybe a spit roast will motivate him to suck harder? This cock whore takes my strap on easily while Staci and I crop him like the piece of meat that he is. While I thrust my juicy cock in his ass, Staci shoots a nice big load of cum and rubs it all over his face and hair. Don't you wish you were the meat in our sandwich?

Length 0:09:12
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Birthday Cake Trample

Happy birthday darling! I couldn't remember whether you preferred chocolate or carrot cake so I got a little bit of both. I also forgot cutlery but you don't need any. I step into the cakes with my sharp stilettos and make you lick it off my soles and heels. My shoes come off and I destroy the cakes combining the flavours with my feet. Chocolate + carrot = perfect for Easter. Watch as the icing oozes out from between my toes. It feels like a mud spa treatment for my feet. Eat it all up and don't forget to clean up the floor and hit the gym.

Length 0:06:48
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Squirt For Me Piggy

I'm in the garden fucking my gimp with a strapon: I'm in a latex harness and boots, and he's in a full latex catsuit and a pig mask. Not only is piggy going to squirt for me his cum will flow out of the eyes of a demonic hollow urethral stretching device that I used for the first time...

Length 0:06:36
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That would be funny

My latex bodysuit & thigh high boots get pretty damp after a vigorous ball busting session. My rubber gimp has suffered much and is rewarded with the privilege of thoroughly licking my boots and armpits clean while I relax on the staircase.

Length 0:07:10
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Your Caged Cock is My Ashtray

My chastity slave is naked on the patio ground while I tease him with my cigarette taping his hard caged cock with it and threatening to butt it out against his precum. I him to worship my dirty sharp heels and endure several hard kicks to his balls. I love this slave while hes in chastity knowing how much pain it causes him

Length 0:05:04
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Realtor Revenge

During our real estate appointment I notice that you are me checking me out and paying more attention to my red Louboutin heels than the house. I lead you to the master bed and tell you that I have a special surprise. You find yourself tied and punishment for being rude: First I you to lick my eel skin peep toe heels, then I take them off and make you worship the inside of the shoes as well as the well worn red sole. The home doesn't come with a footstool or a bidet, so I'm keeping you bound to worship my smelly stocking clad feet, bare wrinkled soles, sweaty thong and delicious ass. I shove my stockings in your mouth and tell you that I will hide you in the basement if you dare say no to me.

Length 0:15:53
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