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Aged Cum Eating

This intimate and closeup video is an excerpt from a real overnight session I had.  The night before I had made my slave eat a young man's cum for the first time.  I unlock his tiny cock from its minuscule chastity device and make him jerk off all over my perfectly pedicured toes.  Lots of verbal taunting and of course he gobbles up his mess after.  This completely unscripted video is shown from my POV with focus on my feet, hands and the slave's cock and mouth.

Length 0:04:35
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Electro Sissy Bitch

Electro sissy bitch: bring your open mind, prepare your inhalants and plug in your fucking machine.  I'll lock your dick up and edge you with the machine while I use the other end on myself, through my latex bodysuit.  I turn the thrusting speed up when I see that you need a faster, harder pounding, and slow it down when you need a slow, softer fucking.  You will edge yourself and cum while following my every. fucking. command.

Length 0:13:19
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Steamy Hooded Nurses

Are you looking for that magical cure? Mistress Siren Thorn and I are dressed and hooded in latex. Feel your circulation increase as you watch us dance in the shower, playing with each others latex ponytails, kissing and touching our revealing rubber outfits...

Length 0:05:00
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Brutal Bossy Girlfriend

You've done well Cuckie. Dating a woman so far out of your league isn't easy. I keep your pindick locked. You keep giving me gifts, paying my bills and doing my chores. Make no mistake though I am far from satisfied. I'll make you sell your car and live on instant noodles just to give me more. Now take a good long look at what you will never get to touch before you deep clean my apartment. My date is coming soon and we don't want your ugly ass around!

Length 0:06:41
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Shades of Purple

I want my victims to feel the pain and go out slowly. I scissor this slave in various positions, applying body locks and choke holds, and watch him turn various shades of purple. He taps every time!

Length 0:04:19
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Ignored Cuckold

Wanna know what its like to sit at the edge of my bed and be ignored while I enjoy a superior alpha male? Maxellis22 and I make out on my bed. Here's a good opportunity to worship our soles as your foreplay. We enjoy tasting each other before I get on top and ride his delicious BBC facing him and you. Listen to me scream while he pounds me hard from behind... Obviously I've never made those sounds with you before. Watch me stroke his juicy cock and be sure to lick his impressive load off of me!

Length 0:16:31
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The Chastity Challenge

After months of phone calls and distance assignments we finally meet in person for the first time. We enjoy a great dinner and now I'm modelling the sexy lingerie you bought me. I know you've never been locked in chastity before and I also know that you're a chronic masturbator. so you need this more than anything. It may hurt if you think about sex so try not to ok? As soon as I lock your cock up my tone changes and I tell you that I'm keeping you overnight....24 hr minimum as discussed. Likely longer depending on how hard to try to please me. Are you changing your mind after all those phone calls? Watch me drop the key into my cleavage and down against my pussy lips...Too late to turn back as that cock belongs to ME.

Length 0:06:35
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Pleasure Me in Chastity

I wake up from my beauty rest and demand my sex slave to get up and go to work. He has been napping naked on the floor next to my bed wearing a heavy metal collar and chain with matching chastity device. I order him on the bed and make him lick my pussy and ass. I wrap my legs around him head and scissor him while he pleasures me. This is the perfect way to start my day. His cock is bulging out of his cage and precum is dripping. I give him the ultimate caged blowjob while he eats me out. Just to tease him I unlock him to stroke him, then lock him back up. I know he is desperate to cum but it will not happen. I mount him and ride him with the cage still on. Robocock can barely feel me through the chasity device but he can definetly feel me smacking his balls. This is not the type of sex he had in mind but after all the pleasure is always mine.

Length 0:14:10
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So you think you can flex?

This is a custom humiliation clip (no name used) where I mock your little scrawny chest while I flex my strong pec muscles and bounce my full boobs.  Since you are obviously smaller and weaker than me I am going to tell all my Domme friends and show them the miserable flexing video you sent me. Did you think you could flex?  There's zero movement there.. I laugh at you and tell you to get your chicken chest to the gym and come back when you have something to show.

Length 0:10:53
BTC special $ 8.99

The Italian Job Duo - Aftermath

If you enjoyed the Italian Job videos with Ms Kandy Kink you will love this grand finale: The Italian tourist proves to be an extremely durable trample, smother and butt drop slave and doesn't complain one bit after brutal, high energy double domination.  The aftermath is sensual not gentle! I use him as a lounge chair while I read magazine.  Of course Ms Kink joins in on the facesitting action and the bouncing begins again!

Length 0:08:52
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