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Saran Wrap Party

This unscripted video features Goddess Holly, Mistress XI, Mistress Bijou and I having fun one afternoon with a lucky (or unlucky) slave. The victim has no choice but to take, facesitting, hot wax, nipple , tickling (which he hates) and CBT from all of us. The more beautiful Dommes pushing limits the merrier!

Length 0:13:12
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Suck My Waste

I'm wearing sweaty nylons and dirty old heels. You only get to suck my dirty heels which have been in nightclubs, bars and other questionable places. I'm selling these well-worn nylons and heels and you have to pay well for them. This is the only way you will ever worship me. Never in person. Essentially, you can only worship my waste. I tease you with my ass in pantyhose. Sniff it. Watch me empty my bladder through it. You have to buy this dirty hose after I remove them and trample them in piss puddle. Now lick up the puddle and goodbye.

Length 0:05:27
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Ruined Valentines Shower

Guess what I did for Valentine's Day? I spent the day with my loyal subbie and cuckold in training... @Jsnow took my strapon, got his orgasm ruined and received my nectar. Romance is in the air, and all over his body.

Length 0:06:21
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Unholy Feet

This is a custom foot humiliation video for "Nate". My soles are facing the camera and I'm showing off my dirty wrinkled soles and wriggling toes. I'm obviously not your typical nun as I just went to fetish party last night. You will spend days worshipping my feet and maybe I'll release you from your cage...

Length 0:05:17
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Toilet Deal for Virgin

You are my virgin best friend with a huge crush on me. I love teasing you and making you do favours for me. One day I accidentally fart and notice your hard on. I make you admit that you're a closet fart sniffer, and I want to see how far I can go to humiliate you. We make a deal that I will have sex with you if you eat all my shit for the next 3 months. You agree and I lock you in chastity. 3 months later I take your cage off to do the dirty deed but your dick has completely shrunk. I laugh and reveal that you started taking estrogen supplements

Length 0:14:32
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He Needs More CBT

In this extremely vicious medical procedure my patient is "treated" by Myself and Mistress Kandy. Since his lobotomy he hasn't been able to get hard. We decide that needling of the genitalia might help. Wearing our sexy latex outfits I facesit him full weight while we him using clamps, a urethral sound and many needles. Kandy sticks a needle in between her teeth and makes multiple punctures. All in a day's hard work!

Length 0:12:05
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Cum Eating Leather Gimp

You are weak for leather. Decked out in this smoking hot leather outfit. an make you do anything. You will be sucking cock. worshipping my feet and doing any vile task my heart desires. You will gladly swallow cum for me....


Length 0:12:35
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Bible Study Full Version

My eyes are tired from reading the bible and I need a big black blasphemous cock to sit on. Bishop Ellis seems to be popular with other nuns at the convent and I can tell why. That book is so heavy, let's set it on the floor. I lift his robe up and thus begins the kind of religious experience I'm after! Nothing gets me closer to God than having my pussy stretched by a big black blasphemous 10" cock. Grinding and riding up against Bishop Ellis is exactly the type of intermission I need while studying scriptures, and before and after mass. Watch him shoot a huge load over my face and in my mouth. After the confession booth, I want more!

Length 0:17:13
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Diapers for Princess

I know your dirty secret: I’ve seen the porn on your computer. You like to play dress up, but we’re taking things a little further this time. First, a firm OTK spanking, then- yes: a pink princess and hearts diaper. You will wear it, along with a pacifier to soothe you while I make your bum ache. And you will be drinking lots of water……If you wet yourself….Oh well, that’s what diapers are for! You look funny, cute and disgusting all at the same time. And you love every second of it!

Length 0:06:40
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Punishing His Cheating Balls

While he thought I wasn't looking my chastity slave gets caught playing with his cage on the couch and made an excuse about his balls are itchy. I quickly sit on his face and begin to teach him a lesson and scratch his "itch" hard with my nails through the grooves of the cage. While suffocating him with my ass and pussy front and back I slap his cock and balls describe all the ways I plan to punish him. Ginger figging and red hot chilli peppers sliced and inserted into his urethral are a good start. My slave struggles for oxygen through the hard scratches and impact on his jewels. My friend TS Staci has buried the chastity key in the garden and slave will have to dig it out...

Length 0:08:22
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