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My slutty little girl

I seduced into a submissive mindset first, dress you in sexy lingerie, tie up your boy bits then intoxicate you using pawppers.  Inhale deeply again and again.  You know I always liked girls right? Well I'm taking you out to a fetish party tonight.  As the ultimate Goddess of the venue, you see the effect I have on everyone, and you know I want to put you on stage and tease the audience using personal slutty toy.  You will be totally under my control and willing to explore the direction I wish to take you.

Length 0:15:27
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My Shrunken Date

You are a returning sub client desperate to worship me and I decide to shrink you down to 1 inch and tell you how we will be spending the evening together. I'm heading out dancing with my girlfriends and you will be my mini man date. You will spend time between my armpits down to my toes eating my toe jam. I even stuff your little self in my ass under my pantyhose where you will be spending plenty of time cleaning me. I slip you in my pantyhose again and make you toss and turn all the way down to the soles of my feet. I show you my beautiful well worn Louboutin heels Ill be wearing and slip them on. Trapped between the beautiful arches of my feet, the aroma of pantyhose and delicious leather you will never want to leave. I might even keep you longer...

Length 0:12:33
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Gangbang Rehearsal

This is a custom video made for my gangbang slut.  Wearing my chain bodysuit I plunder my Mistress cock deep in the sub's pussy to warm him up.  Our videographer Mistress Siren Thorn and I have invited a group of men over to fuck us both and as I fuck the sub harder and harder I describe how he will be used by our men until he is raw and sore. There is a club under my hotel room with even more delicious men that we plan to bring back.  I provide inhalants to my gangbang slut so his hole stays dilated for a never ending train of cocks.

Length 0:12:27
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Cuckie’s Fluffing Lesson

New video! Dear Cuckie, I recently met a hot new black stud in Vancouver. Since you cannot fuck me properly I give you the next best thing: I train you to fluff his juicy cock and allow you to watch us have fun in the hotel room you booked for me while I'm wearing the red hot lingerie you bought for me. He fucked me so hard my eyelashes were dangling off the side of my face lol Enjoy cream for dessert.

Length 0:16:13
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Gangbang Gimp Training

I've have 20 guys coming over for a gangbang.  You just never know how many will show up so I always tend to over invite.  My latex gimp will serve me as a helper by getting guys hard, taking dick down his throat and deep in his man pussy.  Obviously I will be getting fucked by the hot guys and he can take the fat ugly ones.  I'm preparing him now with my Mistress cock as he’s in for a rough time.  As I'm fucking him hard and balls deep as ask "How many loads can you take?" "15" he relies.  Lets have you eat your own cum as an appetizer.  As I pound away furiously I feed them his own as an appetizer.  There are many more on the way... If you are a fan of latex and rough strap on sex you will enjoy this clip!

Length 0:15:53
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Wedding Stocking Worship

After a long day of wedding photos and dancing in uncomfortable satin heels I cannot wait for you, my new husband to pamper me.  You will show your devotion my way: by worshipping my lace top white stockings and feet.  We have a long night ahead and you will be pleasing me this way for years to come.  Go ahead open your mouth...

Length 0:09:24
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You are my new neighbour. I start by complimenting you and being flirty but quickly turn mean and smother you with my boobs.  Did you really think I invited you over to fuck?  You're such an unsuspecting drooling idiot for my tits that I smother you out with them.  When you come to I show you exactly the bitch boy you are: I sissify you and continue smothering you with my perfect tits and ass.  When you try to resist I take off my necklace and direct you to follow my shiny pendant.  Breath deeply and repeat after me: "I am Miss Jasmine's beta bitch and she knows best." while enjoying extremely mesmerizing closeups.

Length 0:12:47
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Best Key Lime Pie

Captured during a recent adventure in DC... I'm naked and taking his breath away with scissors and smothers. Ignoring him like the object he is. Looking at my phone.  And eating the best damn take out dessert I've ever had.  If you enjoy real and hard breathplay you will appreciate this moment.

Length 0:04:36
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Breathplay approaching

This custom clip was made for a real breathplay fan that I am soon travelling to meet for the first time.  To build the anticipation for our session I tell you exactly how I am looking forward to dominating you with my body, especially using my hands.  I know your weaknesses and that you love to be smothered squeezed and choked any way you can be.  I describe how I will wrap my hands around your neck and how you will slowly drift off... you are no match against my strong chest, legs and butt nor can you resist my hands and feet!  

Length 0:10:47
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Boardroom Stockings

Bitchy bosses Mistress Siren Thorn and I call you to the boardroom. You are barely worth looking at or keeping around the office and yet pathetic enough to degrade and humiliate...  The only time you seem to focus is when I'm wearing stockings. My stockings are extremely sweaty as they have been worn during many hot encounters with other men... Siren's on the other are new smooth and about to be worn out on a date with your alpha bull. We see the bulge in your pants you nasty beta bitch.  Worship our stockings before we strip them off and make you worship our feet. All you will be doing tonight is jerking off to porn and crying your lonely ass to rest before coming back to work for us tomorrow.

Length 0:07:29
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