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Mrs. Claus's Booty Call

Santa and I used to have a kinky sex life, but these days he can no longer get it up. Since the pandemic, few explorers come this far North and I have resorted to cucking Santa with elves ... Tonight, while my husband is flying delivering presents, my visitor from Montreal (close to the North Pole) delivers his tasty dick in my mouth, pussy and ass. No condom cause we need tall, dark genetics around here. This 20 min POV includes blowjob, missionary, doggy, anal and a big juicy load. Merry Christmas!

Length 0:20:43
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My Not-So Secret Garden

What a glorious day in the garden with my naked slave. Wouldn’t you love to be in his place when I need a human toilet? My stream is sweet and abundant as usual. After peeing, I tell him that if he wants to be my real full toilet, he has to crawl across the lawn and up the steps where I will relieve myself on the deck floor where he can eat it all up. Of course, he follows. What a nasty slave.

Length 0:04:30
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A Closer Look

There are many men who suffer from your "condition". Let me take a closer look at that little thingy. Don't be shy I'm a medical professional and look at all kind of penises. Oh dear. Now I see that you do need some special help...

Length 0:10:09
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Cuckie's Dark Obsession

There are two things that you, my cuckold, obsess about: My Pussy and Big Black Cock. You will never have either as you can't satisfy me, but you CAN watch me receive pleasure and give pleasure to a real, hung bull. I know you secretly want to lick the cum off a BBC and now is your chance to get a taste. Lots of teasing and delicious POV with you cleaning up in the end:-)

Length 0:10:18
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Liquid Courage

I'm prepping for a hot date with some liquid courage. You want to be involved in my date? Drink my liquid courage as I pee it into a wine bottle. You can savour my juices as I tweet you hot pics of my date. And yes, you get to clean the cum-stained sheets afterwards. While you're drinking my wine, I'll be getting fucked. Hard.

Length 0:06:50
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The Shopping List

I have a long, luxurious shopping list for you to work on while I recover from my sexcapades... Soon I'm travelling again and will be enjoying the company of superior men. Do you have what it takes to serve as my cuckold?

Length 0:09:23
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Cuckie’s First Creampie

I love humiliating my husband and having sex with other men in front of him. Today, for the first time I'm gonna let him taste both our juices after my yummy lover cums inside me. I keep my cuckie on the floor where he belongs with a metal mouth gag and ignore him while I suck my lover's cock and ride him. Most of the video focuses on me enjoying my lover's cock in doggy, missionary and top positions. While fucking me butterfly, he fills my pussy with cum and I tell my husband it's time for his treat. I stick my cum-covered fingers in my husband's mouth, then remove the gag and make him clean my pussy and ass while thoroughly smothering him on the floor before suggesting I allow him to cum as my bathroom slave...

Length 0:18:58
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Feeding the Patient ~ Full Version

I'm wearing my latex nurse dress with a patient bound to the bed. I sit on his face and tease his cock. Knowing that my patient has problems swallowing, I prepare the cure: A dominant guy comes in, thrusts his hard dick all the way in the patient's mouth, while I coax and stroke the patient's cock. At this point I'm not sure who is sicker and whose dick is harder. With practice and encouragement, my patient not only sucks enthusiastically, but his cock gets harder and he gets closer to the cure...I decide it's time for his special medication. My stunt cock thrusts deep into the patient's mouth and receives a handjob from me until he cums inside the patient's mouth and on his face. He plays with his cum and even sticks some up my subbie's nose and makes him eat it. I then give the patient a footjob, then a handjob until he cums. Patient is to swallow his own load as well. There is nothing like double cumshot treatment!

Length 0:18:09
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Sissy Maid Spit Roast

This candid video was shot on the fly : There is no question that sissy maid is a cock addict. Lady Bellatrix starts by plugging his holes with our strap-ons, and since this hungry whore can't get enough, we also bring in our hung stud to teabag him and gag him while we make fun of him. Sissy will get outed to his wife...What is she going to think when she watches this? My stud gets behind sissy and begins to pound his pussy hard with me in sissy's mouth. What a tight spit roast! Lots of deep fucking action until sissy gets fed a mouthful of real man cum. Lady Bellatrix and I continue to taunt and humiliate our victim. Time for sissy to swallow his own RUINED orgasm and we feed him using our (superior) cocks.

Length 0:13:26
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Masked Reality: Toxic Kisses

Mistress Bijou Steal and I introduce our new alter egos: Our realistic latex masks look and feel so unique they seem to have their own personalities. We joke that we feel lost and lonely without multiple identities. My new face looks somewhat Asian, and Bijou's new face looks like a creepy version of Angelina Jolie. We put on our wigs, touch and compare our new features then decide to name our new transformative selves Manly Mandy and Sinful Sinthia. What would our lives be like if we looked like our rubber faces? What kind of sex lives would we have? This clip ends with an unmasking. 

Length 0:09:16
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