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Blackmailed into Fluffing

Did you actually think we picked your silly ass up to have a 3 some?! Newsflash: You're naked with your cock and balls tied up wearing lipstick and we've already taken pics of you. You were so easy to find on social media. We've got 2 hunky studs coming and you will fluff them for us before we fuck them, and yes we are filming. This may be your first taste of cock, but certainly not the last. Do a good job on those t juicy salty dicks and you may even get to taste our pussies off them. Say no and we are sharing your pics immediately. Eventually we may even feminize you and charge per head...

Priming Your Rubber Pussy

Today we will have lesbian sex for the first time: I love cuckolding with you with real men and feminizing you.  I was never sexually attracted to you until I started making you wear a prosthetic rubber pussy over your chastity device and underneath your slutty clothes. Today is your lucky since I have a strong appetite for pussy.  After our first lesbian experience I take sexy photos of you and post them online in search of a hot stud to join us both...

Chastity Training Torture

Mistress Raevyn Rose and I humiliate you for your tiny dick. Something like that needs to be castrated, or locked up forever. Too bad they don't make chastity devices in extra small. I tell Raevyn a real story while I show her my metal device and an extra sadistic cock ring with razor sharp spikes. Once it slides on and you get hard there is no way out. Wanna try these devices out? Of course you do. This is the only time you will ever have two hot women handle your cock. As you as you are locked up you find out we tell you about our intentions. It's too late to turn back now...

Our Bathtime Bitch

You've been in chastity for a month and I just left you know. You are ordered to watch us without touching yourself. Why? cause we love humiliating you while causing extreme sexual frustration. Raevyn Rose and I tell you exactly how we will use you while touching ourselves and laughing at your shaking hands...You make the most of it and pretend this is a 3some. We know you have a good imagination since you've been using it all your life.

Our Stupid Spittoon

We love making slaves look stupid. Raevyn Rose and I order you to open your mouth and we spit on you repeatedly. You are not allowed to touch your spit and as soon as it dries we spit on you again. All you smell is our spit all you feel is the spit dripping down your face. While we continue to spit on you we discuss taking you outside and humiliating you in other disgusting ways. Open your mouth and taste it all.

His Screams Feel Good Against My Pussy

I love it when Lady Bellatrix visits from London, especially when we catch up while abusing slaves. We take turns facesitting him and beating on his cock and balls. I love the feel of his muffled screams against my pussy. While Lady Bellatrix facesits the slave, I surprise him with a few unexpected blows. The pleasure and laughs were all ours!

Punishing Sticky Fingers

The office manager has been caught stealing again, and this time we even caught him watching porn on the job. Rather than filing a formal report Raevyn Rose and I decide to teach him a lesson he won't soon forget. Collared and thumbcuffed we stick his ugly face under the desk and beat him with his ugly belt. While caning strapping and flogging him hard we describe his new life as our office bitch.

Latex Worship in Chastity

I'm hanging out at Mistress Damazonia's dungeon preparing to attend a local fetish party.  I'm modelling my skin tight latex dress and kinky rubber heels.  You are my chastity domestic slave and will stay in and take care of the chores.  I will allow you to worship and shine my sexy latex dress though, but you better get every inch from the top to my rubber clad toes.

Feet or Farts

I'm lounging in bed in lingerie with Raevyn Rose talking about how hard it is for slaves to keep my interest. They are often too needy and ugly for me to be around for long. I call in my naked slave who hates feet and make him sniff our sweaty stockings. Why? Cause we find it entertaining to humiliate these so called men. I make him sniff my ass and just as he does I let one rip in his face! We smother him with our asses and feet while twisting his nipplesand making fun of him. I ask him to tell us whether he prefers feet or farts as he will be getting more...

Everyone is getting fucked

This is romantic for me: Sitting on my husband's face and describing in detail all the action I've been getting on the side while he's naked and tied down. I love mentally torturing cuckie while talking about my sexcapades. It didn't take long to figure out that my husband was a cuckold, besides Ive always needed multiple men to satisfy me. I tell cuckie about the gang bang parties that are organized here in Vancouver... he'll be chauffeuring me over and I'll be the last woman to leave.