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Ruined Rubber Tub Gimp

Clad in my strappy, rubber swimsuit, I have my rubber gimp massage me in the tub. I arouse him with my feet, making him worship them, then I get to work on his boner! I tease him to a ruined orgasm, obstructing his breathing with my hand over his mouth, until he splooges all over himself. I wipe my hand on his cum, then stick it to his mouth, making him suffocate on the smell of his own jizz. 


Length 0:11:31
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The Longer You Suffer

I love testing new smother slaves out and something tells me this one can take a lot of pressure. Are you like him? Can you push yourself further and make that last breath last and last? I can feel him struggling underneath the panties I bought at the Britney Spears concert. I facesit him hard front and back and comment that the harder you suffer the wetter I get. See how soaked my cotton panties are? Even if you go out this will be your best dream every. You know when you have those dreams when you want to scream but you can’t? Work bitch.

Length 0:05:54
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The Girlfriend Experience

This might be the most agressive sex I've ever had, at least on film. Shooting was something we decided to do very last minute. My sex slave is bound to the bed, with cock and balls tied tightly. I place a plastic bag over his head and close it tightly, teasing him lightly with my pussy (little stuffed ), and ride him hard and deep. I stop a few times to punch him hard in the balls while hes still inside me screaming. I pull the bag towards me and use it like reins while riding harder and it eventually rips. No problem... there's always the pillow and an old Tshirt to smother him with. I decide to finish him off with a scissorhold and ignoring his frantic thrashing I knock him . No editing or scripting... you can clearly see the condom hanging out of me when I wasn't aware of it and he does say something mushy about being in love. Enjoy my GFE :-)

Length 0:07:06
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The Scent of Asian Cuisine

My sexy girlfriend, Mistress Siren Thorn, is feeling bloated after the lavish Chinese food dinner I treated her to last night. Why are we mentioning this to you? Because a loser like you could never fuck gorgeous women like us, but you can serve to amuse us. I undo the clasp on Siren's leotard, and she is ready to unleash a series of nasty bombs. Farts, loser, farts. We laugh at you while you inhale at the source. Chinese food is SO intoxicating! Tons of closeup shots of Siren's anus doing the deed.

Length 0:07:40
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My Latex and Foot Servant

I'm preparing to attend a local fetish party and modelling my skin-tight latex dress and kinky rubber heels. You are my chastity domestic slave and will stay in and take care of the chores. I will allow you to worship and shine my sexy latex dress, though, but you'd better get every inch from the top to my rubber-clad toes.

Length 0:04:58
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Cuckie Meet Pool Boy Full Version

This is one of my favourite 33 min full length cuckolding videos: I'm lounging outside and can't help but notice the hot, built black pool boy and invite him in the house. My pathetic cuckold husband is playing pool. I collar and lush cuckie and instruct cuckie to get naked and make us drinks. I also make him clean the pool wearing just his chastity cage. Now its time for cuckie to fluff the delicious stud and clean my heels while the real man devours my pussy. I make out with my new lover and ride his bbc until I scream in orgasm. My husband is ordered to clean my cum off my stud and gag hard on his cock. I instruct him to worship my lover's toes while we I continue to bounce hard on him. He fucks me hard against the pool table while cuckie lies face up under our dripping juices. Lot of super sensual high energy in this hardcore scene! While I make out with my hot new lover my husband gets to demonstrate his deep throating skills and taste my juices off a real man's cock. This high intensity romp ends with cuckie cleaning up a nice juicy load of protein off my stud's cock. Yummy!

Length 0:33:28
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Shocking Hotel Ride

Here is an excerpt from an unscripted adventure; I was so turned on electrocuting his cock and balls while getting my ass eaten that I decided to go on a bouncing ride...

Length 0:10:29
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Cuddle Choke Challenge

In this custom video, you hired me as a professional cuddler. I get you to relax easily and now, it's time to get affectionate. Did you know how strong I am? 'Cause I'm going to squeeze the life out of you.

Length 0:12:16
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Five Days of Hedonism

Before you start your new job, I want you to take me on a special vacation: Hedonism in Jamaica. While we will be lounging on the beach and sight-seeing, I will also be getting plenty of dick. Yours will be in the tiniest chastity device. Hedonism is typically a sexy resort for couples, but one look at us and everyone will see that you're my cuck and financial submissive. I'm not at worried that you will cock block me:) Will you survive 5 days of Hedonism?

Length 0:14:06
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Watch Me Fuck a Real Man

How's my cuckold husband doing? Wearing the new lingerie you bought me I tell you to stay at the late office and send you on errands while I suck and fuck my new found, well endowed stud. I compare his big thick juicy cock to your useless genitals. Watch me give him a blowjob and fuck in missionary, cowgirl and doggy. Watch how deeply he fills me and know that you can never measure up. This is a super hot sex clip which ends with a huge cumshot on my ass. Time for cleanup!

Length 0:17:25
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