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Leather and Lace Elixir

Worship my worn leather boots and new pair of lace and leather gloves. Where will you start? With my boots or my sexy gloves? Decisions, decisions.

Not the Way you Want it

My girlfriend Siren Thorn and I both got lucky the night before and our panties are wet from the cum dripping out of our pussies. Nothing like the morning after for losers like you, right? Yes, you get to suck the juices out of our panties, but you're also getting the remnants of our lovers' cum. Not quite the way you wanted it, is it? But you'll take it! I also reveal my secret to getting panties nice and crusty......A must hear for panty addicts who can't get it any other way!  For more of Siren Thorn, go here:

Feet Debauchery and Precum

This clip was filmed the morning after the Dommes Gone Wild Party. Mistress Koi Erotica and I tend to an exhausted slave by sticking our feet in his mouth. We discuss how much cum he swallowed last night and other kinky ways to humiliate him. His dick is getting hard just listening to us, and he's dripping again. I stick my foot in his pre-cum and feed it to him. Looks like this slave isn't done yet! 

Panty Thief Whipping + Bloopers

My bro is a panty thief and this time he got caught by my visiting friend TS Staci. Thankfully we have a dominant friend who's as sadistic as he is skilled at singletailing. With little bro bound to a cross and gagged with panties he gets his first real double whipping. While he screams out in agony we talk about showing this video to the entire family. We laugh at his demise and Scott promises that his marks will last. There are two funny behind the scenes parts which was left in. Mz Blaze is filming and we all can't help but laugh our faces off.


Get Good At It

I know this piece of furniture serves as a foot rest but does it clean feet?  After a long day of errands and meeting my feet get very tired.  I order it to remove my heels and massage my soles. This wannabe sub needs lots of direction and gets distracted easily.  While I train it to lick massage and worship my perfect feet I tell you, the viewer exactly what I am searching for in a hard working sub.


Cuckoldress Strapon

Honey you know how I like getting fucked hard by hotter men?  Let me give you a little demonstration with my hot girlfriend who happily volunteered for your education.  Pretend that you are me: strong, gorgeous with a big black dick, and pretend that I am Goddess Samantha: insastiable, sensual sexpot.  Imagine cock was this hard teasing and spreading my wet pussy lips.  Watch me fuck Goddess Samantha deeply and listen to her moan.  Pretend you are a fly on the wall and learn something. Don't forget to clean that cock thoroughly.

Stocking Overload

You’re a hopeless stocking addict. You’d do anything to worship my fragrant hose. But can you handle two gorgeous women rubbing their worn stockings all over your face and cock- at the same time? Mistress Siren Thorn and I challenge you to make it to the end of this clip. There’s a countdown at the end, but we doubt you’ll make it that far! Lots of foot rubbing, sole wrinkling, toe wiggling and laughter at your expense. Be sure to check out more of stunning Mistress Siren Thorn at her website

Panty Thief Ballbusting

Whenever I have friends over my pervy little brother does something creepy.  TS Staci and I caught him sniffing her panties.  Staci gags him with the panties and take turns torturing him while he is tied on the cross.  Lot of humiliating talk, merciless twisting and hard whacks to the balls.

Bathtime Worship

You are my filthy, desperate and addicted houseboy.  If only I allowed you to worship my entire delicious body.  Maybe one day you will earn your way to the tasks you dream of.  For now you get to help me prepare for a hot date by running the bath and pampering my feet.  Watch and yearn.  Enjoy drinking my bath water.


Well Nurse Her Back To Health

When a new nurse faints on duty, her career is in jeopardy. Still, TS Staci and I give her the benefit of the doubt. We tie Newbie Nurse to the operating table and run a series of medical tests on her. Surprise, surprise, she has a dick! Newbie Nurse is subjected to sounding, ball squeezing, nipple play and Staci takes her temperature the old fashioned way: Propping her mouth open and sticking her dick in Newbie’s mouth. She’s running a fever, but responds well to a hand job. Too well. She’s ready to blow her load! But if she doesn’t, she’ll be consigned to the janitor’s closet and made to service the functioning dicks in the hospital!