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Pop Buffet

My girlfriend Koi is a "pop" connoisseur, and she has brought her bag of goodies with her. You will inhale ALL the bottles- a sensory overload- and you will be left helpless and horny. Then, you will stroke for us. Cum all over yourself, whore! We can’t wait to see what you got! 

Length 0:09:18
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It Kinda Gets Me Off

As close to my pussy and ass as he can get: Nothing but a thin nylon film! As I smother him, I inform him I will invite my friend Mistress Damazonia over to sit on my lap while I sit on his face. His dick gets hard from the lack of oxygen, then even harder from the ball busting and slapping I administer. Suffer, slave! It kind of gets me off! 

Length 0:05:48
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Toilet Treat

How thirsty are you slave?  You look like you are salivating over there with your little bulge.  My newly gifted corset is putting a lot of pressure on my bladder so...are you ready for your treat?  If you really want me to serve me as a toilet understand that I don't accept spillage.  Any waste drops will result in punishments of my choice.


Length 0:03:57
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It's Not Rocket Science

Worshipping the female foot is something that comes naturally to submissive bitches. Still, they need to be taught a thing or two......such as how to remove a high heeled sandal! Bitches need to be trained with some patience, and some punishment, to mould them into the perfect foot servant. 


Length 0:04:48
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Stepmom's Stockings

You're the perviest stepson bitch I ever had. Sneaking through my lingerie and dreaming about fucking your Step-Dad's trophy wife. I understand the second part, but the first is just pervy. I'll tell Step-Dad I caught you unless you show me what you do with my filthy stockings. Worship these, bitch. In front of me. Clean these well-worn hose and show me how much you love it! 


Length 0:07:13
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Stinky Sock Sucker

I am wearing a gift from an admirer that happens to match my pussy socks. My feet are ripe from my long flight to Toronto and my pits are unwashed. So what? This bitch will sniff my stinky socks, and endure my pungent feet on his face! The smellier, the better!

Length 0:07:06
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I Own His Entire Liife

My new slave in training has endured a lot of corporal punishment and trampling from me today.  Now I will reward him with the most difficult challenge of them all: breath control with my ass. I scrape my nails over his cock and give him the ultimate taste of smothering between stroking his hard cock and nipples.  I own his breath, I own his cock, his body, his orgasms, his entire life and I could make it all end for him right there and now. I switch positions and grind his nose against my long and how hard will he suffer to be held down by my pussy and ass?  Can he cum without oxygen? 

Length 0:08:08
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Earn the Right to Suck Dick

Suck our heels first wow us with your deep throating skills before you get to work on Staci's cock! Our shoes are grimy and my feet- which you will sniff- have just performed a foot job. You want dick so bad you'll take all the humiliation we dish out. Maybe, just maybe, Staci will let you touch her dick. 

Length 0:05:55
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Pool Lessons with Bob

This is a funny behinds the scene outtake of my Cuckie Meets Pool Boy video.  After cuckie gets a load of cum from my ball I order him to remain on the table while my videographer Bob (of Bobs T Girls) gives me a mini poollesson.

Length 0:02:22
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HOM in Dentist Chair

My victim is restrained to a vintage dentist chair and ordered to inhale deeply into my leather gloves.  I walk around him caressing and teasing him and watching him become more and more passive.  I know that leather gloves are his ultimate weakness and between the strength of my hands and my leather turning him to putty he will soon be out.

Length 0:10:16
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