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Naked Nuru Time

After unlocking James from his chastity device, I got naked and poured nuru gel for a full-body sensual massage. This video is all about non-stop teasing with my wet slimy ass and tits between handjobs and footjobs. I eventually let him cum on my perfect wrinkled soles.

Length 0:18:55
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Sheer Tease

This black and white music video was shot in my Cap D'Agde hotel. I'm modelling my sheer bra, panties and garters and matching, seamed stockings. Fall in a trance as you watch me slowly strip...Song is "Time After Time" by Chet Baker.

Length 0:06:59
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Goddess Quadruple Knock-out

My domestic slave is worshipping my feet while I lounge in bed. He has done such a good job that I give him a huge, tight cuddle using my thighs. I scissor him hard in every heavenly position and ass smother him in between knock-outs. Watch him convulse while he dreams about me.

Length 0:06:12
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Speechless from Ecstasy

I want to see if my loyal slave can take these long, sharp stiletto heels. I start on his stomach and chest and then move lower. I always find a way to his balls. The slave tries to curl up to minimize the pain, but I order him to straighten his legs before moving onto some jumping. What an amazing view for the slave. I'm going to make him enjoy it for a while...

Length 0:06:22
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Trio Asslicker ~ Full Version

Beautiful Mistress Kandy and I are relaxing on the bed, wearing stockings and garters, showing off our asses. Lady Bellatrix joins us, straddles our asses, giving the viewer an amazing show and calls for our lowly slave's tongue. We command him to clean all of us. A few tugs of his hair, nipples and even a few farts in his mouth motivate him to lick faster, harder and deeper...We make fun of him the entire time and make him jerk off in front of us. As he is about to shoot his load, I grab his hands and ruin his orgasm. He pleads us to let him cum, so we make him jerk off again and I ruin his orgasm a second time! Laughing at our drained slave, making him eat his own cum and leaving him hanging- this is a typical Friday night with my Domme girlfriends:)

Length 0:12:10
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Sin for Me

Are you reading that book again? You've aspired to be a good Christian boy, but I have news for you. No one up there is listening and no one is going to save your perverted ass. In this sexy blasphemous video, I, the latex-clad Goddess of Sin, guide you to embrace your porn and masturbation addiction. Let me watch you as I slowly strip out of my nun outfit and prove that you are MY cum eating sinner...

Length 0:09:46
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Cum to My Rubber Soles

What are you looking at? Do you think I invited you back to my hotel room to get cozy? Don't be ridiculous. You are here to serve me as my shoe slave. See these very old Converse sneakers? You can start by massaging them with your tongue. Don't disappoint as I have an entire closet full of shoes that need cleaning.

Length 0:06:59
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Drink My Holy Water

Between fighting to give up your sins and accepting your role as my jerkaholic, things are rather confusing for you. Sooner or later, you will realize that no one listens when you pray and you will find your way back to jerking for me. We aren't here to discuss your values or path to light; I want to hear about the porn you masturbate to and how you play with it. Show me now how you do it and worship ME. It is time to consummate our relationship and drink my goddess holy water. Drink it all, cum in the glass and I'll let you clean me after...

Length 0:09:27
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Your First Cuckolding

Tonight will be your very first, real cuckold experience. In the past, I haven't allowed you to watch, but you have pleased me so much that I will give you the privilege of watching me get pleasured by my new, well-endowed lover. Tonight, I will introduce you to my bull, You will sit at the foot of the bed, massaging me, while I get properly fucked. And there's more...

Length 0:09:34
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Masked Valentine's Date

It's that time of year again~ Vday is every day, though, when you have a Goddess like me to worship and tribute all year. This year, I'm giving you the ultimate privilege: I'll finally go out on a date with you and make you look good. There is a slight catch, though: I don't want to be recognized while I'm out with you so I'll be wearing my realistic latex face mask. Don't worry if the lights at the restaurant are low, people will barely notice. Meet your date "Subrina". Do you like her voice under the latex? That's the thin barrier covering my shame of being seen out with you. You don't deserve to see my real face...Subrina, on the other hand, is quite kinky and has no shame. She may even have humiliating plans for you...

Length 0:12:19
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