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Persuaded Bi in the Office

Mistress Kandy comes into my office, getting ready to interview an unsuspecting victim we know is desperate for work. Our applicant, David, boasts about his oral skills and not the kind that he developed while in prison. The practical portion of the interview begins when our shackled office gimp is led into the room. David has to suck the gimp's cock and demonstrate his oral skills if he wants the job. I made David head onto the gimp's cock and the fun and humiliation begins... With lots of licking and cock and ball sucking. If David passes, he will work a probationary period in the mail room, before working in the female room, where Mistress Kandy and I will eventually have him serve us orally ;-) 

Length 0:10:56
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Romantic and Frightening

Once in a while, I allow my sub to serve me while in the tub.  I can easily fantasize that he's someone else when he's massaging me from behind, and I can also do bad things to him while he's in the water.  I enjoy smothering him underwater with my ass and feet while watching the water level rise.  Seeing him suffer and struggle for oxygen is fun, to say the least.  I wrap my strong legs around his neck and squeeze hard, taking his breath away again and again, while laughing at his panic. Isn't bath time the best?

Length 0:07:51
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Into the Man Bowl

After a long time of partying, TS Staci and I really have to go.  Good thing our houseslave is waiting and thirsty.  Between the two of us, we fill the bowl but we still have more.  “Why don’t we let our slave drink this while we enjoy a nice cold beverage?”

Length 0:05:03
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Latex Shower Striptease

I'm completely encased in smoky, transparent latex, from my mask, long-sleeved turtleneck dress, down to my cuban-heeled stockings.  Mistress Siren Thorn captures my sexy striptease in the shower. The cold water is so refreshing.  Wanna join me?

Length 0:06:12
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Drink it All and I Won't Tell

You keep your sexual fantasies under a close wrap, but I can tell by the look in your eyes what you’re into. I’ve invited you here to open up. You have no choice- as I remove my panties and let that nectar flow, you won’t be able to help yourself. You will drink it all. And if you don’t……We have lots of mutual friends. Nothing stops me from sharing your juicy secret! Lap it up like the thirsty degenerate you are. I will have the most polished floors in the neighborhood…… 

Length 0:07:12
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Sensual Scissor Knock-Outs

This slave talks too much and touches himself too much. I have a solution for both: Scissors and cock bondage- Simultaneously. I up the ante with hand-over-mouth and some brutal ball kicks. He goes to rest once and cannot recall what happened, so I make him relive the experience with another KO. This is the ultimate way to train a slave. 

Length 0:08:44
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Cuckolds Need Sex Too

All marriages have their problems and erectile disfunction is far too common.  Since every woman deserves a delicious erection at her disposal, I make hubby wear a juicy strap on so that when I close my eyes I can pretend it's my big black stud. How does my pussy feel clenched around you hubby?  Your real cock could never stretch me out like this, which is why it is tucked behind the harness.  I'll reward you anyway and let you suck this dildo clean.  

Length 0:10:16
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Stockings for Foot Bitch

This is a custom Femdom video in which I make you my personal stocking worshiping bitch.  Smell my sweaty, stinky nylon feet. I haven't ever washed these stockings and you can see just how dirty they are when I pick them off my skin.  Watch as I stick your nose between my nylon toes, making you take big whiffs until you become addicted. If you don't do a good job, you will have to endure some CBT... And I can be very cruel.

Length 0:13:40
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Friends with Benefits

I was so horny during a trip to Vancouver and texted my long time lover for a "friendly ride". I love how he tastes and how his curved cock fills me. Lots of juicy POV closeups of my very real, late night hotel encounter.

Length 0:13:53
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Cocksucker Blackmailed

Mistress Alexis Kim and I are glad to have you back for another double Domme session.  We know it's hard to top our last encounter when you gobbled up cocks for us and got showered with cum. Who knew you were such a massive cock whore?  Guess what? Our hidden camera recorded everything in high def and I "accidentally" found your entire world on every social media platform. What would your wife think if she saw her closet husband swallow on camera? This is what we will do: Empty your bank accounts and we will make the video disappear.  We are going to Prague and you will be funding every expense.  Goddesses like us will travel in style. In the meantime, suck this giant dildo and open up that wallet.  Or else...

Length 0:08:05
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