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The Anniversary Fucking


Today is our one month wedding anniversary. I'm wearing my gorgeous wedding night lingerie and you are still in the chastity device I locked you with that night. Although this is a special celebration I have been partying this entire time racking up your credit card and fucking superior men while you've been working hard for me. Tonight you will watch me fuck "Willy" while you are locked in chastity. In between men this fucking machine has been conditioning my pussy in ways you never could. Watch me moan and scream while I get pounded by Willy, and practice your cock sucking skills while we are at it

Length 0:09:29
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Road Trip Toilet

This completely unplanned clip was filmed during a recent Okanagan Valley road trip. The gas station lineup was so long and I just didn't feel like waiting or holding my bladder any longer. I relieve myself while enjoying the lovely scenery. Now its time for you to clean me:)

Length 0:02:13
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Chastity Slave Sissified

Ms Damazonia and I are toying with her sissy slut. "Bimbo" has just finished drinking a lot of pee and she ready and primed to take our superior Mistress cocks. Bimbo's tiny clit is locked in chastity and she struggles getting fucked in her pussy and her throat. Lots of whimpers and gagging but we are determined to break her in her inexperienced holes. We warn her that soon she will be taking real cocks from real men who will not be taking it easy. We tenderize her holes while poking fun at our sissy whore. Eventually if Bimbo's skills improve maybe we can charge guys to fuck her. We might even make enough to buy a couple of lattes at the end of a long shift!

Length 0:12:00
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Garden Scissors

What do I like to do on a glorious afternoon in garden? My house slave gets smothered and head scissored to the point of passing out multiple times. Imagine being in his place :)

Length 0:07:27
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The Burglary - Full Version

Guess what happens when I come home from the gym to find a burglar Max Ellis sniffing my panties? Naturally I scream and then I gasp when I see his rock hard cock. After throwing a few punches and kicks I get him on the ground and introduce him to my scissorholds. As I get behind him and begin to slowly choke him he begs me to stop. I tell him that the only way out of this is to succumb to my sexual could he not oblige? Watch me salivate over his 10" cock and ride him aggressively. Turns out this is the break in I have been waiting for: getting used for my pleasure is better than getting arrested. The clip ends with an earth shattering simultaneous orgasm; using my special wand while he explodes all over my chest.

Length 0:23:55
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Ballbusted Cuckold - Full Version

Cuckie's most romantic and frightening nightmares have come true: his pathetic cock and balls are tied and leashed while I bust them reminding him of his incompetence. I bring in my lover and order him to suck cock. While he is sucking away I laugh and compare their two very different fates. I lie on top of my lover , stretching out my legs and grip his cock with my inner thighs and order my cuck to "suck my cock" as it looks like I grew one! While I'm giving cuckie the tease and denial of a lifetime, I never stop ridiculing and him with my hands and feet.

Length 0:15:43
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Pig of the Month

This particular employee needs a lot of behaviour modification. I call him in the office and after listing all of his faults and mistakes I pull down his shorts and reveals his chastity cage. This explains why he has such a hard time concentrating” she says. Since he can't be a man he may as well be the office pig slave. To improve his slouchy posture I administer some acupuncture... with my heels. I tell him to oink like a pig instead of moaning. Time for some ball busting in various positions. In no time I'll train him to be pig of the month!

Length 0:07:46
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Duo Boot Abuse

My sexy girlfriend Raevyn Rose and I love tight thigh high boots. We know how weak you get when you see beautiful dominant women modelling the boots you've purchased. We revel in the idea of you working hard to be able to buy these sexy and expensive boots. Being a boot benefactor gives you a sense of purpose, doesn't it? Otherwise you've be a lonely sad sub...but now you have something exqusite to worship from both of us.

Length 0:06:41
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You Love Piss

Mistress Staci and I are chatting over some wine. We notice you staring at us and we guess that you are a human toilet. TS Staci unleashes her golden nectar into her empty wine glass and orders you to gargle and consume. As you swallow, we mock you for your eccentric tastes and I taunt you with the fact that my bladder is full too.....

Length 0:03:21
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Masked Reality: Botox and Blowjobs

Mistress Bijou Steal and and I begin by talking about how excited we are to be getting botox for the first time since the pandemic. After a few injections we can finally look like ourselves! We transfer into our realistic latex alter egos: Subrina and Bertha Banxxx; a super wrinkled yet extremely confident woman. We talk openly about youth, beauty, image, our sex lives, Brad Pitt and how getting jizz on my face keeps me young! This unscripted and highly entertaining video is a must for mask fetishists. Check out my other Mask Fetish videos!

Length 0:10:02
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