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Faggy's Maid for Blackmail

You might think I'm here to clean but I have news for. In this sensual yet humiliating POV I tell you the real reason why I haven't quit working for you. How does someone as disgusting as you have such a lovely wife? When I was dusting your safe I notice you forgot to lock it: that bag of lingerie, breast forms, dildo and the inhalant? And those poloroids? Ha! You're my bitch now. Let's start with tripling my salary and modelling your lingerie for me. Got Femdom fantasies? Beware of what you wish for! I won't say anything about your wife for now, but you are going to pay for a lavish ladies night for just the two of us. For now its time to gag on this cock and drink up my golden nectar.

Greedy GFE

Don't you thank you lucky stars everyday for having such a hot dominant Goddess as a girlfriend? Before you met me women paid zero attention to you, and now you and your beta bitch energy have found a purpose. Your reward is my pleasure so thank me for humiliating you, for fucking superior men, for giving you orders everyday and most of all for spending your money.

HOM Leather Clinic

In this special clinic the relaxation methods are rather untraditional: I'm decked out in leather and use my long leather opera gloves to sooth you and take your pain away.  Breathe deep into my gloves.  Fellow my voice, focus on the soft leather touch on your face and find yourself in a state of euphoria.  Become deeply mesmerized and float amongst the clouds.  Big puffy black leather clouds...

Panty Fetish Therapy

You have been coming to me for therapy sessions hoping to cure your panty fetish for almost a year now. Unfortunately for you things are not fact you are getting even more addicted. As a last resort I'm going to try a reserve psychology treatment and immerse you deeply in your desires and make you worship my panties. From now on you will only fantasize about my panties. I take them off and show you how wet I am from all the sex I've been having and how you will serve me. Did you actually think you would overcome your sexual addiction with a doctor like me?

The Condom Chronicles

Mistress Damazonia and I have a slave waiting in the wings to be used and by our cocks. We keep him salivating as we discuss the multiple uses we have for used condoms. Our lovers' jizz doesn't make it to the trash can; it makes it to the freezer. There, it is kept on ice for later consumption by a dirty slave. Now, time to fuck the slut waiting in the wings. He will get spit roasted and we will take turns at each end.

Budget Bouncing Bag

Hotel stays during covid kinda suck, just like the budget punching bag that was left in the room. Geared up in Muay Thai shorts gloves and shin pads my beautiful friend Siren Thorn and I take turns tenderizing the mummified sub in this hilarious high energy workout. The budget bouncing bag tries to hop around to avoid getting punch kick elbow and kneed by both. In the end we notice the bag has a hole... conveniently in the butt area to take a cock.

Latex Nurse Breathplay

This is a custom POV: Are you ready for your examination? This is not a regular clinic; we special in treating sexual abnormalities and some of our methods may be uncomfortable. I've read your file and I'm sure this will help. First let me put this slutty sissy gag and chastity device on you while I tease you with my latex. Lets test your lung capacity as I smother you with my boobs and ass again and again. Next I will have to check your prostate and help extract a sperm sample...are you feeling woozy? Best not pass out before you cum as that would be a shame...

Incel Intox

Hopeless men like you can never focus. Controlled by your fetish, you are as needy and desperate as any other incel. Jerking off and looking at porn is all you're good at. If you don't like me walk's not easy huh? I take my heels off and its too late. My perfect feet own you. I place a little bottle of Jungle Juice between my long strong toes. You may as well given. I know your weaknesses all too well. Take a hit and another...

Divine Intervention

Despite all your praying and promises not to return you've reached a point where you couldn't hold out any longer... Its time to succumb to desire as I, the Goddess of Sin, am in complete control of you. I own you and I'm the only one listening when you pray. What kind of porn have you been watching? While I instruct you to stroke I tell you about the well endowed priest I've been fucking. I will train you to suck his dick. Before you know it you will be addicted to the taste of jizz too!

Big Heart and Big Holes

Watch what happens when I simultaneously fuck my latex gimp with my Mistress cock and urethral sound. It's his first time out of chastity in days and he gets to inhale his favourite little bottle of aroma. I love edging him until he cries. Little does he know that after he pushes his sound out the post orgasm fun starts (for me)! Wouldn't you love being taken like this?