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Tap or Nap Duo

In this fun impromptu video Ms Shauna Ryanne joins me in my Las Vegas hotel room to smother and scissor a very willing victim in bondage.  These sexy excerpts are from a real proDomme session and include hilarious banter while we film ourselves face sitting and squeezing the life out of our sub in various ways.  While her thighs are tight around his neck I stoke his cock with my lubed up feet and we both mock him as he goes in and out of consciousness.  What a way to catch up with a old friend! Even after multiple knockouts he produces a juicy cumshot in the end.

Length 0:16:51
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Hardcore cuckold full version

Enjoy "Hardcore Cuckold" parts 1&2 combined: Cuckie is collared chained and persuaded to lick my shoes and stockings while wearing lacy panties. I ignore him while sucking and fucking my bull, but I also get huge pleasure by smacking my cuckold in the face, spitting my lover's precum in his mouth, calling him my faggot and comparing his tiny penis to my lover's huge dick. In this clip I get fucked harder than I ever have on film in various positions, and my bull also participate in the verbal degradation of the cuckold asking my husband to sniff his ass while watching his wife get fucked hard. Cuckie gets to be up close, personal and tea bagged by my bull while he pounds me. I finish with giving my lover a blowjob and spitting his load into my husband's mouth for him to swallow. There's nothing easy about pleasing a wife like me ;-)

Length 0:19:41
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Ass Eating Sissy

Thanks to everyone for voting on a favourite video category on OF... Ass worship for the win! This hungry sissy slut does a wonderful job of worshipping my ass before my date. Next time I'm bringing her along to fluff big dicks for me.

Length 0:05:42
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Walkabout in Boots

See something you like? I know you are drawn to my beautiful leather cutout boots.  You can hardly resist the sound of my heels tapping against the cement, or my sexy toe cleavage.  Of course I know you are following me like a sick puppy... so get down and worship my boots already.  These well worn boots will be listed on my auction page and shipped to the highest bidder!

Length 0:05:04
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A smashing good time

It's been a while since I've had any dick, and I haven't busted any balls in ages either. My sub obviously wants my body and will do "anything" to be inside me. This I ride him hard while smashing his balls, take breaks to stoke and tease him, then penetrate his cock with my sounding rod. This might not be the sex he was hoping for, but it's all he's getting from me.

Length 0:17:02
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Ballbusting the Bacon

If you enjoyed Pig of the Month you will love seeing me further torment my collared and leashed slave. A few good hard kicks in the nuts to discipline him and I notice that it gets him hard... so I kick even harder.  Now he can finally go home and tell his wife he had a hard day at work. I kick him front and back and even step on his balls, making him whimper and oink away.  The scene ends with me using him as a desk chair.

Length 0:06:12
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The Italian Job Duo ~ Breathless Butt Drops

This is a continuation of The Italian Job Duo ~ Smother and Trample. The punishment of this durable tourist continues with Mistress Kandy Kink standing on his sweaty face. This intensely bouncy and unscripted private session was filmed in a hotel room.  I'm surprised that the bed as well as his face and ribs are still intact after all the extreme jumping and smothering. We decide to kick it up a notch and practice our flying butt drops on his belly and chest.  We start solo and then try to synchronize our landings.  Smothering him becomes even more brutal when I sit on Mistress Kandy's lap, increasing the pressure on his face.  Lots of jokes and banter between us ladies while we have fun at the Italian's expense.  The human trampoline barely gets any breaks in between to catch his breath and takes it all like a champ!

Length 0:12:42
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Smoking in Times Square

Follow me through Times Square and worship me as I inhale a cigarette and blow smoke through my perfect, glossy lips. No verbals just smoking on the colourful streets of NYC. Choke on my smoke and swallow my lipstick covered cigarette butt in the end. Filmed on the fly with a go pro in casual attire.

Length 0:05:00
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Drained Without Release

We keep running into relationship problems, hunny.  Thankfully I'm a solutions oriented cuckoldress who always has the answer.  That "little" problem will stay contained in its chastity device. I still need to get laid though and don't always have a bull on stand by and we both know that you will never satisfy me.  My girlfriends suggested I put you in a hollow dildo, like a feeldoe except you can't feel a thing.  Your locked cock will fit perfectly in it. Wanna try?  So the good news is I'm going to let you cum, the bad news is you're still staying locked and I'm fucking the cum out of you with my strapon.

Length 0:11:28
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Lighting you up

Mistress Bliss and I lure you over to inhale and taste our smoke.  We don't you don't like serving as our human ashtray and we don't care.  You simply can't say no to two hot women in latex exhaling smoke in your face.  Feel the burn of our butts on your tongue as your eyes tear up. Now take your pants off for us.  Will we put our cigarettes out in your mouth or on your meaningless cock?

Length 0:04:36
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