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Blake Goes Broke for My Ass

In this hot POV, I humiliate my financial slave for his weakness. Clad in a sexy thong and nothing else, I order him to stare at my ass as I enumerate the ways in which he will fuck over his life in order to get a glimpse of my butt. Not only will Blake be skimping on groceries, he will never graduate and get his degree. All his money bankrolls my lavish lifestyle! 


Length 0:16:03
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SPH for Christmas

Santa's hasn't properly fucked me in ages, and there are few visitors to the North Pole so I'm super horny.  I was so excited to have you up until the moment you took your pants off...hmm maybe we should build some legos with me instead?  Eventually I allow you jerk off to me teasing you because its Christmas and frankly I feel sorry for your ass

Length 0:08:22
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Less Oxygen, More Cum

This video is an excerpt from a real live session in NYC. Watch me edge a bound slave using my smothers, scissors, hands and soles, over and over front and back facing. Between tormenting him with breathplay and pleasure him with my lubed up soles his hardon doesn't stop bouncing throughout our play date. Eventually I stroke him until he explodes all over himself. Would you survive being in his place?

Length 0:16:09
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All the President's Balls

It's time to deliver much deserved punishment the President in the Oval Office. His hands are secured behind his back and his balls are tied off with elastic bands. I proceed to give vicious barefoot kicks to his useless genitals. He collapses to the ground a few times, but he must man up for the sake of his country…..

Length 0:06:11
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Double Trouble Gym Feet

My sexy friend PinkDoll and I have just returned from an intense workout at the gym. We’ve just taken off our sneakers and waft our perfect feet in front of you. Like a good little bitch, you inhale the aroma and get a boner. There’s more eye candy for you: Our toned booties! Between jerking off your tiny dicklet, staring and inhaling, you know this is the best you’ll get from us.

Length 0:08:52
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Masked Make Out

Mistress siren and I finally introduce our alter egos to each other! We have been talking about bringing our latex masked selves together for some time: Jayden and Subrina are hypersexual versions of ourselves: We talk about calling over the guy I exchanged numbers with at the bar last night as well as going down to the hotel lobby bar to pick up men. We explore each others latex face and the differences in texture and expression. We make out as our latex selves and practice for later using a latex cock... isn't it all fake at the end of day? Get mind fucked and enjoy our unmasking at the end.

Length 0:14:23
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Office Pantyhose Sex Slave

I am your aggressive demanding boss who always wears pantyhose, and stiletto heels around the office. I know you are a married man and you are weak for my pantyhose legs and heel dangling. Today you will cancel your anniversary plans with your wife and stay behind after work. I call you in, lock the door, sit at my desk and start to dangle my heels again... Tonight you will have to do whatever I want otherwise I’ll tell your wife everything. I want me to fuck me in my pantyhose on my desk and suck the sweat of our my nylons while you do it.

Length 0:13:02
BTC special $ 11.00

You Love Piss

Mistress Staci and I are chatting over some wine. We notice you staring at us and we guess that you are a human toilet. TS Staci unleashes her golden nectar into her empty wine glass and orders you to gargle and consume. As you swallow, we mock you for your eccentric tastes and I taunt you with the fact that my bladder is full too.....

Length 0:03:21
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Catholic Virgin Corruption

You cannot deny 2 hot nuns when they encourage you to indulge in your fetishes. Sister @naturalbornpervert and I convince you that there is no reward for remaining a virgin, and present you with a urethral sound. We will take your virginity through your useless dick, and you will enjoy every second of it! As you get increasingly aroused, we order you to cum for us as we worship each other’s divine bodies. Sure, there’s a countdown, but will you make it to 1?

Length 0:07:22
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Bathtime Triple Knockout

It's been a long while since I've taken his breath away with my scissorholds. The video start with some warm up squeezing and dunking with true to life talk about extreme breathplay and other he has endured for me (see other videos). I love that he's so vulnerable in the bathtub and that he gets rock hard when he's scared. When he lets go will I lift him up to safety right away? or do I let him blow bubbles? Using my powerful legs I knock him out in 3 different positions and smother him agressively underwater hand over mouth. Nothing scripted here and no acting was required ;-)

Length 0:09:44
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