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Goddess Worship Full version

I just woke up from napping and summon my slave. He has been locked in chastity for a long time and is chained at the neck to my bed by a huge locking steel collar. I instruct him to worship my legs thighs and pussy while I enjoy a new book on Goddess-inspired home decoration! I always starve my slaves before making them service me orally as it ensures that they do a thorough job and remind him that he needs to keep proving his worth. While lying back having my pussy licked I read out loud from the book a few times enjoying myself and ignoring him. His cock is almost bursting out of the chastity device and I use my heel to poke at it before turning over to make him lick my ass.... I tease him with the key to his chastity cage and remind him that he must out perform all my other slaves to earn the privilege of having an orgasm. After I unlock him I torment him with a taste of my wartenburg wheel then proceed to give him a long anticlimactic ruined hand job. His weeks worth of semen spill all over his body and make sure he eats it all before I lock him back up again. This is the life of a chastity slave:) 

Length 0:21:47
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Pretty pedicure smelly stockings

I got a gorgeous new pedicure.  You don't deserve to taste my bare feet though so you will worship my feet through my stockings.  My stockings have not be washed in ages and fermenting under my sweaty clothes.  They are in fact being prepare to be sealed and mailed to a sweat fetishist buyer.  Lucky you get to inhale all my divine pungent scents while I'm still wearing them.

Length 0:06:18
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The Italian Job Duo ~ Facesit and Trample

The Italian tourist has returned to Vancouver and it turns out he is an extremely resilient seat cushion and carpet.  In this completely unscripted private duo session with Mistress Kandy Kink we put his breath control skills to the test, smothering him with our juicy asses and simultaneously using him as a heavy duty human trampoline. I joke that the hotel room neighbours must think we are having rough sex. Ms Kandy and I deliver brutal, high energy and non stop physical femdom while standing on his body groin and face, all the while joking and looking hot.  In the end I practice some flying butt drops.  The Italian takes it all without complaining.

Length 0:15:33
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Dear Cuckie - Full version

I prepare for my lover's arrival in the plush hotel you paid for. I explain why I love being a Cuckoldress and how you must accommodate my sexual needs by helping me prepare for sex dates with other men, buying sexy lingerie for me, and what to do while you wait at home. All while you watch me kiss, suck, 69, and fuck my new younger well endowed lover. This hot sex clip includes a voiceover message (in addition to original sound) to you, my sexually inept husband. The clip ends with a cumshot all over my ass which you will clean for me!!

Length 0:14:57
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Freak Accidents Happen Here

Mistress Damazonia and I love experimenting with our subjects. We are testing the nervous system on this one. We smoke in the office, and use the patient as an ashtray- his mouth, testicles and cock receive ash and embers. A few burn marks don't hurt either! Next, heated needles are applied to his cock and balls, as he continues to serve as an ashtray. Finally, he is sounded with Damazonia's cigarette butt. All in a day's work!

Length 0:08:13
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Wonderland Drink

Getting into the spirit of Alice in Wonderland. Between my heels and what’s in my glass you’re getting high...My Wonderland Drink is what you perverts need ????????????

Length 0:03:55
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Ginger Idiot Zapped

My hotel room happens to have the perfect barn doors for bondage. In this unscripted video my sissy slut "the Ginger Idiot" is bound by an ass hook, locked in chastity and repeated electro zapped in the dick via wifi. I tease her by stripping out of my newly gifted lingerie and we discuss getting my credit card, cuckolding, and other real life stuff. I empty my bladder into a bottle and feed her.
Length 0:08:11
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Wet Sloppy Footjob

Want to know what it's like to get a foot job from me? In this POV video watch me slide my perfect arches up and down your shaft.  Feel me grab the head of cock with toes.  When the pleasure is too much I step on your cock and twist your ball with my fingers.  I finish you with a massive eruption of jizz all over and between my toes. 

Length 0:12:23
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I own you with my panties

You can't help but think about my sweaty bra and panties all day. You dream about being close to my pussy lips even if I restrict your breathing. Be careful as my panties are addictive. Watch me peel them and stuff them inside me. Take a deep inhale. I own you. *Custom video made for a fan. The bra and panty set has been auctioned off :)
Length 0:07:14
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His Nightmare never Ends

Slave boy slim is a chronic masturbator. I've restrained his wandering fingers with unusual medieval hand traps which we gradually screw tighter and tighter between hardcore scissoring and ball busting. I wrap my strong legs around his neck while Goddess Koi and Ts Staci punch him in the balls. The only escape for him is indisposed, but even as he dozes off he comes back to life while getting punched and slapped over and over again. Even his dreams aren't safe. Lots of ball stomping, hand over mouth and tea bagging from Staci. At one point I ask him if he's having fun and he actually answers yes! Honest slaves are the best. This tri Domme video is truly brutal and fun.
Length 0:13:40
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