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Oxygen Feet or Ass

Filmed during a real session in my beautiful gothic hotel room. This lucky sub gets tied spread eagled, teased by my beautiful body, squeezed by my legs, smotherd by my juicy ass and edged by my perfect pedicured toes. Do you think you could take it?

Length 0:14:42
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Teacher's Cuckold Full Version + Bloopers

My horny students have been misbehaving and are in need of a serious lesson: in cuckolding 101! My bull is introduced to my classroom with a long sexy blowjob... and worships my ass before fucking my juicy pussy hard. I instruct my cuckold dunce to kneel underneath both of us and trained to be teacher's pet: Making him taste my pussy juices off my bull's cock and straight from the source. Staying after class has never tasted this good. Get an education from the ultimate cuckoldress.

Length 0:17:01
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Stepsister Strap-On Revenge

Stepsister Ryan has been borrowing our clothes without our permission. Mistress Alexxa and I confront her and administer a spanking on her bare behind. Then we proceed to fuck her with our strap-ons. Of course, we spit roast her, and it doesn’t take us long to realize the bitch really enjoys dick…..

Length 0:16:58
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Leg Cuddles

I’m in an affectionate mood, and want to do something romantic. What better way to control you than embracing your skinny neck between my muscular legs? You have a weakness for strong women and will be putty between my thighs as I transition from one scissorhold to the next. My toned body is not achieved in the gym- my favorite workout is KOing men!

Length 0:07:00
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My Persuasive Gloves

In this hot POV, I model various pairs of soft leather gloves, enticing you with the sight and smell of them. You know your weakness for leather gloves is dangerous….As I put one gloved hand over your nostrils and mouth, I order you to jerk off. As the countdown begins, you cannot resist inhaling the divine scent of leather, knowing it could very well be your demise…..

Length 0:12:24
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Another Tap for Piggy

As a sexy personal trainer, I give my clients brutal workouts. This client is subjected to arm chokeholds as well as various scissorholds, including reverse and figure four. Whether his head is facing my pussy or my ass, he comes close to passing out numerous times, gurgling and turning crimson until he finally collapses on the bed. Men can’t handle my powerful legs….

Length 0:08:05
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Virgin Wedding Tips

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, bitch! Pink Doll and I prepare you for your future as a tiny dicked cuckold. You’re a virgin, but your wife is not. All you have is money. After fucking your wife on your wedding night, you will never fuck her again. She will be telling her girlfriends about your pathetic cock and quickly move on to fucking studs while you pay the bills. All you have is humiliation porn- you’ll be watching tons, lol! Includes a countdown at the end- your last jerk-off as a single man.

Length 0:07:14
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Sissified and Squeezed

Are you a sissy femboy who loves to dress up in panties, or are you a man who can take physical punishment? I expect you to be both when we meet. You will be subjected to scissors, hand over mouth, and various smothering, culminating in you cumming for me in your sissy outfit!

Length 0:13:08
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Cuckoldress for Life

In this sexy POV, I strip out of the hot lingerie you bought me and explain to you what it means to be my cuckold for life. Aside from consuming bull sperm, the only way you will access my pussy is by financing my lifestyle. As I tease you with my luscious ass and voluptuous tits, I permit you to lick my creamy panties clean. You know this is your place in life.

Length 0:08:15
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Princess Jasmine Teased and Tortured

I tie up my sexy female slave in a swing and have my way with her. The goal? To keep her on the verge, as I play with her nipples and pussy until she is sopping wet. Next, I spread eagle her to the bed, cropping her nipples and pussy as I slide in my big cock. My sexy, horny prisoner has a juicy orgasm, and I leave her tied up to run some errands.

Length 0:20:54
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