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Cuckie Meet Pool Boy Full Version

This is one of my favourite 33 min full length cuckolding videos: I'm lounging outside and can't help but notice the hot, built black pool boy and invite him in the house. My pathetic cuckold husband is playing pool. I collar and lush cuckie and instruct cuckie to get naked and make us drinks. I also make him clean the pool wearing just his chastity cage. Now its time for cuckie to fluff the delicious stud and clean my heels while the real man devours my pussy. I make out with my new lover and ride his bbc until I scream in orgasm. My husband is ordered to clean my cum off my stud and gag hard on his cock. I instruct him to worship my lover's toes while we I continue to bounce hard on him. He fucks me hard against the pool table while cuckie lies face up under our dripping juices. Lot of super sensual high energy in this hardcore scene! While I make out with my hot new lover my husband gets to demonstrate his deep throating skills and taste my juices off a real man's cock. This high intensity romp ends with cuckie cleaning up a nice juicy load of protein off my stud's cock. Yummy!

Length 0:33:28
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Shocking Hotel Ride

Here is an excerpt from an unscripted adventure; I was so turned on electrocuting his cock and balls while getting my ass eaten that I decided to go on a bouncing ride...

Length 0:10:29
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Cuddle Choke Challenge

In this custom video, you hired me as a professional cuddler. I get you to relax easily and now, it's time to get affectionate. Did you know how strong I am? 'Cause I'm going to squeeze the life out of you.

Length 0:12:16
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Five Days of Hedonism

Before you start your new job, I want you to take me on a special vacation: Hedonism in Jamaica. While we will be lounging on the beach and sight-seeing, I will also be getting plenty of dick. Yours will be in the tiniest chastity device. Hedonism is typically a sexy resort for couples, but one look at us and everyone will see that you're my cuck and financial submissive. I'm not at worried that you will cock block me:) Will you survive 5 days of Hedonism?

Length 0:14:06
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Watch Me Fuck a Real Man

How's my cuckold husband doing? Wearing the new lingerie you bought me I tell you to stay at the late office and send you on errands while I suck and fuck my new found, well endowed stud. I compare his big thick juicy cock to your useless genitals. Watch me give him a blowjob and fuck in missionary, cowgirl and doggy. Watch how deeply he fills me and know that you can never measure up. This is a super hot sex clip which ends with a huge cumshot on my ass. Time for cleanup!

Length 0:17:25
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Special Breakfast

Aren't you the luckiest loser around? You get to pay me to barely work, while I strut around looking hot. I'm tired of watching you get fatter though and today I'm going to actually do something good for your health and wellness. After all the morning energy you have, the more the check roll in. Its a win win right? Every morning I'm going to make you breakfast. Within a month you will lose 15 pounds, mostly in belly fat and you will gain a ton of energy. I give you a pet bowl, a bag of quick oats, cinnamon, and my special nectar...

Length 0:07:07
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Creamy Tits for Sissy

This video is an excerpt from a real unscripted play date. My sissy slut is so good at taking my big strapon that I reward her with bouncy ass smothering in between cock thrusting positions. After much pounding and teasing her swollen clit I finally make her explode on my tits then feed it to her. A creamy reward.

Length 0:13:23
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Schoolboy Disciplined

A very impertinent student who talks way too much in class is getting taught a lesson the old fashioned and effective way. I make him lean over the desk, duct tape his mouth, pull his pants down, and begin to spank him hard. Unsatisfied with the marks on his butt, I reach over for the massive ruler and start apanking him harder and harder until he cries out. I don't stop for long but continue with more strikes and gradually beat him harder until his bottom becomes red and sore. I think he will behave better from now on.

Length 0:04:57
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Suffer for Our Leather Gloves

Mistress Meana Wolf and I are admiring each other's elegant leather gloves: hers are long opera style and mine are tight and short. Not only do they smell and feel delicious on they also serve a useful purpose: for smothering and choking our slaves. We know that you have a weakness for leather gloves and will be our next victim.

Length 0:07:53
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Steel Stiletto Trample

I love my trample workouts. I also love wearing shiny thigh high PVC boots with steel heels. The carpet slave has really pissed me off today so I walks all over its chest, groin and even face. The suffering is disregarded and I continue to it, admiring the deep marks my heels leave all over the human carpet.

Length 0:06:57
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