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In this brutal clip my slave is under a trample board with only his cock and balls sticking out. I taunt him strutting on the board showing off my long tall high heels. I step on his cock and balls with both my toes and heels threatening to puncture him for my amusement. I decide the type penetration he deserves is of the long steel variety. I put out a urethral sound and fuck his cock with it, and stop only to step back on his cock and balls with my hard dangerous heels, ignoring his screams. The only break he gets is with me facesitting him and the sound back deep inside his cock.



You are hopelessly addicted to my intoxicating scent and taste. Wearing minimal lingerie and my thigh high boots I order you to sniff lick and clean between my sweaty ass cheeks. Feeling weak? Of course you are. Are you thirsty? It doesn't matter. As my human toilet you serve to swallow every drop that comes out of me.



My patient needs a thorough examination due to his signs of sexual disfunction and I want to make him better. Dressed in my evil latex nurse uniform I explain to the camera that extensive probing and testing is required. The patient is cuffed to the examination table with latex hood, inescapable mitts, cock ring and vibrating ass plug. I squat over him and tease him with my pussy and ass and notice his cock is rock hard. I believe that he is actually quite functional but need to do some further research. I open my set of urethral dialators and begin to probe his cock hole while stroking him. I need him to come back for further testing but if he can cum with my sound in him then he will pass this first exam. Knowing that he has never suffered this way or had his cock fucked makes me tease him even more. I encourage him to shoot the sound out with his load and he does a fantastic job. Be ready for the next appointment :-)



Beautiful Mistress Meana and I are lying around in our fishnet lingerie, taunting you with our sexy and well worn thigh high boots. Hers are very tight PVC with a high metal heel and mine are leather & suede. We order you to sniff, lick, clean and suck our soles clean and describe the dirty deeds performed in our dirty boots. Jerk off / lick off instruction to finish. 



My cuckie has his pathetic cock and balls tied tight by rope and I leash him around using it, squeezing and slapping reminding him of his incompetence. His worst nightmare comes true when I bring in my lover and make him to suck his juicy hard cock. While he is sucking away I laugh at him and whack his cock and balls while comparing their two very different fates. I lie on top of my lover , stretching out my legs and grip his cock with my inner thighs and order my cuck to suck to "suck my cock" it even looks like I grew one! I also grip my lovers cock with my ass cheeks, forcing cuckie to suck it. While I'm giving cuckie the tease and denial of a lifetime, I never stop ridiculing and torturing him with my hands and feet. At least cuckie makes for entertaining foreplay.



Cuckie has his hand and feet tied down on the bed with me sitting on top of him, verbally humiliating him while slapping him hard in the testicles. I'm wearing my sexy white lingerie and have his cock and balls tied tight. I pull the rope back like reins and tug, squeezing and slapping away with zero regard for his comfort, all while informing him that he will soon be my fluffer as his cock and balls are no longer of any use to me.



My sexy tattooed slave is chained to the wall and wet as can be. I crop her nipples and her cock hungry pussy, spreading her lips and teasing her until she is desperate. I gag her with my panties and release her onto the bondage bed. With my thick black strapon I fuck her silly in doggy and missionary until she cums all over my Mistress cock. A rough, high energy lesbian sex scene with the lovely Sophie Rose!