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Fluffer for Black Dick

Mistress Kandy and I have searched hard for big, black strap-on dicks because that's what we love to suck and fuck and so do you. We know that you prefer a superior, bigger, stronger black cock. Be prapared to gag hard on our cocks before licking the cum from real men from our pussies.

Length 0:05:48
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Findom Q & A

Mistress Sydney and I decide to educate you about the ins and outs of financial domination. We know latex makes you weak and that giving to us makes you feel important...But is it really all about the money? Or is it about the sadism? Find out as we candidly ask each other questions about our preferences and what it takes to get noticed.

Length 0:08:59
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His Crimson Ass Keeps the Spark in Our Marriage

I do my best to train hubby to be the best man he can be, and this often involves some heavy spanking. Women are always in charge of the household, but men must do all the work. When there is fluff in the dryer or crumbs on the floor, my hardcore OTK spanking keeps my husband in check. While explaining hubby's domestic role, my sensual spanking with cock and ball grabbing progresses to extremely hard and sadistic with my wooden spoon. I'm so good to my red-assed, screaming husband. He doesn't deserve me.

Length 0:06:09
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Clean-Up Duties

My TS girlfriend Staci and I are hanging out and she tells me that although most Dommes don't like domestic work, most slaves are also horrible at cleaning.  She only gets them to do extremely unplesant jobs, or aid her by keeping her in a great mood while she's doing dishes. Our puppy slave is lying at her feet and is made to lick her ass while she washes dishes.  As a reward, she leashes the crawling sub over to its feeding bowl, sits on it like a potty and we order him to jerk off. We make fun of him while I feed him his own cum. What a pervert.

Length 0:09:04
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Barefoot Hell

Careful what you wish for! Mistress Bijou and I used this slave for a custom trample clip. We warned him we wouldn't go easy, and we don't. We also warned him to keep his paws off us, no matter the level of discomfort he was in. He did not obey us. His punishment was well worth it- for us and you viewers! Lots of standing on pointe and jumping on the slave's stomach.

Length 0:10:36
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Fuck Me Fuck You

Mistress Kandy and I are humiliating our tiny dick loser. So small, it looks like a 3rd testicle. Thankfully, he is wearing a dildo gag harness and fucking my pussy with it. Bitch boy is also taking Mistress Kandy's fingers and juicy black cock deep in his panty-clad ass. I give him a break to suck the pussy juices off my dildo, and continue to abuse our sub.

Length 0:04:39
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Hubby, I Fucked a Lot of Men

Welcome home, hubby.  Did you have a good business trip locked in your chastity device? I hope it was a profitable one, since I've had quite the self-indulgent time while you were gone.  Between Tinder dates with hot studs and champagne brunches with girlfriends, my pussy is sore from getting fucked, but I still need more cock...Not yours, though.  I describe in detail the sweaty sex that happened on our bed. I strip my sexy lingerie off and show you what you could never enjoy.  Keep yourself locked up, because I'm never using that little thing.  


Length 0:07:39
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Her Cock is Much Bigger

Why do I stay married to this loser? Well, I have friends like Stacie whose cock is much bigger than my cuckold loser. Not only is he jealous that I'm getting fucked by a beautiful, well-endowed Shemale, but he's also pathetic because of his tiny inadequate cock. No divorce is needed.

Length 0:09:50
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This is How I Help out in the Kitchen

The last time my husband made me steak, it was overly done.  He should know by now how I like my meat: Tenderized and on the rare to blue rare side.  Hubby is naked on the kitchen island with arm restrains. I decide to demonstrate how to prepare meat: On his ass. While talking about the use of kitchen implements, I brutally paddle and cane his ass. I remind him that to properly prepare steak, juices must come to the surface before adding oil and salt.  Things get messy, but this is is how you keep a marriage strong. Once his skin is broken and red, I rub oil and and salt on his wounds before adding the final spicy ingredient: Ghost pepper sauce.  One of my favorite corporal clips to date.

Length 0:07:53
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Pantyhose Trample

I just finished facesitting the life out of this slave, and now it is time for my foot massage break. The best foot massage for me is feeling the struggle of a man beneath my soles.  Would you be able to take my full weight and serve as my seat cushion and dance floor? Use you as a trampoline? Would you also give me a sensual foot rub after? Watch me dance and jump up and down on this slave in my gorgeous pantyhose.  

Length 0:06:12
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