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Suck 3 Cocks & My Toes

What happens when 3 subs visit me for a Goddess Party rehearsal?  I use them all accordingly.  One sub gets a face harness and big cock strapped to his face.  A Goddess like myself needs to be pleasured and I sure as hell won't be getting it from his puny cock.  Sub number 2 is ordered to worship my feet while I ride that dildo front and back.  I grasp the sub's cock with my toes and make the one worship my feet while I give the other a little foot job. He's so orally inclined that I direct his mouth on a third sub's cock until he explodes.  This is a first time swallow.  Last, but definitely not least, the cock that's been in my pussy gets a proper tongue bath since it's the closest thing...  All 3 guys get a pass to the next event!

Length 0:11:31
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I Like When He's Uncomfortable

I have no issues about making my house bitch suffer under me; after all, it makes him a better man.  Sometimes, I enjoy watching entire movies on his face while he breathes in my pussy and ass.  With his head bent back, I straddle his face in my sexy red lingerie and smother him front and back.  I could break his neck but then who would carry my groceries?  Would you like to be in his place? Too bad most of you are such wimps.  This one gets the special treat of my cum stained panties. Life is good.

Length 0:05:42
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Human Bidet

It's time for you to open wide and be your useful self: My human bidet. My bladder is very full and this latex outfit is not helping the pressure. Since your only purpose is to serve me, I want you to swallow it ALL and efficiently. Don't waste time, as I have a friend over who also needs the toilet...

Length 0:04:27
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Lick Our Asses and Our Girlfriends' Asses

Mistress Kandy's slave has been well trained to clean dirty assholes. She verbally degrades him while I flog his balls.  There’s so much nasty toilet talk in this scene, so not for the squeamish. Kandy spreads her ass cheeks wide to show that it has been cleaned properly and now it's my turn...Lots of close-ups, sensual CBT, and extremely humiliating toilet talk.

Length 0:08:12
BTC special $ 4.99

Suffer and Cum

This is one of my favourite ballbusting clips ever. The slave is trapped under trample board, while I stand on, stomp on, twist and punch his cock and balls. The slave gets a happy handjob ending but while he cums, I punch his balls hard. After a vicious beating, slave must lick my feet clean from stepping in the jizz.

Length 0:09:30
BTC special $ 7.99

Cum Cocktail Contest

Mistress T, Goddess Samantha, Evilyn13, Skylar Hart & Koi Erotica give our 5 gimps a disgusting challenge: Goddess Samantha holds an empty glass and instructs each gimp to cum in it.  Whoever gets drained last must either drink the entire glass or wear it, or both. With a room full of beautiful Goddesses motivating our subs, every cock gets drained. The pressure is on when it's the last two gimps standing... The loser (G. Nasty) ends up with his eyes, nose and mouth covered with multiple loads. This clip includes some behind-the- scenes footage as well.

Length 0:08:08
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Persuaded Bi Sandwich

Mistress T, Koi Erotica, Evilyn13 & Skylar Heart love humiliating our slaves and encouraging guy-on-guy fun! Mistress T and I spitroast our gimp with massive strap-ons while another caged gimp watches. We all agree that he needs to take real cocks for the first time...In his mouth as well as in his mangina.  We call over another gimp, who is instructed to worship all of our feet while fucking a slave.  The train must continue...This clip includes some behind-the-scenes footage as well. Wouldn't you love to be a part of our festivities?

Length 0:10:17
BTC special $ 8.99

Holy Pantyhose

I'm back in my hotel room after a long party night.  My feet are sore and my sweaty pantyhose are trashed.  Bumping and grinding against hot, well-built men all night always causes pantyhose to run.  Even though I have gorgeous, brand-new hosiery, I won't make you worship those. You only deserve whatever I give you.  I direct you to sniff my crotch, my legs and of course, my perfect, sweaty feet.  Teasing you with my pantyhose-clad toes makes your little dick hard, doesn't it?  


Length 0:07:19
BTC special $ 5.99

A Week of Chastity

Your cock is undisciplined just like the rest of you.  You are a disapointment,  but I can help you become a better man.  What you need is long term chastity.  A lifetime ultimately, but we will start with a week and go from there. Stop getting hard or this is going to hurt. If you get turned on in the middle of the night don't even think of texting me to release you.  If you annoy me I'll send you porn to create even more tension.  You know how much I love cbt and teasing..... You will just have to power through the first week.

Length 0:06:54
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Wet Panty Worship

I know you love my satin panties, and I've taken you the bathroom because I really have to go. It's your first and you are getting one through my pretty polka dot panties.  Of course, you will have to suck them dry after I'm done. Get a very close-up view of my stream soaking in the fabric of my crotch, running down my leg, up my ass crack and down my legs.  I play with my panties and peel them off for you to indulge in.


Length 0:04:25
BTC special $ 3.99