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Pre-Party Strap-On

In this completely unscripted video, I visit Koi Erotica's hotel room and dress her in sexy lingerie, a collar and leash.  We talk about the filthy things we like to do to men and what to expect at the party we are heading to that evening.  I'm wearing my 9" realistic strap-on dick with latex lingerie and we decide to have a little pre-party fun.  Koi loves getting her wet, pierced pussy stretched and pounded hard in various positions. Lots of hot and steamy close-ups.

Length 0:11:22
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Four Dommes, One Small Dick

What happens when 4 Dommes encounter a small-dicked loser? We shame him to no end. Mistress Kandy, TS Staci,Goddess Holly and I take turns sitting on his face, pinching his testicles and cock with clothespins and laughing at his unfortunate self... He even gets the privilege of licking TS Staci's ass and having her much larger cock and balls mashing his pathetic face!

Length 0:05:16
BTC special $ 4.99

Cock Sucking Recovery

The patients at this clinic receive very special care from me. I'm sitting on a bound naked patient and inspecting his cock while he looks up at my latex-clad pussy and ass.  His penis needs to be fully functional before he is discharged, so I probe him with my sharp wheel and metal claw then fuck his cock with my urethral sounds.  So far so good.  My other patient is underneath us, locked under the medical table.  This second one is malnourished and lacking in testosterone.  How very convenient.  I leash him out of the table and instruct him to suck his first cock.  Little does he know that giving blowjobs and licking balls is highly addictive. I can tell by his enthusiasm that this is just the beginning.

Length 0:09:57
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Cucky, I Have Cum for You

I just got home from a long night and morning of group sex.  My cucky slave is waiting and I tell him that I have come for him.  What I mean is I have cum for him.  Wearing my tight little dress with no panties and high heels I spread my legs and stick my fingers in my pussy.  Fresh cum oozes out down my leg on the floor for him to lick up. My tiles are always clean because my slave polishes them this way.  I push out another gush of cum.  It's hard to remember how many loads I take when I'm having fun.  This is what a long delicious night tastes like. This is how my slave gets his protein. Next time I go out and party, I'm taking you with me. For now, it's clean-up time.


Length 0:04:44
BTC special $ 3.99

Forest Gimp's Last Supper

I figure my Mistress Cock is more than sufficient to satisfy Forest Gimp's hunger.  He has been restrained in the woods by himself and covered under a tarp for me to abuse.  His chastity device is leashed and I make him suck me off.  At one point, a ranger passes us but we are too far in the forest for him to notice. I continue to sit on his chest and feed him the important cock while yanking on his leashed and caged pathetic cock.  Soon enough I will have to dispose of the gimp.  I cover his face with moss and leaves, while feeding him.  He can eat it off my cock.  This is his last supper before he becomes a part of the forest.

Length 0:05:57
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I Always Wanted a Shower Bench

My domestic slave serves as human furniture today.  Hes' got my shower going and I sit on him while I soap my entire body.  I know he's struggling a bit and order him to shift his body to make my bench more comfortable.  He speaks only when spoken to and gets me a towel in the end.  Wouldn't you love to serve me in the shower?

Length 0:04:08
BTC special $ 3.99

Boyfriend Talk While You Worship My Feet

I'm talking to my boyfriend on the bed while my house slave kneels next to me.  I order slave to climb on the bed and take my shoes off to worship my stockings.  This house slave is very devoted to me and does a lot of dirty work for me. Slave worships my feet as directed so I'm completely relaxed before my hot date.  I do live the life.

Length 0:06:24
BTC special $ 6.99

Big Treat for Puppy Cuck

Mistress Staci and I have big treats for you, puppy : A big dildo and balls (apples) in a bowl. We direct you to suck and lick and notice you are very good at it. Why? Now another treat: Staci's cock. I encourage you to suck and lick her while I give Staci a hand job. Always amazing what a conservative guy like you will do behind closed doors. Good boy!


Length 0:05:45
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Not a Grower, Not a Shower

Jemma Valentine and I think you, yes, you with your tiny dick, are an absolute joke. Prepare for verbal humiliation and degradation by two beautiful women who love making fun of losers like yourself. We display your obvious disadvantage using two dildos: Your tiny 2-inch dick, and a 9-inch, thick black one. How pathetic that you will never find a woman to sleep with you. Stroke to us and our cocks...

Length 0:09:55
BTC special $ 8.99

Less Oxygen, More Adrenaline

Nothing can take my stress away like sitting on some wimp's face and feeling him fight for oxygen.  My everyday annoyances disappear, just like his breath underneath my pantyhose ass.  I treat this slave like the piece of furniture he is and punish him for trying to cheat by slapping his cock and balls.  His face and nose also belong to me, even if he recently broke his nose. Slave can hold his breath for a long time but there’s always room for improvement and additional lung capacity.  Wanna impress me?  This won't be easy.

Length 0:07:54
BTC special $ 6.99